A New Boba Tea Shop in Jacksonville, FL


No matter whether you are craving sweet and refreshing beverages or trying something new, boba tea offers plenty of choices that will meet both needs. The Interesting Info about BearyBoba.

Ninth Street Cafe’s white, clean decor makes an inviting statement about its welcoming spirit, serving delicious brown sugar milk tea enhanced with tapioca pearls for a flavorful experience.

Moge Tee

Moge Tee is an inviting white cafe that provides an average experience. Although more expensive than its competitors, Moge Tee still deserves its place among local bubble tea shops – its brown sugar milk tea boasts intense flavors with large, chewy pearls resealed in an adorable cup that seals back easily; unfortunately, though, too much ice dilutes its effects too quickly and reduces the quality of service.

Moge Tee is opening its second location on Long Island as part of its growing global chain, boasting more than 380 shops. The new store, owned by 22-year-old entrepreneur Zheng, will be located at Hunters Point’s Crescent Street community.

This boba shop offers an impressive variety of beverages, such as fruit teas and dessert teas, along with baked items like souffles and Dorayaki (two small patties wrapped around sweet filling). Service is swift, drinks arrive quickly, the location offers ample parking, and it even qualifies for free delivery with Grubhub Plus accounts!

Xing Fu Tang

Xing Fu Tang, the Taiwanese bubble tea chain famous for its brown sugar boba milk, recently opened their third New York City location at Hudson Yards. Situated on level two and featuring an open kitchen where customers can watch boba being prepared, its menu boasts classic favorites as well as more creative items, such as strawberry boba milk and taro boba ube milk; furthermore, it also provides several sugar-reduced drink options.

XING FUTANG (the “Hall of Happiness”) boasts more than 100 locations worldwide. Within the US alone, it boasts two in Manhattan and one in Queens, as well as an all-white shop in Hudson Yards that opened this spring. Dubbed the Hermes of Boba, Xing Fu Tang offers groundbreaking drinks such as Dalgona– an airy honeycomb candy popularized in Squid Game made with coffee and milk– and Damascus rose tea with lime slices for their customers to experience something truly exceptional.

Xing Fu Tang offers seasonal items, such as pumpkin boba milk in the fall and chrysanthemum tea with honey jelly during the spring and summer months. In addition, this restaurant provides various desserts, their most deluxe offering being brown sugar boba milk covered in gold leaf.

Singapore’s bubble tea culture is on the rise. Not only are famous chains offering this beverage, but local entrepreneurs have opened their tea shops as well. Some even import boba directly from Taiwan. Miss Du’s Tea, located on historic Pell Street in Chinatown and owned by Cynthia Wang (piano student at Mannes School of Music), specializes in fruit and bubble milk teas with low sugar and caloric content.

This week at Xing Fu Tang, their Brown Sugar Series beverages can be yours for just $2! Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer and take advantage of it by enjoying one of these delectable and refreshing drinks – don’t combine this promotion with any ongoing offers or vouchers to take advantage of it!

Yaya Tea

Yaya Tea’s presence is inspiring for Jacksonville; with just a handful of big-name chain boba tea shops already present but an opportunity for new concepts still wide open for development, its presence adds another exciting option for visitors and residents. Situated between Cool Nate’s in St. Johns and Beary Boba in Jacksonville, FL, their menu will consist of various milk teas, mochi donuts, and dessert items, as well as takeout and delivery service available – offering customers convenient takeout and delivery service while taking orders can also takeout or delivery options open depending on location; however their full menu and more information may differ slightly per location so visit your local Yaya to check for full menu and additional information and visit your nearest Yayas for full menu and information!

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