Almaty & Astana Tour Package


Explore Kazakhstan with Dook International and experience its fascinating scenery, visiting Almaty & and Astana – two major cities within this beautiful nation. Find out the best info about Goibibo.

Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city situated at the base of the Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains, is Kazakhstan’s commercial and cultural capital. Formerly its capital until 1997, visit First President Park, Republic Square, Panfilov Park & and Zenkov Cathedral for an immersive Kazakh experience.

Sightseeing Tour

Almaty is one of Kazakhstan’s premier travel destinations, boasting an abundance of exciting things to see and do. Offering adventure, culture, entertainment, accommodation, and world-class dining facilities, Almaty makes for an engaging visit.

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On this tour, you will have the chance to explore Almaty and its lovely nature, including visits to landmarks like Sports Palace, Central Stadium, Kazakh Circus, Wedding Palace, Almaty Towers, Nurlytau Business Center, and Financial Centre – plus Kok Tobe Hill for breathtaking views over Almaty and its surroundings mountains!

Almaty Metro, with its 21st-century decor of themed stations, makes any ride to your destination feel magical. Finally, Almaty residents are exceptionally warm and friendly – always willing to lend a helping hand when needed and radiate love everywhere they go! They make Almaty such a wonderful city. The actual Interesting Info about makemytrip.

Chimbulak Ski Resort

If you’re visiting Almaty for any length of time, day tours are an efficient and memorable way to see all its highlights. A well-planned itinerary can quickly take you around multiple key attractions, historical sites, and scenic spots in a short amount of time – and with professional guidance in place, you can focus solely on enjoying and creating lifelong memories while on tour!

Shymbulak Ski Resort is an increasingly popular winter destination, especially among snow sports enthusiasts. Its prime mountain setting and terrain provide spectacular mountain views as well as various skiing and snowboarding opportunities for enthusiasts of this sport. Furthermore, Conde Nast Italia named Shymbulak one of its world-class skiing destinations – further increasing its appeal!

Shymbulak Ski Resort features the famed Medeu Ice Skating Rink, making it easy for visitors to experience both outdoor sports and cultural attractions simultaneously. Hikers may access mountains that surround the city to discover their peaks and glaciers; nearby Zenkov Cathedral showcases impressive architectural details and craftsmanship that showcase intricate details. Look into the Best info about Airbnb.

Almaty offers a one-day sightseeing tour that includes an overnight stay in a hotel. Starting with a city tour that covers significant landmarks of Almaty such as First President Park, Republic Square, National Opera and Ballet Theatre, and museums at the Academy of Sciences as well as Panfilov Park and Zenkov Cathedral, where you can learn more about Almaty’s vibrant culture and history.

Medeo Gorge

On this tour, you’ll witness Kazakhstan’s breathtaking beauty: wide-leafed trees and emerald lakes, cliffs, and high mountains will captivate your senses. In just three days, you will visit four high-altitude lakes, walk around a canyon, bargain at an Almaty bazaar, and experience all it has to offer – making this tour ideal for those wanting an overview of Kazakhstan in just a short amount of time!

Begin your tour at Medeo Gorge (1690 meters above sea level), famous for its world’s highest mountain skating rink and dam that protects Almaty against dangerous mudflows. After this stop, visit the Shymbulak ski resort area and experience beautiful snowy landscapes, fresh pine tree air, breathtaking photography opportunities, and a panoramic view of Almaty from Kok Tobe Hill.

After lunch, you will embark on a sightseeing tour of Almaty to witness its main highlights, including the Palace of the President, the Monument of Independence, Republic Square, Panfilov Park, Astana Square, Abai Square Presidential Park, etc. You will learn about its rich history as well as how this megacity city developed over time. After this, you will head off to Rakhat Chocolate Factory and Zilyoni Local Market, where you can purchase chocolates, dry fruits, and souvenirs at bargain rates.

Kok Tobe

Kok Tobe Mountain stands 1100 meters above sea level and is one of Almaty’s most well-known landmarks and recreation areas, hosting various amusement-park-type attractions and restaurants. Additionally, its cable car line links it directly with downtown Almaty for convenient travel between these sites. When in Almaty, be sure to visit Ascension Cathedral (Zenkov Cathedral), which was completed in 1907. You may also wish to see Panfilov Park and Squares (Republic, Independent, Abay, and Astana).

Once you have explored Almaty, please make your way up Kok Tobe Hill for an incredible panoramic view from its highest point. Visit in the evening time to witness Almaty all lit up! Additionally, this location also boasts a unique yogurt restaurant, designed like a Kazakh yurt, with traditional dishes such as beshbarmak and lagman on offer here.

Almaty is an incredible destination known for its breathtaking natural scenery, diverse culture, and superb hospitality. A perfect vacation spot for history enthusiasts or nature enthusiasts looking for peace and relaxation alike!