An Ashes Diamond Is a Beautiful and Meaningful Way to Honor a Loved One


Cremated ashes into diamonds isn’t as unlikely as it sounds; companies like LifeGem and Algordanza use specialized processes to produce unique diamonds from them. Carbon is extracted and purified before it’s converted to graphite, then finally transformed into raw diamonds using heat and pressure. Learn the best info about ashes diamond.

This process takes only a fraction of the time it would take Nature to form a diamond naturally and is significantly cheaper than burial.


An ash diamond is an unforgettable way to remember those we have lost and pay our respects, serving as a poignant and lasting tribute. Crafted from their cremains, an ash diamond makes a beautiful memento of their life that will continue to serve as a constant reminder. While an ash diamond may seem expensive at first glance, considering funeral and burial services can cost upwards of $20,000, it provides an affordable solution.

Many companies provide the service of turning ashes from people or animals into diamonds at various price points. Each company follows an intricate, detailed process to transform these remains into stunning diamonds – from initial research through multiple stages until completion. Furthermore, most will offer order tracking functions, so you know when it is ready.

Ashes are ground into a fine powder before being heated at high temperatures to form carbon, then started into diamond shapes before polishing to produce memorial diamonds that will stand the test of time and serve as keepsakes that honor those lost forever.

You have many ash-to-diamond products from pendants to rings available to you, with prices ranging between $100 to $300 for most options – for instance, a blown glass heart pendant featuring cremated remains from someone special can usually cost $150, though simple heart pendants can even be bought as little as $10!


Buying an Ash Diamond is an exceptional and thoughtful way to honor a loved one who has passed on. The process starts by sending their ashes to the company that makes these diamonds, where they undergo several stages of intense heat and pressure–mimicking how natural diamonds form over time–until finally, the result is a beautiful, lasting diamond that you can choose color, carat weight and even track its progress through their website.

As part of the creation process for cremation diamonds, it is necessary to isolate carbon from other elements present in cremated remains. As cremation ashes tend to contain salts and non-carbon ingredients that dilute carbon’s presence, this first step must be conducted separately before carbon graphite powder can be put into a machine that replicates earth conditions such as growing conditions – this takes several months of intense heat and pressure before producing a gem-quality diamond that can then be cut and shaped into jewelry designs of your choosing.

People are familiar with storing cremated remains in an urn, but many don’t realize that these ashes can also be transformed into precious gemstones as a new method for memorializing deceased loved ones. It is important to remember, though, that for this process to work successfully, the ashes must first have been pure in order for this method of commemoration to work effectively.

Eterneva offers personalized services designed to allow customers to follow the progress of their diamond’s creation with videos and updates, helping customers process grief in an impactful and constructive manner.


After losing a loved one, many choose cremation as a form of final tribute. They may scatter the ashes over unique places or place them in an urn at home – but some want something more permanent as a reminder. Memorial diamonds provide this option. They’re created using carbon extracted from someone’s ashes or hair and put through an industrial process that purifies and exposes it to high heat and pressure to create something reminiscent of what would naturally form diamonds within our Earth’s mantle – just like Mother Nature does when making natural diamonds!

Companies that turn ashes into diamonds provide numerous options for customization, including color, cut, and carat weight options. You may also engrave the name of a loved one onto their order for personalization purposes, and some even let you choose the shape of the diamond!

Consider both reputation and price when selecting an ashes to diamond company. Eterneva is widely known for offering affordable memorial diamond options starting at $1249 for 0.2-carat clear memorial diamonds; LONITE also provides similar products.

Cremation diamonds can be an elegant way to honor a loved one, but you must understand their legal implications before purchasing one. In most states, selling or trading memorial diamonds without the prior consent of their estate administrator is illegal.

Religions that prohibit turning ashes into diamonds include Jews, Muslims, and Taoists – while most Taoists accept cremation without sanctioning turning ashes into diamonds.


Memorial diamonds are created from the ashes of loved ones by shaping them into various shapes. Once created, these monument diamonds can be worn as jewelry or kept in an urn as remembrance diamonds – often chosen to honor someone special with this unique way to remember them. They have also been shown to aid the grieving process, while research suggests mental health benefits for their wearers.

Human ashes contain carbon, the critical component in diamond-making. Ashes sent to scientists for processing are first analyzed to ensure purity; any contaminants like boron or salts must then be extracted prior to heating at high temperatures under immense pressure in order to transform them into diamonds.

Once transformed into a diamond, it must be cut and polished in order to make its beauty known. Cremation diamonds typically follow a round brilliant cut, which boasts 58 facets for maximum clarity while maintaining maximum size retention.

Certain religions do not permit the transformation of ashes into diamonds; for instance, Jewish law prohibits cremation, while Vatican regulations disapprove of using them to make diamonds; nonetheless, some Jewish communities have adopted this practice to remember loved ones who have passed away. Taoists do not forbid cremation but recommend scattering or burial as a form of respectful honoring of deceased individuals.


Ashes diamonds offer a thoughtful way to remember a loved one. Crafted from carbon found in cremated remains and compressed under high pressure for months prior to formation into gemstone form, an ashes diamond can come in any number of colors- ranging from white to blue- at about the exact cost of any standard diamond.

As with any diamond, the value of an ashes diamond depends on its color and clarity. While regular diamonds typically take several years to form, those created from ashes can take only months – making these unique mementos perfect for commemorating loved ones who have passed.

Choose a reliable manufacturer when searching for services like these. They should guarantee the safe storage and transport of ashes or hair of your loved one to their facility, as well as provide an online design tool so you can create something meaningful for both yourself and your family.

They will also provide a certificate of authenticity that details all aspects of creating a memorial diamond, so you can have peace of mind knowing your stone is genuine and not an artificial imitation of natural gemstone.

LifeGem’s process for turning cremated remains into diamonds mimics nature by heating and pressurizing them under extreme heat and pressure, using an HPHT press to transform carbon into diamonds, which are then set in jewelry settings – LifeGem offers options such as colored stones or even earrings!

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