Car Upholstery Near Me in New York


Your vehicle’s upholstery takes an untidy beating daily from pets and children, spilled food or drinks, ripped fabric or tears caused by wear-and-tear, and other sources. The result can become unsightly and reduce its value significantly as time passes.

Reupholster your seats to add value to your vehicle by replacing them with new materials. Several quality kits are available online, with local installation as an option.

DIY Projects

Reupholstering seats is one of the easiest and simplest ways to personalize your car interior, adding your unique stamp. Though this might sound daunting, you can quickly transform its interior with the proper tools and some good old-fashioned elbow grease. A utility knife, scissors, pliers, heavy-duty upholstery adhesive, fabric samples of choice, and heavy-duty staplers should do just fine – plus your new seat fabric!

Choose a durable material that can withstand wear and tear; vinyl fabric with UV protection could be ideal. Easy to maintain, this fabric makes for effortless cleanup while resisting fading – plus adding visual interest by choosing one in an eye-catching color or pattern!

Before getting started, reading some upholstery tutorials and watching videos to overview the process is a good idea. After this step is completed, take apart and remove your existing upholstery using only a ratchet wrench or socket wrench; quality hog ring pliers may also come in handy as specialty tools; additionally, you may require hand-sewing needles and thread for attaching fabric pieces.

After finishing, it’s wise to give the seat frame and foam padding a light sanding to ensure they are even. This will enable your fabric to adhere more properly without tearing or pulling away from its structure and prevent further fraying of threads from stretching over time. Afterward, use an auto upholstery cleaner containing chemicals that could pose health hazards if they come in contact with the skin.

Before driving your new-look car again, allow the seat to dry thoroughly before reinserting. You can begin enjoying its new appearance as soon as it is back in place!