Chocolate Fashion Trends


Chocolate shops across New York City feature boutique chocolatiers who use premium ingredients and innovative techniques. This trend is particularly apparent among artisan and specialty chocolate producers.

Chocolate makers often consider sugar their specialty; others combine their interests to achieve extraordinary results.

Edible Clothing

Food may be scarce in some environments, so edible fashion may provide your character with immediate energy by simply munching away at its garment. Your character could use palatable fashion as stylish accessories or even wedding attire!

Gretchen Roehrs is best known for her edible models. Creating stylized female characters using food like kiwi slices, oysters, and radicchio leaves as clothing materials – she then “wears” these garments made by herself or famous designers such as Givenchy or Sonia Rykiel – these works of art include both her original creations as well as visitations of iconic styles from these designers.

Food-inspired garments can also be more whimsical. British fashion designer Emily Shtefano created an eye-catching dress of 1,500 cream puffs that took two months to craft before being worn at a fashion show.

Innovators have devised creative ways to craft clothing from food, particularly chocolate. One of the more revolutionary creations is an “edible panty,” featuring edible candies strung on an elastic string on a garment so the wearer can reuse and restring them whenever desired.

Patented garments include bras, bikinis, and bathing suits adorned with candies in various shapes – heart-shaped candies for Valentine’s Day, shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day, pumpkins for Halloween, etc – for a more refined appearance. Furthermore, garments can be decorated using non-edible embellishments such as beads or stones for an even more sophisticated appearance.

Cocoa Couture

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Chocolate Accessories

Chocolate lovers can display their passion for cocoa with these accessories. A caribou mug holds treats like marshmallows and candy, or you can fill it with hot chocolate for a warming beverage at home. Perfect for snowy days or adding an extra playful element to Instagram-ready cocoa selfies!

America’s Test Kitchen’s cookbook dedicated to chocolate offers 200 easy and delectable recipes, from quick desserts to slow cooker favorites – as well as valuable tips and techniques for optimizing oven or Instant Pot use.

Seattle Chocolate’s Pink Bubbly collection showcases creative, whimsical packaging inspired by independent artists and colorful truffle flavors like “pink bubbly.” A portion of proceeds is also donated to Girls Inc, making this perfect for anyone with artistic tendencies.

Vosges is known for crafting exquisite chocolate experiences; this collection of milk and white truffles does not disappoint. Boasting flavors like Armenian apricot, Montmorency cherry, Bronte pistachio, and strawberry mascarpone paired with 45% cacao milk chocolate enhance taste and create an unforgettable moment.

Chocolate-Inspired Colors

Chocolate brown is often associated with wealth and luxury, which explains its popularity among celebrities. It pairs beautifully with many colors but excels with white or beige backgrounds; mixing in other hues, such as red or black, creates unique looks.

Home designers can use this hue to bring depth and warmth into a room, pairing it with neutrals such as ivory, beige, and cream for a sophisticated aesthetic or using it alongside bolder hues like cerulean blue or soft blush pink to create striking visual contrasts.

For a subdued and subtly chocolate brown hue, consider opting for burnt sienna as it evokes natural soil tones like soil and mud found outdoors and looks fantastic with modern and traditional styles. It pairs particularly well with gold and deep green.

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Chocolate Prints

Chocolate brown makes an excellent monochromatic or accent color choice, no matter the look you’re going for or just adding an accent piece. From working well with creams and whites for a sepia-toned monochrome look to pairing beautifully with shades of blue like navy, cobalt, and baby blue – and, of course, all of its edible forms such as espresso, nutmeg, and toffee!

Try something different when wearing monochrome: pair a chocolate brown sweater with black pants or jeans and an eye-catching print, like this oversized sweater from Stephen Huneck that features a dog enjoying an ice cream cone (despite warnings against feeding dogs chocolate!). It comes with the highest quality conservation framing materials to protect against discoloration.

Although 3D printing technology is still evolving, some companies have started using it to print chocolate models – offering unique gifts such as personalized chocolate pralines with engravings or photos included!

Mona Lisa 3D Studio stands out as an example, using a particular printer from Belgian chocolatier Barry Callebaut to craft chocolate models that can be printed in any color imaginable – perfect gifts to mark birthdays, anniversaries, or other important occasions.

FoodBot S2 is an affordable solution featuring an ergonomic touchscreen interface and 100-micron accuracy – ideal for producing exemplary detail models. Plus, the FoodBot comes complete with its slicer software, so newcomers don’t have to install additional programs!