“Dollar Store Diva: Sassy, Budget-Friendly Halloween Costumes for the College Gal”


It is that spooky time of the year again! Moreover, let us be honest: between buying textbooks and splurging on that essential late-night pizza, there is not much left in the bank for a fancy sexy Halloween costume. But fret not! With creativity and a dash of sass, you can rule out that college Halloween party without spending big bucks. Read on for some fabulous, budget-friendly costume ideas:

Bubble Wrap Beauty

What you will need: A roll of bubble wrap, safety pins, a headband, and some glitter.

How to: Wrap the bubble wrap around you like a chic toga or mini dress. Secure with safety pins. Sprinkle glitter for that extra shine. For accessories, twist a bubble wrap piece into a quirky crown for your headband. Voila! Pop into the party and let everyone have a little fun popping your bubbles (not too hard).

Sassy Shower Loofah

What you’ll need: Old tulle or netting, a rope, and a plain dress or tank top and shorts.

How to: Bunch up the tulle and safety pin it all over the dress. Attach the rope as your ‘hanging loop’. Bonus? You’ll smell fresh all night!

Daring DIY Dinosaur

What you’ll need: A green or brown hoodie, felt, and glue.

How to: Cut triangles out of felt and glue them down the back of your hoodie for a dino-spine. Roar your way through the party with this one!

Crafty Cereal Killer

What you’ll need: Mini cereal boxes, fake blood, a plain t-shirt, and plastic knives.

How to: Glue cereal boxes to your shirt. Stab the boxes with plastic knives and drip fake blood around the wounds. This one’s perfect for those who want to mix spooky with cheeky!

Marvelous Miss Universe

What you’ll need: A headband, small foam balls, paint, glitter, and an elegant dress (old prom dresses work wonders!).

How to: Paint and glitter your foam balls to look like planets. Attach them to your headband. Wear your dress and walk in like the universe, with planets orbiting around your head.

Sultry Stick Figure

What you’ll need: White cowgirl boots, nice white top clothes, black electrical or duct tape, and a paper plate.

How to: Tape lines on your limbs and body to mimic a stick figure. Draw a stick face on the paper plate, cut out your eyes, and tie it around your face. Dance the night away, stick-figure style!

Bold Bag of Jellybeans

What you’ll need: A clear trash bag, colored balloons, and a ribbon.

How to: Fill the bag with balloons (your jellybeans) and wear it. Tie the ribbon around your neck, ensuring it’s safe and breathable! Look sweet and colorful all night.

Quirky Q-Tip

What you’ll need: White clothing, cotton balls, and a headband.

How to: Attach cotton balls to the top of the headband on either side. Wear white, and you’re an adorable Q-tip ready for some ear-waxing fun (okay, maybe not the wax part).

Fearless French Kiss

What you’ll need: Black and white makeup, a striped shirt, a beret, and a tongue cut-out.

How to: Create the signature KISS makeup look, wear your French attire, and carry the tongue. You’re not just French; you’re a French KISS!

Groovy Green Goddess

What you’ll need: Green clothing, fake leaves or plants, and green makeup.

How to: Adorn yourself with greenery, paint your face a lovely shade of forest, and become Mother Nature’s funkiest sister!

Tips for Budget Costuming

Dive into your wardrobe first. You’d be surprised at what you can find and repurpose.

Swap clothes or accessories with friends for a night.

The dollar store is your best friend. From crafty items to quirky finds, there’s a potential costume in every aisle. Remember, it’s all in the attitude. Wear your outfit with confidence, humor, and grace.

So, college gals, don’t let your wallet frighten you this Halloween. You can craft an unforgettable Halloween look with a pinch of creativity, a dollop of sass, and a sprinkle of humor. Now go, haunt that party like the diva you are!

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