Drop Down Reclaim Catcher


A drop-down reclaim catcher is an essential component for any dab rig, helping users save on extra wax while also preventing their rig from becoming clogged up with build-up. Uncover the best info about Reclaim Catcher.

Reclaim catchers come in various sizes and materials, such as glass and silicone. They sit between the nail or banger of a rig to collect oils that would otherwise be lost during use, containing any residue left behind from its operation.

Original design

No matter your level of dabbing expertise, a reclaim catcher is an essential addition to your setup. It acts as a filter between your dab nail and water pipe to collect any extra oil or wax that falls off during vaping, saving money in the process while keeping your setup cleaner and longer-lived overall.

Reclaim catchers come in various materials, such as glass and silicone. They typically feature male joints that plug directly into your dab rig/bong and female joints on the opposite end that connect to quartz bangers or dab nails; additionally, there is usually a plastic connection clip and glass collection dish available as well. Glass catchers tend to be more attractive as well, often boasting unique colors and designs, making them an attractive option for users wanting to display their equipment.

Reclaim catchers also help preserve the quality of vape juice by keeping any old residue from mixing with new vapor and altering its flavor, helping ensure each hit is clean, potency, and delicious.


Drop-down reclaim catchers are essential accessories for dab enthusiasts of all levels, whether starting or experienced veterans alike. Not only can they save valuable concentrates that would otherwise go down the drain, but they can also keep your rig cleaner and extend its lifetime by diverting oil and wax reclaimed from its main chamber to be stored instead – which prevents build-up, unpleasant flavors, and unnecessary build-up over time.

Reclaim catchers come in various sizes and materials, from glass to silicone. They sit between the joint and nail or banger on a dab rig, collecting oils that would otherwise be lost within its chambers. Reclaim catchers are easy to use, can be cleaned quickly using a dab rag or paper towel, and are affordable, reliable, and highly regarded by users.

Reclaim catchers serve two critical purposes. First, they sift through vapor to separate essential oil and wax residue, but secondly, they act as storage spaces for extra supplies like essential oil and wax. Think of it like looking through couch cushions for loose change; even small amounts add up over time! Ideally, it would help if you chose a reclaim catcher that complements the size of your dab rig or water pipe (some models fit all models while others require matching male/female attachment). It would help if you also took into account material and aesthetic features when making this selection decision.

Easy to clean

Drop-down reclaim catchers are simple yet effective accessories for dabbing that help minimize waste while increasing effectiveness and efficiency. They catch excess oil that might otherwise build up in your chamber or percolator and save money over time on concentrates. Reclaim catchers come in glass and silicone designs and are easily cleaned using either unique cleaning solutions or warm water.

These adapters resemble banger-style adapters and can be attached between your nail or banger and the water pipe of the rig. There are multiple sizes to fit any dabbing setup, and they’re commonly available at headshops and online retailers – some even come equipped with user instructions and attachment options to make connection easy!

Once your reclaim catcher is attached, place the nail or banger of your rig into it and begin dabbing as usual. As you wipe, your reclaimed oil will collect in the dish at the bottom and can later be compiled and added back into your rig or used during dry herb sessions in a dab pipe or wax paper.

Reclaim catchers may seem like an unnecessary addition, but for any severe dabber, they’re an essential tool. Excess oil from dabbing sessions can build up in the chamber of the rig and cause it to clog, leading to difficulty when smoking – reclaiming catchers keep the rig cleaner while minimizing cleanup time, as well as saving you money by allowing you to reuse concentrates from previous dab sessions.


Reclaim catchers are handy attachments that allow your bong or dab rig to collect wax residue after each inhale, making dabbing sessions much more pleasurable and saving wasteful wax from being wasted. They come in various sizes and styles, such as drop-downs with silicone jar attachments to longer ones with more space for storage; you must select one suitable to your rig and nail setup, taking into consideration your dabbing frequency as well as potential savings from this feature.

Reclaim catchers can help reduce the amount of oil or wax lost during inhalation and help keep your rig cleaner. Reducing build-up in bangers or nails will result in less clogging and easier cleaning, ultimately prolonging its lifespan while making it more durable.

Reclaim catches are available in glass or silicone and are both easily cleaned. They can be placed over any joint of your rig, collecting any reclaim that drops down into a jar at the bottom. They may also be slightly heated so they will fall onto parchment paper or silicone mat underneath for faster collection of debris.

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