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Fashion blogs can provide readers with expert insights, creative guides, and updates about what’s trending – such as how to recreate an iconic look from their favorite celebrities or film characters. Posts featuring how-to guides for doing just this often prove highly popular with readers. Learn the best info about StylesNic.

Blogger Jo-Lynne Shane offers casual fashion advice to modern women on her thriving blog, in addition to covering topics like motherhood and travel.

1. Oracle Fox

Amanda Shadforth of the Australian fashion blog Oracle Fox is a master of aesthetic dexterity. With talents spanning content creation to photography and creative direction, as well as motherhood, her versatility has cemented her place among one of the industry’s foremost influencers. Amanda recently announced off by Amanda Shadforth – an amalgamation of her artistic and styling abilities featuring handmade works to decorate both body and home!

Oracle Fox, mother to two and living on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, has created an ideal example of modern minimalist style in her luxe Sunshine Coast abode. Inspired by Palm Springs and the beach lifestyle, Mandy renovated their 1970s dwelling meticulously alongside her husband, Sam. Their Instagram feed serves up daily visual inspiration – you may add Oracle Fox as one of your daily followers!

2. Margaret Zhang

Margaret Zhang is an Australian fashion influencer to be reckoned with. A powerful force, Margaret is a blogger, fashion consultant, stylist, photographer, and filmmaker with an impressive 1.2 million Instagram followers – she started Shine by Three when she was only 16! Additionally, Margaret co-founded the global consultancy company Background, as well as working alongside brands like Airbnb and Mulberry.

At 27 years old, Margaret Zhang is now serving as Editor-in-Chief of Vogue China – making her one of the youngest people ever to hold such an office at any of Vogue’s international editions. Anna Wintour believes she will help expand Vogue in China, where it first started 16 years ago. Li Li, managing director of Conde Nast China, which publishes Vogue, noted: “Margaret understands emerging trends among this new generation of Chinese while possessing cross-platform digital expertise that will lead Vogue into its future.”

Zhang hails from Sydney, Australia, and her vividly dyed locks make her instantly recognizable on the front row of fashion shows. With her eclectic taste and minimal yet eclectic style, she has amassed an ever-growing following on social media; now set to bridge Western and Chinese cultures as Vogue China’s face, she promises an iconic performance at their 2019 flagship issue.

3. Sonia Rykiel

Staying abreast of fashion trends and celebrity styles can be challenging, so for those interested in keeping abreast of all that’s trending in fashion and celebrity outfits, a luxury fashion blog is an invaluable source. Many blogs include celebrity interviews and designer spotlights, as well as tips on how to achieve celebrity looks for less. A fashion blog also serves as a great source of inspiration when developing one’s style.

Fashion blogger and lifestyle influencer Freddie Smith has the talent of mixing high fashion pieces with an offbeat, comedic aesthetic that shows you don’t need to take yourself too seriously in order to look good. She advocates female empowerment and has even held confidence workshops alongside her blogging career. If you need outfit inspiration, uplifting content, or beauty advice, Freddie is here.

Mercer 7 is another fantastic fashion blog to check out for stylish inspiration. Its founder advocates capsule wardrobes, ensuring you will find clothing and accessories that work together across various seasons. She prioritizes quality over quantity by favoring versatile pieces that will stay in style for a while. Plus, her weekly photo diaries serve as great outfit ideas.

4. Erin Gates

Gates manages her busy blogging career as a full-time blogger with great vigor. Along with writing daily blog posts featuring design inspiration, budget finds, and Red Carpet commentary, she must also juggle several social media platforms, her website, an interior design firm with clients worldwide, and multiple social media accounts to manage.

Gates has established herself as an influential media figure through her longstanding blog, garnering media coverage in various national publications. Gates offers sound advice about style delivered in her signature conversational voice, which keeps readers engrossed and interested.

As well as managing her business, this mother of two works on various projects related to her design blog. These include designing licensed home accessory and rug collections, publishing books such as Elements of Style- which was a New York Times bestseller- and hosting an excellent podcast series.

Like many fashion bloggers, Gates faces an enormous financial barrier to entry. Although she may use vintage or contemporary pieces from her closet in her looks until a designer gains enough prestige, they must invest in an impressive wardrobe that will attract broad audiences; an expensive pair of shoes or coat may easily cost triple figures!

5. Girls of a Certain Age

Josephine of Girls of a Certain Age is a fashion blogger who proves chic can be achieved at any age. Her blog serves as an invaluable resource for women seeking to understand style and how it applies to them as they age. Josephine has an impeccable eye for color – especially pinks and reds – as well as an incredible talent for styling accessories. Being petite herself, Josephine serves as an invaluable source of information about little fashionistas; additionally, her style effortlessly chic yet timeless style has long been one of my lifelong style icons – her positive energy has made me think differently and challenge the status quo!

6. Kingdom of Style

Michelle Cox is an award-winning fashion blogger and style influencer known for establishing the Kingdom of Style back in 2006. Since then, her website has become an essential cultural voice, and collaborates with major fashion brands regularly. From how to wear classic cotton shirts with contemporary details to working-from-home outfit inspiration – Michelle’s blog offers stylish attire tips to help you look your best!

What You Will Find: Our services feature impeccable tailoring and expertly assembled wardrobes ranging from smart casual to business formal attire. Additionally, curated style mood boards and in-depth guides on everything from suit styles to advice on alterations are provided.

Behind InTheFrow lies an extremely savvy blogger. With an impressive background in finance and banking, she turned to blogging as a creative outlet and passion project for fashion. Awarded UK’s Best Fashion Blog and Best Content Creator awards, respectively, InTheFrow boasts over 6 Million Instagram followers as well as its clothing line and two books dedicated to her name.

7. This Time Tomorrow

A fashion blog that keeps its readers up-to-date with what’s trending now is an invaluable source for shoppers and students. Trend spotlights, affordable finds, shopping suggestions, and beauty advice – this stylish site keeps readers informed on everything fashion-related! A must-read!

Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow has an eye for creating outfits that combine classic retro elements with modern influences to produce companies with feminine, polished, yet effortlessly chic styling – it would make Zooey Deschanel proud! Her wardrobe would undoubtedly suit an office environment!

The Language of Yolande is an indispensable read for anyone who’s looking to add color to their everyday looks. From neon pops of neon hues to bolder pieces like neon red or bright yellow hues, The Language of Yolande provides all kinds of tips on how to wear colors properly and showcases how fashion trends have changed throughout history. From high-street fashion pieces to investment pieces – The Language of Yolande provides something suitable for every budget! Give this blog a read today for outfit inspiration on your next big night out.

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