Flowchart Maker to Visualize Processes and Workflows


Flowcharts are an invaluable visual aid that helps teams collaborate and understand each step of their processes to perform their duties more efficiently. The Interesting Info about AI Flowchart Generator.

SmartDraw stands out from other Visio alternatives by providing an intuitive and design-centric user interface that’s simple and familiar, including templates and shapes for use across industries, such as API workflows, software mockups, and engineering diagrams.

Easy to use

The best Flowchart Maker online offers user-friendly templates and options for customizing. Additionally, this program features many graphics to spruce up your pamphlet; more advanced users may even be able to make additional graphics through their creativity.

Choose from various shapes to represent each step in the process and connect them using intelligent lines. Different arrows and text boxes are also provided to track your work easily. This way, it becomes much simpler to follow its flow.

Another feature is the ability to upload photos, icons, fonts, and illustrations – making your flowchart original and eye-catching! Furthermore, animation gives it life. Again, sharing it via a link or embedding it into websites makes sharing easier if working in teams; keeping all members on track while seamlessly integrating with tools like Jira or Asana is made even simpler with this tool!

Easy to customize

Whether you work alone or with others, customizing symbols to meet your workflow is easy with our software. Just drag and drop lines to rearrange or swap shapes; color options and line styles provide even further opportunities; plus, steps can be easily made larger or smaller without losing their connection to their lines.

Steps can include actions, decisions, documentation, input/output, or wait and delays. Each type has a shape on a chart corresponding to it – such as circles, rectangles, rhombuses, or ovals for these steps.

If you want to add a box, click any existing one, navigate to the Design tab, and then the Shapes menu – Add Shape Before or Add Shape After will do. Attempt different placement options until it looks right before filling in your chart with data – adding text or customizing fonts further personalizing your process!

Easy to share

Utilizing a flowchart maker as part of a team makes creating and sharing diagrams easy and collaboratively. Most tools offer templates and shapes library, allow multiple people to edit simultaneously, and provide options like commenting and video chat capabilities – for instance, Cacoo offers free trial access and reasonable monthly plans starting at just $6 per month.

Once you’ve created your flowchart, use it to train new employees or document existing processes. Review it regularly and make changes as necessary, using standard symbols and connectors so everyone on your team quickly understands it. Also, add comments directly onto the chart using text to diagram generators for detailed descriptions of each step, or customize with themes by selecting all and clicking Edit Group Properties. Many customizable themes will also be available that give your charts their look!

Easy to collaborate

SmartDraw makes sharing and collaborating on flowcharts simple. Export them as PDFs, PNGs, JPEGs, or even GIFs quickly for sharing among team members or screen sharing – and the web, macOS, and iOS platforms support SmartDraw!

Document and visualize any process or workflow you wish to document and visualize using Creately’s user-friendly drag-and-drop builder; creating a flowchart is quick and effortless – you can even choose preset color themes to personalize it further and add shapes, text boxes, and connectors easily!

Cacoo offers an efficient drag-and-drop work system and allows multiple users to collaborate in real time on flowcharts. In addition, this software also features wireframes and Venn diagrams; its free trial period starts at one month, with paid plans starting at $8 monthly; plus, it works well with Microsoft Office, Confluence, and Slack!

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