Fred Perry – A Fish Named Fred


Men who dare to stand out! Every collection features vibrant prints with its theme. The Fred shirt from Cotton Linen-Look Chambray comes equipped with classic button closures and boasts four different-colored button cuffs that form the letters AFNF – A fish named Fred!

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Welcome the fun into life with a Fred shirt from Dutch fashion brand A Fish Named Fred, founded in 2011. Their collections feature vivid prints that come alive when worn, making each item of clothing speak its own story and turning the ordinary into extraordinary! A Fred shirt will add color and personality to your wardrobe! Founded in 2011, A Fish Named Fred brings vibrant prints into every collection as each item tells its unique tale – perfect for men who dare to stand out.

Each shirt is carefully handcrafted from high-quality fabric with its signature print, featuring a rounded asymmetrical hem and mother-of-pearl buttons for an added touch of luxury. They offer relaxed yet comfortable wear thanks to Jan Machenhauer’s outstanding job of crafting an oversized fit that is both fashionable and classic – sleeves reach near the elbows while longer than usual sleeves feature delicate stripe patterns which nod back towards traditional menswear shirting designs.

This long-sleeved shirt will add an eye-catching pop of color and boldness to any ensemble! Crafted from lightweight linen-look chambray material in an eye-catching shade of blue, its contrast pattern cuff has an A Fish Named Fred logo embroidered onto it on its left cuff, and there are four unique buttons at its base – can you spot our fish hidden amongst it all?

Add some vibrancy and color to your everyday wardrobe with this short-sleeved shirt made of soft cotton pique, featuring a vibrant white base adorned with deep red and blue striping. Sizes S – XXL are available.

This shirt was created to go well with jeans or chinos and features a loose yet fitted silhouette that is perfect for summer weather. Featuring a round hem with contrast stripes on both collar and shoulders, its design is both simple yet striking, and its fabric feels terrific soft!

This Fred shirt is perfect for anyone who wishes to stand out in a crowd. With vibrant colors and playful designs that stand out from traditional store options, this versatile Fred shirt can be worn on almost any occasion and pairs beautifully with trousers, hats, and other clothing pieces, as well as accessories.


Fred Shirts are constructed from high-quality cotton linen-look chambray material that provides light, comfortable wear with its stretch. It’s ideal for warmer climates or busy teams on the move. Additionally, there’s also a hidden pocket in the back to stash valuables safely away. With modern fit styling and button-down fastenings that feature four buttons that read “AFNF,” which form our fish logo fish motif, our Fred Shirts provide everything needed for success!

Fred Perry was a three-time Wimbledon champion who designed his inaugural pique tennis shirt in 1952 with lightweight functionality as its centerpiece. Unbeknownst to him at the time, however, his design would become part of British cultural history and become part of various fringe subcultures’ uniforms in the 1960s – from terraces to dancefloors, it became widely adopted among mods, skins, and others who blurred the boundaries between on and off court attire.

This aesthetic spread north, too, with football casuals wearing Fred shirts taking to ska, rocksteady, and rude boy music in support of this look. They wore them with boots and tight jeans, creating an image that blended upper-class dress codes with influences from West Indian neighbors – creating an antidote for any rising hostility to multiculturalism in some parts of Britain and helping fuel white nationalist hooliganism at this time.

Fred Perry shirts were popular with punks and in the Britpop scene during the early ’90s. Since then, however, they’ve found their place across musical genres, from complex mods to skinheads to indie kids, serving as a signifier of classic British style.

Scooby-Doo’s Fred is an amateur detective in his teens who enjoys mystery movies and books as well as singing and dancing. With drama training under his belt, Fred uses this talent to get into the minds of villains to uncover mysteries more efficiently. Since the show first premiered, Frank Welker has voiced Fred.


Fred knows life is too short to be boring! Stay away from the grey mass with this eye-catching shirt!

This shirt boasts a modern fit and can accommodate all body types. Its classic button fastening on the left cuff adorns inside cuff embroideries of “A Fish Named Fred.” At the bottom, four different-colored buttons form “AFNF,” representing A Fish Named Fred – keep an eye out for our logo fish hidden among this print design!

This long-sleeved shirt comes in an eye-catching shade of blue that makes it perfect for summer. Crafted from linen-look chambray fabric, its oversized fit and delicate stripe pattern is reminiscent of menswear shirting; wear this with jeans for a dapper look!

Machine wash warm with like colors inside out. Do not tumble dry.

This striking shirt boasts a standout back print that’s sure to get noticed – an excellent way to show your love for Fred!

This playful twist on a classic tee features an eye-catching stylized portrait of Fred, along with an amusing phrase guaranteed to bring smiles. Crafted from high-quality cotton fabric, this shirt makes an eye-catching addition to any wardrobe!

Get ready to rock out at your next concert in comfort! This lightweight cotton tee will ensure all-night comfort. Additionally, it features corozo buttons on its front closure and a straight hemline – an essential must-have for any music enthusiast!


Fred Perry made headlines in 1952 for creating lightweight functional tennis shirts that could both look stylish off-court as well as on it, and this philosophy ultimately propelled his pique tennis shirt designs to immense popularity among Mods during the 1960s when their uniform featured Fred Perry polo shirts as part of their uniform look – marking a first in sportswear’s long history that casual sportswear had not previously been styled into formal wear such as shorts or jeans but could now be found paired with slim-fitting suits!

Over time, Fred Perry expanded into various colors to meet customer demand. Sean Connery wore its signature M3 shirt as James Bond in 1965’s Thunderball film, which brought Fred Perry immense prestige. They quickly established themselves as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of branded clothing.

Fred Perry has long been a crucial part of British youth subcultures since its introduction in 1960 by working-class Mods, 2-Tone Skinheads, Skinheads, and Punks – even today, you might see a young punk sporting their latest Fred Perry shirt when heading off to their skate park!

My father did his utmost to ensure the shirts that left his factory were of top quality. To do this, he revamped production processes and invested in new machinery that made cutting pieces of shirts quicker and sewing them together more efficiently, as well as investing in attachments that allowed machines to create solid yet inconspicuous seams characteristic of superior products.

These shirts became an instant classic among working-class communities of London and Manchester due to their bright aesthetic at affordable prices. Fans of ska, rocksteady, and rude boy music all appreciated them immensely as an essential item that expressed individuality and style.