From Indie Artists to Pros: This Data Tool is Shaking Up Music!


In today’s fast-paced music industry, data-driven decisions are crucial for artists, labels, and professionals. Music analytics are becoming increasingly essential, and Viberate is leading the charge by democratizing access to these insights. The music data company is revolutionizing the space with its commitment to providing high-quality, affordable analytics, covering streaming, social media, and more.

Viberate’s mission is clear-cut: “Establishing an inclusive music industry by offering top-tier data at affordable prices for every professional.” Recognizing that exorbitant data service prices have previously left many indie artists and labels on the sidelines, Viberate has taken steps to level the playing field. They’ve remarkably slashed the cost of their advanced suite from a steep $129 to an enticing $9.90 per month.

The platform’s depth is impressive. Viberate’s music analytics actively monitor the digital footprint of over 1 million artists, converting streaming, social media, and other channels’ performance into actionable insights. It enables more informed business choices, whether that means talent discovery or promotional strategies. Viberate encapsulates it aptly: “We extract and interpret data from the entire music industry – from artists and tracks to festivals, playlists, and labels. Our goal? Transform streaming and social metrics into powerful tools to help professionals unearth new talent, strategize campaigns, or draft comprehensive business reports efficiently.”

A standout feature of Viberate is its Spotify analytics. This tool evaluates every artist’s streaming metrics on Spotify, from monthly listeners and followers to stream counts and playlist activity. Users can delve into an artist’s Spotify trajectory, examining daily data or historical performance. The convenience of reviewing all of an artist’s tracks in a singular section – sorted by streams or release date – is a notable highlight. Additionally, Viberate offers a comprehensive view of monthly listeners segmented by geography.

But that’s just the beginning. Viberate’s playlist analyzer offers a comprehensive look at artists’ performance on Spotify playlists. This tool collects data from every playlist, highlighting top-performing songs and playlists. Users can assess playlist reach and monitor the number of active playlists over various timeframes, which can be invaluable for gauging the impact of a particular song or album launch.

The playlist analyzer’s capabilities don’t stop there. It boasts a database of over 12 million playlists, guiding users to find the best playlists tailored to an artist’s genre and career phase. The filtering options are staggering. Playlists can be sifted by genre, curator type, song popularity, and release timeframe, ensuring the freshest tracks are always in sight. For example, there are 372 Pop playlists curated by indie experts with a minimum of 10,000 followers, featuring at least 30% of tracks released in the prior three months.

Users can also evaluate artists’ rankings on Spotify, applying filters such as country, genre, or performance. The platform’s comprehensive Chart feature is hailed as a transformative tool for talent discovery, enabling industry pros to identify emerging talent swiftly. It’s also designed for user convenience, allowing preferred filtering options to be saved and easily accessed in future searches.

In an era where music metrics are paramount, Viberate’s suite of tools, especially the playlist analyzer, is an invaluable asset. These tools deserve a closer look for those committed to navigating the music industry with precision and intelligence.

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