Get Creative with South Park Character Creator: Design Your Own Unique Character

South Park Character Creator


In this article, we will focus on the South Park Character Creator application and mention a comprehensive review of it. South Park happens to be a well-known sitcom that was introduced in the year 1997. The focal point of this sitcom is four buddies who indulge in performing adventurous activities. The most important thing is that it is possible for the viewers to make their own characters right now with the help of the aforementioned South Park Character Creator.

Users will be able to use this well-known web application to form their own avatars according to their preferences. There is no need to pay any money to use this application whatsoever. You simply need to go to the official site to use the application, and that’s all! You can easily personalize the different features of your character such as clothing, appearance, as well as accessories.

What exactly is South Park?

South Park can be defined as an animated series intended for adults. There are 4 characters right here known as Kyle, Stan, Eric, and Kenny, and we are concerned about their adventurous pursuits. Individuals named Matt Stone and Trey Parker are responsible for introducing this particular show mentioned here.

south park character creator
south park character creator

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One interesting thing is that this show is quite long with as many as 26 seasons and 325 episodes. Many people think that South Park is one of the best series out there along with the likes of Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, and Futurama. Incidentally, this show was introduced on 13 April 1997.

What do you mean by South Park Character Creator?

The creators of South Park have introduced this application mentioned here. It is possible to create your own unique character with the help of this application. Besides this, one can also share the characters made by them on social media. One will not find it difficult to create these characters, and one simply needs to choose a body preset and edit that, according to his requirements and preferences.

How can you use the South Park Character Creator?

It’ll be imperative to stick to a few steps if you want to create your own character using this application.

Go to the website

Initially, the users have to go to the official website of South Park which is known as South Park Studios.

Come in touch with the Avatar option

It is imperative for the users to access the menu bar of the website to interact with the option named Avatar. In the same manner, it is also possible to come into interaction with other similar options right from the menu bar.

Create the Avatar

At this stage, it is possible for you to create your own Avatar. Make sure to stick to these guidelines to get the job done.

  • Initially, it is important to select your character’s body type.
  • Following this, you need to select the mouth shape, eyes, as well as hair for the character.
  • Next, you need to choose the clothing of your character. Here, you will have the option of choosing from different types of T-shirts, hats, and Pants.
  • After this, the accessories of the character have to be selected. This can be jewelry, cell phones, and so on.
  • The facial hair of the character needs to be selected. Here, you will have the facility of choosing from different types of facial hairs available to you.
  • You also need to select a background image that will be appropriate for the character.

Lastly, it will be possible for you to share your character on social media. Otherwise, it can also be saved on your gadget.

Now, we will talk about the leading South Park characters.

Leading South Park characters

Eric Cartman

This is one of the main characters of South Park. We know this character for its selfish and manipulative behavior. On most occasions, Eric Cartman is going to tease Kyle Broflovski because of his Jewish heritage. Cartman appears to be somewhat aggressive as well.

Nevertheless, this character is also somewhat complicated as well as cunning in nature. He has an affinity for a particular snack item known as cheesy poofs. There is no doubt that Eric Cartman happens to be a memorable character showcasing different types of political, social, and cultural problems in a humorous way.

Stan Marsh

This one is also a primary character right here. He happens to be a person who believes that he must look for justice when he thinks that something is right. He is also a good friend of Kyle Broflovski, and both of them often have the same opinions. Nevertheless, Stan is known to clash with Cartman on most occasions since he does not have the same opinion as that of Cartman.

There is also a certain element of humor related to Stan Marsh that you will find to be interesting. Moreover, his connection with Wendy Testaburger is not stable by any means.

Kyle Broflovski

This is another main character renowned for his wit, presence of mind, and complicated connection with Eric Cartman whom he considers to be his friend, as well as rival. Although he tries to show the reasoning behind his moves, the efforts made by him are usually worthless.

Broflovski is a Jew residing in this town, and he usually ridicules cultural and religious issues. Even though Cartman often targets him with the help of anti-Semitic remarks, Broflovski goes on defending himself nonetheless.

Butters Stotch

Butters Stotch can boast of having the central role in various episodes out there. Even though he was considered to be a background character initially, he turned out to be one of the main characters with the advent of time. At present, it is impossible to think of a show without Butters Stotch.

The interesting thing is that this character is quite optimistic in his attitude and appears to be somewhat innocent as well. The idea of pairing him with Cartman turned out to be somewhat comical in the long run.

Being one of the sweetest characters in this show, there is no doubt that Stotch will provide you with lots of laughter. Even though it appeared that he is one of the primary characters of this show, he was pulled back somewhat by Matt and Trey and they used him sparingly.

south park character creator
south park character creator

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It is a matter of interest how Matt and Trey bring forward certain characters in the show on some occasions and help them to capture attention as well.

Randy Marsh

Being the father of Stan Marsh, one of the primary characters, Randy was a geologist in the initial stages. We know this character for his impulsive attitude often making some actions without thinking of the risk involved. For example, he tried to become a pop singer and also wanted to operate a marijuana company. The character has come to the limelight in recent times, and he has become quite popular among fans because of his funny and impulsive storylines.

Mr. Garrison

We know this character for his hand puppet known as Mr. Hat, as well as identity modifications. We have seen this character as both genders, and he has undergone surgery for sex change as well. Being a gay Avatar, we can also use him to investigate LGBTQ+ themes. Moreover, we have also seen him in the form of the US President mimicking Donald Trump. Mr. Garrison is known for teaching in an erratic and unusual manner which makes the show even more humorous in nature.

PC Principal

This particular character had been used for the first time in Season 19. He happens to be the present principal of an educational institution and we also know him to be a powerful supporter of political rightness. We have seen this character in his sunglasses, as well as frat-boy outfit.

PC Principal is motivated to promote justice in society and he can also use physical aggression to do so. Nevertheless, he wants to make South Park more advanced despite his aggressive nature.


This character happens to be the richest child in South Park. We know him to be the only African-American kid residing in the town. Token comes with some notable storylines, which are usually concerned about his connection with other Avatars, particularly Eric Cartman.

He is also one of the mature members of the school kids out there. Token also showcases the socioeconomic discrimination in the locality.

south park character creator
south park character creator

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Being a well-known television series, many viewers like to form a character showcasing them in South Park’s artistic style. Apart from this, the viewers have to interact with the television series even more while trying to create a character.

We hope that this article has provided you with lots of information regarding the South Park Character Creator application which you will find to be interesting and informative as well.