Housing Disrepair Lawyers


Landlords must maintain homes in habitable condition for tenants. If your landlord fails in this responsibility and your dwelling has fallen into disrepair, compensation could be available. Select the best Housing Disrepair Solicitors.

Our housing disrepair lawyers specialize in representing tenants nationwide on a no-win, no-fee basis to compel their landlords to make repairs on personal property like carpets and furniture that has been damaged, inconveniencing them in doing so and paying out compensation for inconvenience and lost use of the property.

Damage to your personal property

If your property is in disrepair and you have reported this to your landlord, they should be legally obliged to carry out necessary repairs within an acceptable timeframe. If they fail in their obligation, any damages caused due to negligence could be claimed compensation for.

Common types of damage that may be claimed against your landlord include dampness and mold affecting personal possessions, damaged electrical items causing harm, and personal injuries. The first step to filing a housing disrepair claim should be notifying them immediately in writing, along with photographic evidence of the landlord, and keeping records of all communication between both parties during the process.

Note that any housing disrepair claims must be filed prior to the end of your tenancy agreement since landlords must provide suitable living spaces once their contracts end.

Our housing disrepair lawyers can assist with an array of issues related to housing disrepair, including:


Every homeowner deserves to live comfortably and safely, yet some landlords fail to uphold the standards of their properties, leading to significant inconvenience and damage to personal belongings. If you have informed your landlord of an issue in your property and given them ample time to address it, but they have failed to do so, then it may be possible for you to file for housing disrepair compensation.

Our experienced team can assist with claiming compensation for the lost enjoyment, stress, and anxiety incurred as a result of living in an unfit property. Furthermore, we can help with any treatment costs, such as doctor’s visits or medication, you’ve incurred due to this situation.

If you have been living in an unsafe property, you must document the issues using photographs or videos as evidence. Furthermore, all correspondence you exchanged with your landlord about this issue must also be noted as it could provide vital evidence regarding his disregard for it, denial of responsibility, or incompetence, supporting your claim for housing disrepair claims. Due to their complexity, early legal advice on housing disrepair claims is critical; our no-win fe,e arrangements provide peace of mind if your claim fails – no fees are due if your case doesn’t succeed!

Loss of use of the property

Failure of landlords to fulfill their responsibilities to maintain safe and habitable properties can result in loss of use for tenants, which may include issues like dampness or mold, infestations, gas leaks, lack of heating and hot water services, vermin problems, structural movement, electrical wiring and guttering matters that result in losses of use for their properties.

Our housing disrepair solicitors can assist in making a compensation claim if any of these problems have negatively impacted your living circumstances. We will take into account any damage to possessions as well as the inconvenience of having to move and any expenses incurred while trying to live in an uninhabitable property. In cases of stress, anxiety, or illness caused by disrepair, we also include personal injury claims for compensation.

Landlords must provide safe living environments for tenants, and we can act on your behalf if your landlord fails to do so. We advise keeping records of all communications with your landlord as well as written evidence regarding problems in your property; taking photos can further substantiate your case. Suppose they ignore requests to address an issue. In that case, legal proceedings under the disrepair protocol can begin by sending out a letter informing them you intend to take further steps against them.

Personal injury

If the issues created by disrepair have resulted in you experiencing personal injuries, you could be eligible for compensation. These cases tend to be complicated, so having evidence such as photographs of the damaged property and copies of emails/text messages sent from you to your landlord reporting the damages may help, as well as eyewitness testimony from family or friends who visited it, is critical in your claim for compensation.

Your belongings may also be at risk when your landlord fails to carry out repairs, including furniture ruined by dampness and clothes soaked through by leaks. In certain instances, it is possible to file for compensation for your lost earnings if their failure to fix disrepair has prevented you from working.

Landlords have the legal responsibility of keeping their properties habitable and fit for tenants. Part of fulfilling this responsibility involves performing regular maintenance and repair, but failing to do so may result in disrepair, potentially leading to injury for their tenants. If this has happened to you, seek legal advice immediately from an experienced housing disrepair lawyer if any harm was caused due to disrepair in rented accommodation.

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