How to Customize a Ford 9 Inch Housing


Ford 9″ rear axles are widely utilized in various car, truck, and hot rod models due to their strength and versatility.

One advantage these rear ends provide over others is their ability to quickly swap out gear ratios by quickly disassembling and replacing pinion side “Center Sections,” as well as changing out their ring and pinion gears. This enables quick changes in gear ratios.

1. Strength

Ford 9-inch rear ends are well-constructed pieces of equipment. Their design allows more accessible access to the drivetrain while giving more customization options for customizing the rear-end setup.

The 9-inch housing comes in many designs, materials, and configurations to meet various applications. You have your choice between an open, locking, or limited slip housing – look out for one of the bolts securing the center section to the housing, which should have a metal tag bearing its gear ratio (such as 3.50:1) to identify which type you have.

Most 9-inch housings are typically constructed of steel; however, some manufacturers use chromoly for added strength and durability. Furthermore, these housings come in both miniature bearing versions as well as large bearing arrangements with optional extra bracing to protect axles under extreme loads from bending twisting.

You can find 9-inch housings with thicker axle tubes than standard ones, typically constructed of 3/8″ steel with an outer diameter of 3.5″. Once assembled, they are keyed into the axle plate to form a solid weld-on joint and internally gusseted for added strength; some manufacturers also weld these tubes on the outside so they don’t spin and create weak spots in their design.

Choose a 9-inch housing with an extended pinion to increase ground clearance and run larger tires, but be aware that your pinion gear must change to accommodate for this larger pinion size.

RuffStuff makes 9in Ford housings designed to last, including this model that comes equipped with a limited-slip differential and 31 spline axle shafts for optimal performance. Plus, there’s even an equal-length axle shaft version available, so your pinion stays perfectly centered!

2. Reliability

Reliable 9-in rear ends are an essential component for any drag racer, used by professionals and top fuel racing cars due to their strength and torque-handling capacities. Ford 9in rear ends can also be fitted with various gear ratios for optimal performance.

When purchasing a Ford 9in the rear end for racing applications, it is crucial to select a high-quality rear-end case assembly. Without strong materials and accurate machining processes in its construction, an inferior case assembly increases its risk of parts-eating flex, which could result in premature wear on brake backing plates, caliper brackets, and axle shafts, causing excessive wear on these essential components.

For optimal quality in 9in Ford housings, choose units that have been jig welded and straightened using the welding jig process. Jig welding helps prevent warping or misaligning as you join tubes together; additionally, this tool can help verify alignment once all welding operations have been completed.

Ford 9in housings come in different widths to make sure you find one that works with your vehicle perfectly. Heavy-duty versions offer thicker material with 31 spline axles, while lighter versions use 28 spline axles and thinner housing material. You’ll also be able to find various rear-end components like Devious brackets and tabs explicitly designed for brake mounting systems.

Strange Engineering has been producing a Ford 9in rear ends for over 70 years. Sportsman dragsters, Pro Mods, Alcohol funny cars, and Top Fuel cars alike have long utilized their heavy-duty pro units.

Ford 9in housings are popularly chosen for drag racing applications due to their wide gear ratio and excellent traction, modular design making upgrades simple, including open diffs, limited slip differentials, or lockers – these upgrades can improve acceleration, cornering speeds, and noise/vibration levels in addition to enhancing gear noise/vibration reduction.

3. Versatility

At any automotive event, it’s a safe bet that nearly any hot rod or muscle car you come across will feature a Ford 9-inch rear. This shows its incredible versatility; these rears have been seen used on everything from drag cars and street stocks to Jeeps on the Rubicon Trail.

Due to its flexibility, the 9-inch Ford axle has received significant attention from aftermarket suppliers who now provide heavy-duty parts engineered for racing applications such as complete housings, carriers, spools, and mini-spools from Allstar Performance, Ford Racing, 9+ Ratech Richmond. Furthermore, some manufacturers now provide gear ratio options explicitly tailored for driving conditions or track setups.

What sets the Ford 9-inch rear end apart from other high-performance rear ends is its innovative center section design, which allows the entire differential and ring and pinion assembly to be removed as one unit for easier maintenance, as well as swapping of gear ratios to customize your setup to your particular needs.

Ford 9-inch wheels come in various widths to accommodate multiple wheel and brake setups. Narrower options tend to work better for drag racing and 4×4 applications as they allow more ground clearance with smaller overall packages; more comprehensive versions, however, are better suited for street use and have enough strength to endure harsh racing or high horsepower street car applications.

As opposed to searching through junkyards for the ideal Ford 9-inch housing only to discover that it doesn’t meet your project specifications, why not consider Dutchman’s custom rear-end assemblies instead? They are made to order and offer you time, money, and effort savings while getting precisely the Ford 9-inch axle you require for your build project.

4. Aesthetics

An exquisite Ford 9-inch housing that has been custom-narrowed for your build can make a truly remarkable statement. To begin checking it, first, determine its overall length by placing your car on jack stands and sliding its wheels in and out of its wheel wells until the perfect fit is found. After this has been accomplished, measure both sides from an identical point (such as inside of wheels) for even narrowing.

Avoid spending thousands to maintain and modify a Ford 9-inch rear end from a junkyard by ordering a custom-built Dutchman Housing that meets all your specifications – you won’t be sorry you did. Get one today to help make the ultimate street or strip car! Don’t delay; order yours now.