How to Use Cowhide Rugs in Your Home


Cowhide rugs bring a country aesthetic into any room and look beautiful when used to jazz up simple spaces or accent bolder patterns. The Interesting Info about cowhide rugs.

Cowhide rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to complement any design style, from modern to traditional.

Living Room

Cowhide rugs add a sophisticated and elegant touch to living room settings, complementing almost every style, from rustic to modern. A natural-colored carpet works well, but for rooms featuring multiple patterns, it might be wiser to select something monochromatic so as not to compete with its colors.

Cowhide rugs have long been preferred because of their ability to keep allergens at bay. Traditional rugs may collect allergens and require frequent vacuuming sessions; cowhide rugs, however, are hypoallergenic and need shaking out or vacuuming with a brush attachment to remain allergy-free.

Dark brown or brindle cowhides pair beautifully with any color in a living room, even when decorated in bold patterns like wallpaper patterns and bright orange accents. In fact, it may even help soften spaces that already feature bold decor as its neutral shades, such as blacks, whites, and browns, will help balance out bold hues or patterns that might otherwise make the space overwhelming.

Cowhide rugs can also be used as an eye-catching focal point by layering them over plain jute or sisal floor covering. This works exceptionally well when your other furniture shares similar colors or textures – it will unify all elements to form an elegant living room design.


Cowhide rugs make an excellent addition to any bedroom. Not only can they add warmth and character, but unlike synthetic or carpet rugs, they are also hypoallergenic, therefore preventing allergens such as dust mites from being trapped underfoot.

Cowhide rugs are one of the most frequently seen uses for cowhide rugs in children’s rooms. When combined with patterned furniture, it creates an authentic Southwestern vibe in any space. Furthermore, these rugs pair nicely with wood or stone walls as their earthy hues pair beautifully.

Cowhide rugs make an excellent addition to bedrooms by placing them underneath beds, creating a cozy and warm feeling when getting up from bed in the morning. This method works particularly well for homeowners with hardwood floors who wish to add extra coziness and warmth to their space.

Make a cowhide rug even more noticeable in your bedroom by layering it over another type of rug, like wool. This will create an eye-catching style all your own and bring the entire space together. However, spills must be addressed quickly to avoid staining.


Cowhide rugs make an excellent addition to any kitchen, boasting a distinctive texture that goes with various decorating schemes, providing a soft surface underfoot and protecting from spills and stains on floors. Furthermore, these rugs have also been known to reduce allergens in the air, which makes them an excellent option for families with sensitivities.

Cowhides make great additions to kitchens because of their natural resistance to staining. Most cowhide rugs feature hides that have been tanned and cured, so spills or accidents won’t deteriorate them like many synthetic rugs would. Regular vacuuming and fabric protection spray can help prevent future incidents; should accidents arise, wipe them up as soon as they happen for maximum effectiveness.

Cowhide rugs come in an assortment of colors and patterns to fit nearly every style, such as black-and-white cowhide rugs suited for country cottage decor to brown-and-white cowhides that make your modern living room stand out. There are even dyed versions, with pink or acid metallic washes that you may prefer; whatever suits your taste, the most critical consideration should be finding the perfect cowhide rug!


Cowhide rugs make an excellent addition to a bathroom, adding texture and warmth. Soft yet supple skin rugs feel amazing underfoot when stepping out of the shower or after an exhausting day at work.

Cowhide rugs come in various colors, making them suitable for decorating styles ranging from rustic to contemporary and modern decor. Their versatility means they make an excellent addition to traditional and rural settings alike.

Cowhide rugs are highly durable due to their textured surface. Furthermore, they’re easily maintained – simply vacuuming regularly will do. Furthermore, cowhides naturally repel stains; should any spillage happen, however, thoroughly blot with a damp cloth or mild detergent solution for quick cleanup.

Real cow skin rugs have their distinctive aroma, as with all-natural products. If the smell bothers you, keep in mind that the tannery uses high-grade chemicals that effectively eliminate odors; you may not even detect one! Reputable and reliable tanneries only use premium hides with superior tanning equipment in order to guarantee their rugs won’t emit any unwanted odors into the atmosphere.

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