Ikat and Sambalpuri Dress Pieces


Ikat dress pieces are versatile enough for both the office and special events. Crafted by handloom weavers from western Odisha, they are known for their vibrant hues, textures, and designs.

These unstitched dresses include kurti material, dupatta fabric, and salwar material in cotton and silk fabrics.

Top/Kurti Material

A kurta is an Indian garment in the form of a shirt or tunic worn over trousers or churidars. It may be plain or decorated with embroidery such as traditional Sambalpuri ikat motifs, typically opening in front with some styles buttoning at shoulder seam while others have plackets; sleeves may either be long or three-fourths length with deep hemmed cuffs.

Sambalpuri weavers utilize an artful tie-dye process to color their yarn before weaving, producing distinctive patterns on fabric. Furthermore, these weavers also possess exceptional skills at adding extra warp and weft threads, resulting in highly intricate cloth designs.

iTokri offers a stunning collection of Sambalpuri dress materials that will bring an ethnic vibe to your wardrobe. Each set comes complete with a top, dupatta, and salwar that can be styled with either jhumar or mojari sandals to complete the look.

Handwoven from intricate Sambalpuri ikat cotton, this top features a boat neck with side slits and wooden buttons at its front panel. Three-fourth sleeves boast Ikat cuffs. Perfect for casual events. Handloom Association of India certified product.


Are you searching to add some traditional flair to your wardrobe? iTokri offers Sambalpuri dresses made of comfortable, breathable cotton material – perfect for all seasons and come complete with an optional dupatta, which can be draped gracefully over shoulders and heads for an elegant finish.

These handwoven dupattas are known for their intricate patterns that combine geometric forms and floral motifs. Crafted by tying and dying cotton threads before weaving them on a loom, each dupatta requires skillful coordination in its production process.

Ikat designs are an extremely fashionable trend among youth today and can be worn to weddings, anniversaries, and ceremonies of various sorts. Paired with heels or flats, they make beautiful looks for any event and are great gifting options to give. Made of cotton fabric, it allows easy care: wash with mild detergent in cold water before air-drying or ironing on low heat setting for optimal texture retention and shape retention. As they are hand-woven products, they may exhibit slight imperfections in selvage/weave/dye bleeding due to traditional dyeing methods employed.


The salwar kameez is an iconic dress of Indian subcontinent women that comprises two garments: salwar (trousers) and kameez (shirt). Fabric can vary according to its source – plain, printed, embroidered, or beaded designs may all feature prominently; stitching styles differ too depending on where it is produced from; handloom woven fabrics or machine-made fabric options exist – meaning this outfit can be worn for everyday wear as well as special events.

Salwar kameez are a prevalent type of traditional dress for women in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and Sri Lanka – they’re even popular in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka! Available in various styles like Punjabi salwar kameez (combining short tunic with loose-fitting trousers ) or Anarkali salwar kameez with long frock top paired with fitted cigarette-style salwar – salwar kameez can even come fashioned to meet specific tastes – see here and here for examples from these regions!

Salwar kameez are an increasingly popular fashion choice among Indian fashion enthusiasts, as they can be worn both casually and formally. Available in cotton and silk fabrics, these dresses come with options to customize their appearance through intricate zari work or luxurious motifs for added personal expression. Perfect for anyone wanting to express themselves through clothing.

Though salwars have made a comeback, they appear to have lost favor among young girls. This may be due to jeans and T-shirts being more comfortable or slimming pants such as cigarette and drop-crotch trousers becoming increasingly fashionable.

Yet there are still countless girls who love wearing salwars; they consider it both comfortable and fashionable – often seen as traditional dress.

Sambalpuri dress materials are known for their distinctive tie-dye process, which is performed on yarns prior to weaving on traditional handlooms and creating beautiful patterns on fabric. Furthermore, these intricate fabrics boast high-quality fabrics with elegant looks.

Sambalpuri fabric is distinguished by the use of tassels tied on its edges to add beauty and an elegant silhouette to dresses, as well as having its unique sheen, making it stand out among other types. Additionally, this exquisite piece can last longer than others due to its rich colors and intricate motifs, which makes for a gorgeous piece of clothing material. This makes sambalpuri an excellent choice for wedding gowns!