Loop Learning – A Digital Tool For Educators to Enhance Classroom Learning


Students are encouraged to think creatively and exhibit innovative thinking skills. They learn about using question-based learning as well as inspirational TEDx Talk videos.

Podar International School, Gaya knows that qualified teachers are vital to providing quality education, so they place great importance on recruiting experienced ones and encouraging them to update their teaching and assessment methods through various workshops.

Why Loop Learning?

At our core, we believe in helping educators enhance classroom learning by equipping them with tools and resources that allow them to remain connected to their students while supporting their development. Our platform gives teachers the ability to design tasks that reward speed and accuracy while building student confidence and making testing an enjoyable experience for all involved. Furthermore, parents and educators can communicate directly with schools, sections, or individual students using this platform.

Students are taught to think creatively and expand their minds beyond conventional wisdom. They are encouraged to pose questions, as well as watch inspiring TEDx Talk videos of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders that show them how to turn weaknesses into strengths.

Students bring glory to their school by excelling in various activities and Olympiads, such as the Trinity College London Digital Drama Graded Examination (Solo). One grade 5 student earned a distinction, while a grade 10 student completed the CISEH course to become a Certified Penetration Testing Expert. Furthermore, several students have become toppers in CBSE board exams or Olympiads, while others became national champions or even World Record Holders as Rubi’s Cube tutors!

What is Loop Learning?

Loop Learning is an innovative digital tool designed to assist educators in supplementing classroom teaching with powerful interactive tools that accelerate student’s learning. Teachers can create tasks & tests that reward speed & accuracy and track students’ progress in real-time. Students receive instantaneous feedback and can practice until they are confident enough to move on to the next level of skill development. Educators can communicate with all or just specific sections or individuals within their school community. Loop Learning can help educators better understand their students and provide customized guidance. Based on the Double-Loop Learning Model, which was initially created as a way to understand organizational learning but now can also be applied on an individual level – it simply involves shifting your frame of reference when thinking about problems and being open to novel or unexpected viewpoints.

How to use Loop Learning?

Loop Learning revolutionizes traditional teaching methods by providing educators with tools to engage their students more deeply through interactive assignments and improve communication channels between teachers and students. Loop Learning’s gamification elements and instant feedback feature allow educators to provide individualized support for each student, and its analytics functionality enables educators to quickly analyze student data to identify strengths and weaknesses in their student body.

Educators can leverage this platform to enhance their lesson plans with educational videos, interactive presentations, e-books, and other resources – such as encouraging discussion among students or developing critical thinking abilities – these tools may serve to promote dialogue among classmates as well as develop their critical thinking capabilities. Furthermore, teachers can create personalized assignments or quizzes that can be administered either to all or selected groups within a class.

The gamification features of this platform are intended to engage students in their education by adding elements of competition and achievement. Students can earn badges and levels for completing tasks, quizzes, or activities on this platform and make them as rewards – encouraging them to stay focused on their studies while motivating them to work hard! Furthermore, parents and educators have an easy way to monitor students’ progress and achievements on this platform.

Podar International School Thane employs innovative teaching methods and offers an active extracurricular program where its students have excelled. Their students have achieved numerous accolades – such as top scores in CBSE board exams and international Olympiads – with inquiry-based learning, encouraging creative thought by asking more questions than searching for answers; student portfolios allow for personalization by students of their goals, aspirations, academic achievements, and creative pursuits; the school also encourages innovation by inviting guest lecturers.

Podar International School Thane’s focus on innovation has resulted in its faculty members and staff consistently striving to develop superior educational practices, leading to numerous accolades such as The Economic Times Best Education Brand award of 2022 and India’s Most Respected Education Brand according to Education World Grand Jury 2022-23 awards as well as scholarships given out for deserving students.

How to install Loop Learning?

Loop Learning equips educators with an abundance of resources to enhance their lessons, such as educational videos, interactive presentations, e-books, and gamification features that boost student engagement. Leaderboards, levels, badges, and rewards enable educators to increase participation, while the instant grading system and communication tools allow for timely feedback to students.

Students can respond to text-based questions, record films or sounds directly into a loop, share links among classmates, or access teaching materials from a shared library – making this platform suitable for both group assignments and individual work.