Moving living room


Moving can be quite taxing regarding your time, money, health, and nerves. The only way to ensure that you made everything you could to prepare for moving is to make a list of everything you need to organize, buy or do and go through it step by step. It is better to call for help from a professional moving company specialists in moving already know how to pack and move things safely and quickly. Also, they usually have such services as last-minute moving, assembling, and disassembling furniture, route planning, etc. You can depend entirely on the movers and wait for a moving date or speed things up by packing yourself.

It is better to start packing up with the room which contains the highest amount of things, which could be a bedroom, a dressing room, or a living room. Putting together a live room for a move can be quite a challenge, but with the proper organization and sequence of steps, you should be able to pull it off without too much trouble. So where do you start?

First, you create an extensive list of all the items and parts of a furniture set in this room. This way, you can find and get rid of some old, broken, and useless things and decide whether to give something away or take it. This will also help you to estimate the packing material you will need.

Second, you prepare the packing materials. Small and large boxes to put stuff into, bubble wrap for such fragile things as your favorite decorative dish, tape to secure the boxes, markers, and labels – so you will know which package contains what.

Next, pack the electronics. TV, audio system, OC, laptop, and other electronics must be unplugged first. Also, ensure all wires and cables are carefully packaged and labeled so that you can plug your electronics back in quickly.

Next, you should dismantle the furniture. Remove pillows and armrests from sofas and armchairs, remove the legs from tables, and disassemble closets. It would help if you also protected the furniture from damage during transportation – to do so, wrap it in bubble wrap or find a unique moving cover.

Next, pack decorative stuff such as lamps, pictures, frames, mirrors, and other decorative items. Protect the fragile things from impact with bubble wrap, and you should also use it to fill the spaces in the box so nothing will shift and get damaged during the moving.

Next, dismantle racks and shelves. Take them apart and pack them separately. 

Pack your textiles/Put bedding, curtains, tablecloths, and other materials in packing boxes or bags.

Last, label each packed box so you can quickly identify the contents of each box when unpacking at a new location. Also, label large pieces of furniture, such as sofas, cabinets, or tables, to make them easier to identify when moving. 

By following this order and organizing the assembly process of the living room, you can successfully prepare it for the move and ensure the safety of all items and furniture.

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