Patpedhi Loan by Thana Mahesh Nagari Co-Operative Credit Society Ltd


Patpedhi loan is a type of fixed deposit scheme that promises investors attractive interest rates. The system is ideal for those who want to earn a recurring income for their various needs like travel, homes, and personal goals. It also helps people save money for their future needs.

Nadis are the energy pathways through which, according to yoga philosophy and Ayurveda practice, prana flows. The three principal nadis are the ida on the left, the sushumna in the middle, and the pingala on the right.

Loan for House Repairing

Thana Mahesh Nagari Co-operative Credit Society Ltd offers group loans to its members so that they can fulfil their financial needs such for house repair, debt repayment, purchase of household goods medical requirement,s etc. These loans are given on the basis of member’s daily deposits at their doorstep. The loan limit is up to Rs. 1 Lakh, and if a member requires more amount, she can get it by providing adequate proof of residential/income/photos/1 Guarantor. The loans are offered to women from slum areas of Dharavi, Kurla, Chunabhatti,, and the other regions of Mumbai. The group loan also has a security fund for the repayment of the group members in case of death/serious illness/natural calamity and house repairs.

Loan for Education

Patpedhi loan provides education loans for students from Dharavi and other nearby areas. These loans are provided by local groups that provide security for the debtor. The group provides funds to help students pay for tuition, textbooks, and other school expenses. The groups also offer support to the families of student debtors who lose their jobs or become seriously ill.

Salaried persons or their children can avail themselves of higher & professional education like Medical, Engineering, Technical Degrees/Diploma, Management, etc. Applicants need to submit residential proof, ID Proof, Income Proof (Salary Slips/ ITR for Businessmen), and Collateral security decided on a case-to-case basis.

Loan for Marriage

Thana Mahesh Nagari Patpedhi offers a variety of loans for marriages depending on the needs of each individual. These loans are offered at competitive interest rates and can be based on the amount of collateral and other factors. These loans are perfect for people who are planning to get married and do not want to wait to save up the money they need.

In one instance, Yogesh Sampat Shewale from Leena Vila Chawl in Kanjurmarg approached agent Sambhaji Narayan Adhavakar to borrow Rs. 3 00,000 for repairing his house. He was promised to sanction the loan within a month. Shewale was required to sign documents on blank paper and mortgage his LIC policy certificate, Salary receipt, and House agreement papers.

But after a few months, Shewale was informed by Dongre that the committee members had turned down his application as he did not have sufficient documents.