Revival Tour and Almost Over You


Hot Water Music’s Chuck Ragan started Revival Tour to give musicians of varying experiences an outlet to perform together without worry over egos or competing musical styles. And they’re having an absolute blast doing so!

Carl and Cindy Cole of Cole Funeral Homes in Aiken were among those present Thursday evening for the event, which included a message by Rev. Robert Wilson from Second Baptist Church and Grace Covenant Church.

I Will Follow

Revival Tour stands out as an unforgettable musical event of 2018. Devised by Hot Water Music’s Chuck Ragan, its innovative concept invites an ever-evolving cast of musicians to leave their egos at home each night and spend some time playing music together and for friends alike – creating truly inspiring results in terms of sound. It has proven both fun and sincere, yielding some genuinely beautiful tunes.

Selena Gomez opened up the tour with her stunning voice. Both in terms of power and tone, her songs are intricately composed, and she is an engaging performer onstage. Auba Mae was next onstage, bringing some feminine charm with her sweet vocals while still packing a serious punch and performing hard rock classics.

4 Mississippi

Rosalie Mansion in Natchez Under-The-Hill is an elegant classical revival house perched high above the river, which served as Union officers’ headquarters during the Civil War and provided housing for Wilson family members living upstairs while Federal soldiers resided downstairs.

Sarah Jakes Roberts will bring hope, and together, we’re going to have a genuine Revival! Join her and the Woman Evolve Delegation for this one-night experience that is sure to revitalize your spirit and offer newfound hope.

Nearly Over You

Sheena Easton’s emotive ballad “Almost Over You” examines the stages of heartbreak. The lyrics reflect on how difficult it can be to move past relationships that ended badly, with powerful vocal performances conveying raw emotions associated with grief and loss as healing takes time – while also reminding listeners that moving on with life should remain paramount.

Sheena Easton is a talented musician with an engaging stage presence, boasting an expansive musical portfolio spanning multiple genres, such as soft rock and adult contemporary. Her captivating lyrics and powerful vocals have won over fans of all types; her latest release, The Essential Sheena Easton, features songs that showcase both of these talents in full.

The Hope Revival Tour has hit the road once more and will make its way to St. Louis this February as part of Woman Evolve’s Hope Revival Tour, hosted at Stifel Theatre by Woman Evolve and featuring Sarah Jakes Roberts, Dr. Anita Phillips, and other prominent speakers from their delegation – it promises to be an unforgettable experience!

The Hope Revival Tour is an annual event that seeks to advance Christianity and Christian values in American culture and politics. Featuring musicians, speakers, evangelists, and evangelists who focus on topics ranging from health to the economy – as well as featured news outlets – it draws an enormous audience, providing Christians a great chance to come together and unify in prayer and praise together – it has even attracted local pastors as participants! Last year, over 500 worshipers attended and featured performances by the Second Baptist Church Praise Team and Talatha Baptist Church Choir!