Save Your Skin Solar Recovery Spray


Hydrating fine mist that rehydrates skin and eases sunburned effects, featuring natural aloe vera from Southern Texas as well as vitamin E and calendula to alleviate dryness on contact. Free from gluten, nickel, top common allergens, and parabens – perfect for teens! 91% natural. 12 fl oz size

SkinSAFE certification ensures animal-free manufacturing.


Save Your Skin’s solar recovery spray is designed to hydrate skin in order to keep it soft and healthy, offering an alternative to slathering on sticky aloe after sun exposure. This moisturizing fine mist provides essential hydration while soothing burned areas of skin and preventing peeling. Featuring ingredients known to be healthy for the skin while still being pleasant-smelling and safe for daily use, plus being free from top allergens like gluten, dairy, nickel, and soy, it is vegan-friendly as well. Take it with you all year long to keep your skin and hair hydrated all year round! A 12-ounce bottle containing Water Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Vitamin E + Calendula

Prevents Peeling

Being exposed to direct sunlight all day drains the skin of its moisture, leaving you vulnerable to sunburn. This spray, formulated with Vitamin E and Calendula, helps rehydrate your skin after exposure to UV rays, soothing its effects. You can also use this product year-round as a moisturizing spray after swimming in chlorine or feeling notably drier than usual. While this product helps avoid peeling to maintain healthy and radiant skin, it’s best not to get burned at all – by regularly applying sunscreen and staying out of direct sunlight during its most damaging hours (in addition to using a good moisturizer, of course!).

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