Springfield Saint Pistol For Sale


Springfield Armory (Springfield) has caused quite a stir in the AR community with their Saint Pistol – a compact version of their Saint built onto an AR pistol platform with premium features that make it a formidable rival to other high-end AR pistols. Find the Springfield Saint pistol for sale.

The Saint features a direct impingement gas system with a low-profile gas block pinned at its side for added precision, as well as furniture from Bravo Company, such as a six-position buttstock and Mod 3 pistol grip.


The Saint pistol packs impressive horsepower into an easily transportable chassis that fits inside a backpack. Boasting a 7.5″ chrome-moly vanadium barrel treated with MeloniteMeloniteMelonite inside and out, this pistol was built to last. Equipped with an H heavy tungsten buffer carbine “H,” an ambidextrous safety and charging handle, as well as an SB Tactical SBX-K forearm brace; additionally, it boasts hard anodized upper and lower receivers as well as high strength bolt carrier groups plus enhanced nickel boron fire controls for superiority in performance.

The Springfield Saint Victor Pistol is a non-NFA variant designed for CQB and home defense applications. Its compact design reduces size, stabilizes recoil, and increases accuracy, while the 7.5″ barrel provides rifle power in a compact package. Furthermore, it features a forward blast diverter muzzle device and carbine-style flash hider, which can be removed to accommodate suppressor use.

Its short barrel and arm brace make the SAINT Victor Pistol easy to use in tight spaces where space is at a premium, as its superior handling enables shooters to tailor it precisely to their specific needs. Furthermore, shooters can customize it further to their specifications by equipping it with red-dot sights, RMRs, or Bobro BUISs for enhanced target acquisition and precision, respectively, and additionally add Bobro BUISs for additional stabilization purposes.

The SAINT Victor’s oversized magazine well is another advantageous feature, allowing it to hold two 30-round magazines for sustained firing and offering increased capacity. Furthermore, this gun comes equipped with a removable lanyard hole in case of emergencies.

One of the critical aspects of any tactical pistol is its ability to perform in any weather or temperature condition. The SAINT Victor has been designed with that in mind and can operate effectively even under harsh environments and extreme temperatures. All steel components have been precision machined, while its durable melonite coating protects from elements. Despite being constructed from rugged material, this firearm remains lightweight and easy to manipulate, perfect for police officers and security personnel looking for reliable self-defense options.


Springfield Armory offers buyers a new Saint pistol equipped with upgrades that set it apart from other AR pistols, including a GI-style trigger and steel flip-up iron sights. Now available at $849, this pistol can be yours today.

The Saint Pistol utilizes a GI-style trigger enhanced with a Nickel-Boron coating for an improved and less gritty experience than most factory triggers. Furthermore, its heavier “H” tungsten buffer reduces wear and tear on components as well as amplifies the recoil of AR platforms even further.

Springfield has chosen Leapers UTG’s innovative flip-up iron sights as their front sight of choice, taking up minimal rail space while still enabling shooters to quickly line up targets without looking down their sights and locking them into place. They feature an adjustable windage adjuster and a Springfield low profile dual aperture rear sight that’s also adjustable for windage adjustment.

This pistol from Springfield features upgraded furniture from Bravo Company Manufacturing. This includes a six-position buttstock, Mod 3 pistol grip, and KeyMod handguard with M-Lok attachment slots throughout its entirety – except where it mates with the lower receiver.

Springfield also included its low-profile gas block explicitly designed to fit with suppressor use, featuring four color-coded orifices that can be added or subtracted for customized performance based on load or suppressor use. Access to the block can be gained via its rear handguard using a hex wrench; adjustments can be made according to instructions.

If you plan on shooting many suppressed rounds, a sling mount should be added. The Saint’s stock features a slot through which you can thread a sling and quick-detach sockets on either side of its buttstock for quick attachment/detachment of slings. In addition, adding weapon lights is recommended; most leading brands like Streamlight offer models that fit perfectly onto its M-LOK forend and can be mounted without issue on this firearm.


Springfield’s Saint AR pistol created quite an uproar when it hit the market, as it boasts premium features designed for home defense and personal protection.

Therefore, it is not intended for tactically inclined shooters or hardcore gun enthusiasts but is instead targeted as an entry-level AR-15 with affordable pricing aimed at everyday Americans to defend their families and homes – hence its name, “Defend Your Legacy.”

The Saint offers features that exceed those found on most standard entry-level AR-15s, such as its 1:7 twist barrel, which maximizes performance with SS109 and M855 ammunition, Melonite coating, which is much more complicated and longer-wearing than chrome plating, which should ensure this firearm lasts you a lifetime with proper care.

Springfield has designed this pistol with a mid-length direct impingement gas system, known for providing a smoother shooting experience than carbine-length systems. Furthermore, this gun features a BCM two-piece handguard, which offers excellent heat protection while maintaining an attractive slim profile and convenient fixed sling and QD attachment points.

The bolt is precision-machined from Carpenter 158 steel, shot peened, and magnetic particle inspected before being finished with super-hard MeloniteMeloniteMelonite. Furthermore, carrier group and pinned gas block components have been enhanced for optimal operation, resulting in an outstanding rifle that delivers a reliable shooting experience.

Although the stock Springfield Saint comes equipped with high-quality components, some users may wish to customize it further with additional upgrades. Luckily, its modular components make swapping them out easy – providing an excellent foundation for users to create their ideal AR-15 rifle.

Purchase popular upgrades for the Saint online or at a local gun store. Begin with adding a new handguard. While the factory handguard works well enough, its ergonomic grip and heat protection may not meet all your shooting needs. Keymod’s M-Lok Handguard may provide better heat protection and ergonomic gripping comfort – not to mention being available in colors such as OD Green and FDE for maximum customization options.


The SAINT Victor Pistol from Springfield Armory is their most compact AR-15 pistol, sporting a 7.5-inch 416R stainless steel MeloniteMeloniteMelonite treated barrel capable of firing both 5.56 NATO and 300 Blackout rounds. This makes it ideal for close-quarter battles (CQB) or personal defense situations and can be easily used from within vehicles. Furthermore, its forward blast diverter reduces muzzle flash while redirecting muzzle blast away from the shooter. Its diverter can be removed as a suppressor, allowing use in suppressed mode and further usage without compromising realism.

The Saint Victor Pistol comes equipped with an ambidextrous magazine release and safety, an SB Tactical SBX-K forearm brace, which can be adjusted to accommodate different shooters, an M-Lok compatible handguard with slots for mounting lights and lasers, a Trinity Force brake that meets ATF regulations for pistol braces as well as forward hand stop which prevents support hands from coming too close to the muzzle, premium Trinity Force brake that meets ATF requirements, adjustable Trinity Force brake that meets ATF regulations as well. Finally, SAINT also features a forward hand stop, which prevents support hands from coming too close to the muzzle when holding onto them while shooting or when using a pistol holster.

This firearm is easy to operate for those familiar with AR15 rifles, particularly its operating system and charging handle. Bolt release, safety/selector operations, and takedown procedures all follow suit with other models from this series; additionally, ambidextrous magazine releases allow for increased security measures. The charging handle, bolt release, and safety/selector operations use similar processes to their AR15 counterparts. The charging handle, bolt release, safety/selector operations, and takedown procedures of SAINT mirror those seen elsewhere; its operating system and operating system use is identical to its AR15 siblings – especially its operating system that utilizes similar mechanisms as its AR15 predecessors – from its charging handle, bolt release/safety operations all use similar functional methods identical to its AR15 relatives. Likewise, magazine releases can lock their bolt in an open position for enhanced security measures.

The Saint pistol is an ideal solution for anyone who desires the AR-15’s capabilities in a compact, lightweight package. Its compact size enables it to fit in tight places where its larger counterpart might not, making it perfect for backpacking, motorcycle bags, and vehicle storage without wasting valuable storage space. A 30-round PMAG magazine is included, and additional magazines can be stored in external mag pouches on the brace. Furthermore, this pistol can fire suppressed to offer increased home defense capabilities with up to 100 foot-pounds of energy added directly onto its muzzle blast, enabling deeper penetration than usual than carbine would provide.

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