Taking Care of Office Equipment, Restrooms, Floors, and Garbage


After-hours office cleaning is essential for keeping your company looking nice when employees and visitors arrive daily. Hiring an on-site office cleaning service is vital, especially if everyday chaos and the hectic nature of running an office take over. Your office equipment, restrooms, and floors will be swarming with germs and stains that can be readily removed anytime or at night. What do you consider about office cleaning nyc.

Cleaning Office Supplies

Nothing spreads germs faster than a dirty keyboard, phone, or computer mouse. Therefore, keeping things germ-free will be critical, especially during flu season. A janitorial service can clean these at night by wiping down every surface with disinfectant wipes. Keyboards and computer mice, often used in an office context, can be wiped.

While many offices now use headsets for phone calls, some may still use standard telephones, breeding grounds for cold and flu germs. Wiping these down with disinfectant wipes or spraying the receivers with a cleaning spray will result in a safer, cleaner phone.

Cleaning the Bathrooms in the Office

A public restroom may be the most germ-infested area on the planet. Therefore, cleaning toilets and urinals will be essential for keeping things clean for visitors who need to use the restroom. To get the toilets as clean as possible, a professional cleaning service will utilize the best cleansers available.

The same is true for business restroom sinks. Employees and visitors rate a facility’s cleanliness based on the restrooms’ cleanliness, especially if the sinks are stained or dirty. Chlorine and other water treatments in a public water system may create spots that can turn into stains if not cleaned properly.

Mirrors should be spotlessly clean so that visitors can see clearly. Nothing demonstrates the value of an office’s cleanliness more than unclean toilet mirrors covered with fingerprints or streaks.

Office Floor Cleaning

If you have a busy office with people coming and leaving throughout the day, the main floors of your business may need to be cleaner. This will be especially true as the seasons change, with autumn bringing damp leaves and mud, followed by snow in the winter.

Professional carpet cleaning can cure this problem with a thorough vacuuming, spot treatments as needed, and regular carpet cleaning.

Hard floors should be waxed and shined regularly. However, this cannot be done during the day. Cleaning building floors is one of the reasons that janitorial services operate during off-hours or at night so that routine business operations are not affected when significant work like floor cleaning is required.

Cleaning the Receptacles and the Break Room of Garbage

Garbage cans in the office pail quickly pile up during the day, indicating untidiness to a new guest. Some cleaning businesses provide separate receptacles for secure document disposal, making these enclosed and less visible, so that document shredding can be done at regular intervals, which may not be as often as trash emptying.

Emptying the staff break room, which might include tables and countertops, washing down surfaces, and even opening the refrigerator, is one of the extra cleaning choices an office may request. Garbage cans in the break room should be emptied regularly, and a professional housekeeping service can also propose air fresheners for use in these places.

Before the office becomes disorganized, it is a good idea to start utilizing a professional housekeeping service. Many cleaning firms offer detailed deep cleaning as an added service. Still, the best approach to keep your office clean is to have professional cleaners come in regularly who know what chemicals and instruments to use to get the job done well and quickly.

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