The Future of Nail Service – Strength Meets Creativity


Kodi Gel is a revolutionary product that has overtaken the nail service industry. With its advanced formula and exceptional durability, Kodi Gel has redefined how nail technicians create stunning, long-lasting designs.

Designed to meet the demands of modern nail artistry, Kodi Gel offers a wide range of colors, finishes, and effects, providing endless creative possibilities for nail technicians worldwide. When it comes to nail enhancements, durability is paramount. Kodi Gel not only offers unparalleled artistic potential but also boasts extraordinary strength.

Durability Beyond Compare

From intricate hand-painted designs to captivating ombre effects, Kodi Gel’s versatility empowers nail technicians to bring their artistic visions to life. The gel’s exceptional pigmentation ensures vibrant and true-to-color results, making each nail design a masterpiece that speaks volumes about the technician’s skill and the quality of Kodi Gel.

Nails adorned with Kodi Gel remain chip-free and lustrous for weeks, defying daily wear and tear challenges. This longevity ensures that clients leave your salon not only impressed by the beauty of their nails but also confident in the durability of your work. Kodi Gel’s unique formula bonds securely to the natural nail, creating a shield of protection that maintains the integrity of the nail design.

Step into Tomorrow’s Canvas

As a nail professional, your reputation is built on the quality of your work. Kodi Gel elevates your craft and enhances your business’s reputation. By offering a nail service that utilizes the exceptional properties of Kodi Gel, you set yourself apart as a master of your trade, dedicated to providing the best for your clients. 

In addition to the magnificent Kodi Professional gels, we invite you to explore the enchanting world of Nika Zemlyanikina novelties. The brand is renowned for its unparalleled hypoallergenic formulas and an extensive range of strengthening, rubberizing, and camouflaging base and top coats. Visit Kodi Professional’s official website at and discover the future of nail artistry.

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