The Game’s Cast of the Game


An enjoyable cast of characters can elevate a game. Whether well-written or just lovely to interact with, great characters can add another layer to an enjoyable gaming experience.

Wendy Raquel Robinson and Hosea Chanchez reprise their roles as sports agent Tasha Mack and football player Malik Wright from the original cast, with returning characters Coby Bell, Brittany Daniel, Pooch Hall, and Vaughn Hebron also making appearances.

Tasha Mack (Wendy Raquel Robinson)

Tasha Mack is one of the show’s most well-known characters, serving as a powerful sports agent. Although she has experienced her fair share of ups and downs, Tasha always managed to cope with everything with grace despite difficult situations like dealing with her uterine fibroids – an experience that she shared was both emotional and comforting to hear about from others experiencing similar circumstances.

Robinson made her acting debut in 1993 on an episode of Martin. She has since appeared on numerous television programs, such as Minor Adjustments on NBC and the WB series The Steve Harvey Show, where she played high school principal Regina “Piggy” Grier.

Recently, Robinson took fans down memory lane by recreating an iconic scene from season three of The Game where she was betrayed by Rick Fox – an emotional moment for viewers that even included singing Rihanna’s 2007 hit song, “Take a Bow.” Check out this video.

Malik Wright (Hosea Chanchez)

Since its premiere on the CW network in 2006, The Game has been revived three times – most recently bringing in Hosea Chanchez to reprise his role of Malik Wright on Paramount+. While fans may still find comic relief in Chanchez’s rendition of his character’s catchphrases and catchphrases, Chanchez adds more maturity and gravitas than in previous seasons.

Chanchez never explored Malik’s mental health struggles before and described this episode as a “huge light bulb moment.” Chanchez is also a talented stage and film actor, having appeared in Let the Church Say Amen and 96 Minutes, both projects represented by Innovative Artists/Brave Artist Management and in Los Angeles.

Brittany Daniel (Kelly Pitts)

Brittany Daniel is best known for her roles as Jessica Wakefield on Sweet Valley High and Kelly Pitts on The Game, as well as for appearing in movies such as Joe Dirt and its sequel Beautiful Loser, White Chicks, and Skyline.

Season four sees Kelly reveal herself to be a reality TV star with her show focused on wives of professional athletes. To save their marriage, Kelly blackmails Jason into disclosing his use of steroids; when this proves unsuccessful two months later, she leaves him and moves to Paris.

Paramount+ recently announced that Daniel and Pooch Hall would return for the reboot alongside Wendy Raquel Robinson, Hosea Chanchez, Vaughn Hebron (Tyler Perry’s The Oval), Adriyan Rae (Chicago Fire), Cheaper by the Dozen and Ray Donovan actors Coby Bell and Analisa Velez are also on board as returning cast members.

Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall)

Tia Mowry-Hardrict reprises her role as Melanie Barnett-Davis in this reboot series, which premieres on Paramount+. Hall is also back playing his original character of Derwin Davis, from football school grad to wifey!

No longer just an understudy for his father, Derwin quickly emerges as one of the Sabers wide receivers and secures multiple endorsement deals. At one point, he meets singer Drew Sidora, and they quickly grow close – eventually asking her to be featured in one of Derwin’s videos. However, after Dionne informed Derwin she knew about their alleged hookup, he got angry and fired Tasha for sleeping with Drew; later, Melanie conducted a DNA test on DJ, confirming he was Derwin’s offspring, creating tension with Janay. Although they eventually reconciled once both started dating other people, finally getting engaged to marry each other someday in the end!

Jay Ellis (Melanie Barnett)

Tia Mowry was greatly praised by critics for her performance as Melanie Barnett in the game, believing the character reflected her individuality and maturity. Additionally, Tia credited Mara Brock Akil as being responsible for casting her.

Girlfriends was a hit series on both channels; audiences of various races and genders enjoyed watching it.

Paramount+ revived The Game for its sixth season, following these families as they struggle with fame, fortune, respect, and love. Starring Wendy Raquel Robinson, Hosea Chanchez, Brittany Daniel, Coby Bell, and other talented actors, double the laughs while increasing drama! Introducing two main characters, including Bryce “Blueprint” Westbrook as a wide receiver for the San Diego Sabers football club.

Tia Mowry (Melissa Barnett)

Tia Mowry may be best known for her role on Sister, Sister; however, she had another opportunity to show her versatility on The Game as Melanie Barnett-Davis; this character became Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall).

Tia’s role as Melanie demands she reveal both sides of herself while also taking up an acting challenge in The Game, a dramedy about pro football’s less-than-fun side, including player womanizing and excessive materialism. Tia delivered an excellent performance as Melanie struggled between studies, men she was dating, and trying to preserve her relationship with Derwin.

Analisa Velez (Raquel Navarro)

Analisa Velez can be seen in Prime Video’s Sneaky Pete and indie romantic comedy Almost Love. Additionally, she will release her debut album this year and appear as Raquel Navarro on the Paramount+ revival series The Game in recurring roles.

She leads a local girls’ gang known as ‘The Sunbeams’ and becomes Tasha Mack’s confidante as they navigate a complex relationship with Rick Fox. While camping together, she revealed some dark secrets about her mother that had previously remained unknown.

Paramount+ will launch The Game’s 10-episode season starting December 15. We spoke to Analisa about her performance and character’s journey so far and shared how music inspired her latest music release. Check out our exclusive interview below! The show also stars legacy cast members such as Brittany Daniel, Hosea Chanchez, Pooch Hall, and newcomers.

Vaughn Hebron (Jamison Fields)

Vaughn Hebron (Chicago Fire and Tyler Perry’s The Oval) returns to the series as Jamison Fields, an undrafted free agent. Hebron joins returning cast members Coby Bell (Jason Pitts), Brittany Daniel (Kelly Pitts), and Sneaky Pete star Analisa Velez as Raquel Navarro from Sneaky Pete.

In season three, Jason gets into an altercation with Kelly’s former flame. He gets kicked off his team, eventually becoming a correspondent on an NBA news show hosted by former player Chris Webber.

Since departing The Game, Hebron has starred in productions such as the comedy Joe Dirt 2 and the drama Black-ish. Additionally, Hebron appeared in movies like Ballad of a Hustler and Elliot Norton Award-winning play The Pursuits of Happiness, also in King Richard. Furthermore, Hebron is widely recognized for appearing in the Necessary Roughness TV series.

Coby Bell (Jason)

Coby Bell became known for portraying Officer Tyrone Davis on Third Watch. Following that success, he appeared as football player Jason Pitts in many popular shows and movies, such as The Game.

After Kelly discovers that Ryan uses steroids to enhance his game, she splits with him, but later, they reconcile and eventually have a daughter named Keira together.

Walker star Coby Bell will return as former football player Jason Pitts in Paramount+’s revival series set to premiere Nov. 11. Madam Secretary’s Tim Daly joins Madam Secretary as self-made billionaire Colonel Ulysses Thatcher while Toby Sandeman from Power Book III: Raising Kanan portrays Garret Evans, another top football player. Executive produced by original show creator Mara Brock Akil with Devon Greggory (American Soul) and Salim Akil (Black Lightning); Kevin Bray (Insecure) will direct both episodes from season 1.

Adrian Rae (Brittany Pitts)

Brittany Daniel has returned to the game. With her aggressive, outspoken nature and tendency to speak without thinking things through first, her speak-first attitude often gets her into hot water, but she always manages to come out ahead. Brittany is resourceful, reckless, and confident and always looks out for her friends.

She develops an interest in Las Vegas Fightin’ Fury player Garrett Evans. She opens up more about herself to him, and they kiss.

After she departed from Chicago Fire, she returned to The Game revival series for Paramount+ with ten episodes that relocate from San Diego to Las Vegas, with new and familiar faces appearing in each episode. The series provides an in-depth examination of Black culture through American pro football as its players strive for fame, fortune, respect, and love.