The particular Quartz 14mm Banger


The 14mm quartz banger is often an integral component of any application to rig. This piece builds your concentration, connecting specifically with the dab rig via an opening. Interesting Info. Interesting Info about Quartz Banger.

Selecting a quartz banger depends upon three main traits: Heat Retention, Ease of Clean-up, and Compatibility. We will focus on these in more depth down below.


Quartz bangers are definitely more resilient than their goblet counterparts, making them an excellent selection for users seeking an upgrade from standard claws. Quartz can withstand considerably more heat from a torch without cracking or breaking while in use, and their thicker makeup makes them more resistant to winter shock than other dab claws.

Quartz bangers are favorites among dab enthusiasts due to their superior heat retention and pure flavor. Their plumper construction resists winter shock, making them more flexible to apply across a range of rigs and accessories.

When purchasing a quartz banger, it’s essential to properly consider its style in addition to size for maximum total satisfaction. First, verify your computer is male: male bones pair best with male banger nails, while feminine joints work with female banger nails. Next, select one particular with an appropriate neck sizing based on joint size (if in doubt, spot a penny over it and see when 3/4 or more covers up! ). If necessary, test out different banger designs on different joint parts of your rig to determine just what suits you best!

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Heat Retention

Quartz 14mm bangers are known for their excellent heat retention properties, permitting efficient vaporization of complete focus. Furthermore, these bangers offer you exceptional flavor preservation, and so the true essence of your focus shines through. Moreover, these kinds of bangers require significantly less upkeep than their glass choices and are less prone to damage or chipping when managed appropriately.

Bangers are tiny containers used to hold applied material and connect to apply rigs via joints. When heated, this material vaporizes directly into a water pipe before being inhaled by the user. Bangers can be found in various styles depending on the viewpoint of joint attachment and also features.

Some designs have a 90-degree angle that links at a perpendicular point using the joint of a water pipe, while some can be inclined at forty-five degrees to provide more comfort throughout use and accommodate numerous styles of dab rigs.

Extra factors that can alter the overall performance of a quartz banger consist of the following:

Ease of Cleaning

As a dabber, you understand the importance of keeping your dab rig clean. A messy banger can be awkward to make use of and may leave behind unpleasant remains with each hit. To ensure maximum user comfort and optimal results, usually clean your quartz banger before and after each use. The process by itself is relatively straightforward and does not get very long; soak your banger in a solution associated with 99% ISO alcohol as well as a coarse salt solution that ought to loosen any stuck-on remains more easily for wiping aside. Once this step has been completed, wash it with totally free swabs of lint before rinsing it away with warm water. Rinse off thoroughly afterward!

At the end of each program, it’s also wise to clean your quartz banger by swiping it with an alcohol-soaked cotton clean to remove any residual accumulation and enhance the flavor information of concentrates. You could actually try shocking your banger to get extra clean outcomes!

Once you are ready to use your quartz 14mm banger, check that the joint is compatible with it. Almost all water pipes come equipped with sometimes male or female joints; ensure your banger has the appropriate sort of joint as well. Male articulations work best with bangers, which feature male bumps, while female joints correspond using female-bumper bangers.


Quartz bangers provide exceptional high-temperature retention and flavor maintenance, enabling you to fully appreciate your personal concentrates. Furthermore, these gadgets are durable yet straightforward to maintain, making them a top alternative among dab enthusiasts. Additionally, these versatile dab machine accessories are compatible with several dab rigs, making them functional additions to your collection.

Should you be looking to enhance your dabbing expertise, a quartz 14mm banger could be just the thing. Created to accommodate various concentrates along with flavors, its superior high-temperature retention and even distribution make sure every bit of concentrate is going to be fully vaporized, providing a delicious hit every time.

When getting a quartz banger, ensure the idea matches your dab machine by purchasing one with the correct joint size. Each joint diameter varies significantly, so it’s crucial that you know what joint diameter your dab machine has before purchasing everything. To find this out easily and accurately, consult the packaging or speak to retail outlet staff in advance of purchasing everything new.

The Blazy Combination 14mm Quartz Banger provides a flat top bucket style compatible with most carb hats. Its wide flared bottom part holds large quantities of concentrate while leaving room for additional add-ons like terp pearls along with other necessities. In addition, this product features a splash guard to guard against spillage or drippage.

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