The r/LSF Subreddit


If you’re curious about streamers, this subreddit offers plenty of news about them without the same levels of toxicity that plague other streams.

Submittals should relate to streaming or streamer news; any submissions that do not comply may be deleted.


The r/LSF subreddit is an engaging platform where streaming personalities can network and post clips of their live streams, as well as express opinions about them and the content they create. People also come here to voice their views, as well as find new streams to watch! However, political discussions will not be allowed; anything even hinting of being political will be removed immediately, and any content with explicit language, nudity, or sexual assault content (i.e., accidental full or partial nudity, etc.) or any form of sexual harassment will also not be permitted – although you might find some valuable resources here as well.

Subreddit LSF has also become a hotbed of drama due to the increasing popularity of streaming. Many of the most notable dramas occurring on r/LSF revolve around money and popularity issues; some even go so far as warranting bans altogether – one such incident being between Ludwig Ahgren and Mizkif.

Though often perceived as a drama-rich community, r/LSF offers excellent information about new streamers. Furthermore, its subreddit can provide updates regarding new releases and events – however, its moderators recognize this and strive to keep things clean as much as possible.

Therefore, some may avoid or limit their time on r/LSF altogether or spend only limited amounts of time there. But for those willing to put forth the effort and invest time and energy in engaging, r/LSF can be an excellent source of information on new streamers while connecting with your community.

Even amid its controversy, the r/LSF subreddit remains one of the most popular on Reddit. Pokimane, Mizkif, xQc, and Hasan all feature prominently here; memes and funny videos abound on this subreddit; it even hosts adult content. However, any violating it immediately gets banned by its community rules.

Streamer news

Streamer news and events are an integral part of any community and an effective way to connect with your favorite streamers. However, specific rules must be observed when posting streamer news; these guidelines aim to protect the well-being of the community as a whole and avoid creating drama and harm in its wake. Among these is not posting personal information such as full names, locations more specific than the city, phone numbers, or email addresses about streamers or commentators; nor should any NSFW content (for example, accidental nudity, groping, and any form of sexual content that occurs without consent).

Kai Cenat, an influential streamer and popular game console giveaway host in Manhattan’s Union Park, overran his expected end time and caused unpredictable chaos that was captured on video and social media. Cenat later apologized and promised future giveaways would take place elsewhere.

Twitch recently made headlines when it decided to adjust its revenue-sharing policy, affecting top streamers such as Asmongold and Zack Hoyt. Under these changes, Twitch will now split subscription revenue 70/30 when streamers reach $100,000 earned through subscription revenue before shifting back down to 50/50 afterward. Both streamers voiced their displeasure with these changes.

While streaming can be an engaging hobby, it can also be tricky. Streamers frequently make mistakes and have disagreements with their community; disputes should be addressed by means of discussion and compromise when possible; otherwise, they should be handled privately through direct messages.

While many streamers work hard at being good online citizens, they can still become vulnerable to harassment, threats, and physical abuse. Therefore, streamers must have robust support systems, including friends and family, who will stand in as an extra defense system against harassment. If a streamer appears to be subjected to this form of treatment, contact their subreddit moderators immediately for help.

Streamer events

This year saw many noteworthy events within the live-streaming community. From charity subathons to game shows, streamers and creators made an impressionful statement in 2022. Here are five memorable streamer events of 2022.

To maintain the highest-quality experience for everyone, please refrain from posting videos of channels that you own, manage, moderate, have VIP on, or have any financial interest in. Also, NSFW content that occurs accidentally or non-consensually is not acceptable within submissions or comments.

If you’re hosting an event, testing your stream in advance can ensure everything works smoothly and that there won’t be any unexpected issues during the event. Doing this will save time and money in the long run.

Streamer chat

Livestreamer chat can be an integral component of many live streams, but keeping up with its constant flow can be challenging. Large audiences make communication even more complicated, yet following some basic guidelines can ensure productive and safe conversation.

Chatting is an integral component of streaming; however, it should never be used as a form of bullying or harassment, nor used for political arguments or gossip. If chat participants disobey these rules, moderators may moderate or remove it entirely from the website.

Many streamers use chat to entertain viewers in various ways – some controversial or offensive. For instance, some streamers discuss politics or current events during their streams or browse Reddit, YouTube videos, and other websites during them. No matter the form their entertainment takes, streamers remain an invaluable source of joy and a vitally influential community resource.

Some streamers create an atmosphere of competition in their chats, encouraging viewers to subscribe in order to unlock extra features. This form of hype chat can have negative consequences for the stream as a whole – including potentially leading to unprofessional behavior and potentially harming its reputation.

As per privacy concerns, discussing personal details about others in the chat is never appropriate or acceptable, such as those related to streamers’ families and finances, which could potentially embarrass both them and their viewers. Furthermore, attacking other users based on race, sex, nationality, or ancestry should never occur in chat.

Streamer chat can be an excellent tool to promote your streaming business, but if left unmonitored, it can become dangerous. A dedicated chat app such as Stream Chat Viewer makes monitoring user chats safer for all viewers – this includes emoticons from different chat services as well as multiple sources.