The Upshift App Review


Upshift is an app that lets you work at your convenience, choosing when and where you shift. Perfect for people seeking extra cash, students, and those with busy schedules, local businesses also benefit from reliable workforces through Upshift.

Make extra money with flexible shifts at hotels, casinos, concerts, stadiums, and zoos. Keep track of your hours, give and receive ratings, and build a reputation that can lead to higher-paying shifts.

It’s easy

Upshift is an effortless way to make extra income while working on your schedule. They provide flexible shifts at local businesses in industries like food service, catering events, warehousing, manufacturing, and even zoos! Upshift pays daily with no hour minimums or resume requirements required – perfect for students, retirees, and busy parents looking for extra income!

Use of the app is straightforward and user-friendly; search jobs by location, pay rate, and date to apply with one click. Furthermore, payments are managed automatically, so it’s easier to keep tabs on earnings; once accepted for a job, it will notify you of all the details.

Apps from both Apple and Google stores are free to download, with support available for iOS and Android devices. Register for an account and complete an online assessment test, if applicable, to get started with Upshift. Once that has been passed, you can schedule an in-person onboarding session at one of Upshift’s local offices if applicable; all this takes no more than 10 minutes!

Once approved, Upshift allows you to apply for shifts through its app. Unlike other applications requiring interviews or resumes, this on-demand staffing agency connects you with businesses needing additional help – jobs that meet your schedule and interests, earning you up to $10 an hour!

After completing your onboarding session, you can immediately start picking up shifts in your area. Your options depend on your city; most often, these include hospitality/food service positions or warehouse work. Furthermore, this app makes finding full and part-time gigs possible, providing flexibility in fitting work around lifestyle needs.

Upshift offers shifts for experienced and inexperienced workers, boasting a remarkable Net Success Rate of 95% that dwarfs temp staffing industry standards of 40%. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, with offices throughout the US.

Upshift is an intuitive app designed for easy use by individuals from various backgrounds, from those currently employed to those just beginning their journey. Upshift provides opportunities for those who seek additional income or wish to develop new skills.

It’s fast

The Upshift app provides flexible work opportunities for those searching for flexible shift work. It connects workers to employers, allows them to select shifts they wish to work, and allows users to easily track hours and earnings while giving and receiving ratings that help build their reputation. Available for iOS and Android devices and compatible with many pay cards such as Paylocity Earnin and myWisely cards – Upshift helps connect workers and employers alike for flexible employment!

To become an upshifter, you must apply online and pass a personality assessment test. Only 12% of applicants are accepted, so your performance on this assessment must be good in order for you to pass. Once passed, an onboarding session can be scheduled in person, after which shifts can begin being picked up through the Upshift app.

Upshift provides part-time and full-time work at hotels, casinos, stadiums, and zoos, making the app an ideal way to find a job that fits your interests and skills. Choose the shifts that best match them based on the app – making extra income quickly and effortlessly!

Upshift provides a valuable service that enables users to search jobs in their area by industry and filter by their desired sector, view shift details like location and pay rate before applying, receive helpful tips and advice for each job they accept, clock in/out using their app when working shifts and keep track of hours and payments received from employers.

Upshift may initially seem intimidating to a newcomer to the gig economy. However, once you understand its essential functions and learn the ropes, earning extra money should become much more straightforward. Be mindful when selecting gigs that suit you; ensure that working hours meet your schedule.

Upshift makes finding per diem shifts in your local area simple and fast, from CNA, LPN, and RN work to high-paying shifts that offer CNA training or CPR certification. Every shift card includes its pay rate, so you know exactly how much you’ll make before accepting one.

It’s fun

Upshift offers a flexible side hustle that lets you decide when and where you work, connecting employers with workers seeking jobs. After taking an online personality assessment test, you can begin picking up shifts at restaurants, stadiums, zoos, or any other location in your locality – plus full-time or part-time opportunities with Upshift. Their company boasts an outstanding reputation while expanding quickly; it’s a fun way of earning extra money!

Upshift stands out from similar apps by offering W2 employment and employee benefits. You can apply for jobs directly within the app and even schedule interviews, track hours worked and earnings, give and receive ratings to build up your reputation as an Upshift worker, and give reviews that can build your career reputation as an Upshift worker.

Florida employers are facing labor shortages at rates similar to national trends as the economy recovers, so Upshift launched here to enable local businesses to hire and retain more staff quickly and cost-effectively. Its on-demand W2 staffing model helps employers solve their most pressing business challenges efficiently.

Upshift’s app makes finding part-time work accessible and affordable, similar to Uber’s for finding drivers. Once accepted for a shift, you can clock in/out using the app, track earned hours, and get paid each week directly into your bank account or cash card.

Upshift offers opportunities at hotels, casinos, stadiums, and zoos worldwide. When signing up, an online personality assessment and in-person orientation session will need to be completed to access hundreds of shifts available in your city.

While utilizing this app to track your hours and gather customer feedback, Upshifters are also rewarded for their hard work with rewards and badges based on rank; any employee referred can earn a referral bonus; the more hours worked, the more prizes given out.

It’s flexible

Upshift is an excellent way to earn extra income on your terms while building experience and expanding your skill set across various industries. By collecting reviews and certifications, you’ll build up your profile for higher-paying shifts!

Upshift is unlike other hourly job apps, providing access to a wide selection of available positions. Search your local area for jobs and apply quickly before getting accepted! Once accepted, start working immediately – plus, earn rewards just by finishing shifts!

Upshift is an intuitive app with an organized design. Specifically tailored for anyone wanting more flexibility in their job – students, parents, retirees, and people with other commitments alike are welcome. Plus, you’ll have access to hotel/food service gigs, events/catering, and manufacturing/warehouse industries!

To become an Upshifter, fill out an easy application and complete a personality assessment. The next step will be an in-person onboarding session where we will conduct further checks. If successful, then work can begin on our app immediately!

Hotels, restaurants, stadiums, and zoos all offer employment opportunities; as well as shifts at local businesses such as coffee shops and grocery stores. You may apply for both full and part-time employment if desired – only an onboarding session must occur once for each job, and you’ll start earning immediately!

Bluecrew, an outstanding alternative to Upshift, provides short and long-term staffing needs for businesses with a W-2 workforce that includes administration, payroll, insurance, workers’ comp, and other benefits.

Handy is similar to Upshift, specializing in in-home services such as cleaning, electrical work, appliance repair, plumbing repairs, and more. IOS and Android users can download this free app – or sign up online if desired!