Tom Segura Net Worth: want to know about this famous person? Keep reading can help you a lot!

Tom Segura Net Worth


Day by day we are getting socially connected and want to discover other celebrities and their lives at the same time. Here you can be able to know about Tom Segura Net Worth information and also about his life very clearly. If you are his fan then you may already know about him but in this article, you can be able to gather some more interesting factors about him very positively. He is a well-known celebrity and his talent attracts so many people very effectively. So, let’s find out some informative information about Tom Segura now.

Who is Tom Segura?

The real name of Tom Segura is Thomas Weston Segura, he is a very famous and successful person in the world. Tom Segura is his stage name. He was born on the 16th of April in the United States and spent his early life in Ohio. After that, they move for their study and other things to South Carolina. He lived with his parents and two sisters. At the age of 18, he temporarily went into a coma but he recovered from those bad days and started to live his life properly.

He graduated and after that, he started working as a comedian and became one of the very famous personalities. Now he is 43 years old and a married person. His wife’s name is Cristina Pazsitzky and they have two kids now. Besides his comedian journey,  he also started his career as an active, writer and podcaster as well.

Tom Segura Net Worth
Tom Segura Net Worth

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Tom Segura’s Net Worth

Tom Segura did so much amazing work in his career. If you saw his comedy performance then you will not be able to ignore him at all. Besides his comedian career, he also co-hosts a show with his wife which was remarkable as well. He did not stop there, as a writer, he became very famous and achieved great success in his life.

As of 2023, Tom Segura’s net worth is near about $15 million. Professionally he is a comedian and besides his comedy career, he also explored as a writer, actor, and podcaster as well. His yearly income is nearly $1 million. He is a self-made person who did hard work for a successful life. It is also very important to note that, this net worth calculation may not always be accurate.  Because this information is based on social networks and other factors as well.

Tom Segura’s Net Worth growth

In this article, you can be able to know about his net worth growth as well. Day by day he became more popular and enhanced his talent very positively. He explored many career options and tried to give his best in every aspect. This can be the reason behind his success and popularity. His net worth in 2018 was $10 million and in 2019, he increased his net worth and it was $11 million. After that, in the year 2021, his net worth was $13 million. And now, in 2023 his net worth is $15 million.

How did he make his net worth high?

Tom Segura is a very hard-working person, he always tries to provide his best in even best possible way. His attitude towards life makes him the best and helps him to achieve his goals in life very positively. He achieved so many milestones in his career as a famous comedian, writer, actor, and superb podcaster. He started his career in the year 2007 and appeared in a television show. His comedian career mostly made him successful.  After that, he also joined a television show called Comedy Central Presents, this show made him globally famous very easily. Besides this television career, he also participated in Netflix comedy shows as well. His career as a comedian is a blast. You can also see him as an actor in many films, such as Frank Advice, 9 Inches, Instant Family, and others as well. Let’s find out his top shows now.

Tom Segura Net Worth
Tom Segura Net Worth

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Completely normal:

This is one of the most famous shows of Tom Segura which was started in 2014. This show was his first one hour show on Netflix. In this show, he covered many topics such as marriage, parenting, social media, and many more.

Mostly Stories:

In this show, Tom Segura shared his hilarious observation on modern life. This show was held in 2016 and was a blast.


This was his third one-hour show held in 2018.

Ball Hog:

This is another best shows of his life that was held in 2020. In this show, he talked about his family life, culture, and other things very well.

Your Mom’s House:

you may already hear about this show because this is one of the very popular shows by Tom Segura. In this show, he co-hosts with his wife and everything is out of the world.

Overall, Tom Segura built his career very strongly and this is how he made his net worth high.

How many awards did he win?

Though he may not have received any major awards till now, he has received critical acclaim for his best stand-up comedy shows. Some so many publications and organizations are there who recognize him very effectively. His show in 2016, Mostly Stories was nominated for a Comedy Award, and another show in 2018 was at the top of the Best Comedian special list of the year as well. Besides this, in the year 2019, he was known as one of the top comedians in the world and this is how he made his successful career in comedy. His unlimited talent and success have earned him a huge loyal fan base and this is his best award in his life.

Tom Segura assets

If you want to know about his assets then keep reading can help you to know some basic information about his assets. Let’s check out now.


Tom Segura is a famous person in America and when it comes to his assets, his homes are one of his assets too. But it is unclear how many houses he won but we have some information about it dependent on the public records. Recently he moved with his family into a new house in Texas. There are no details about the size of his house or the cost of it as well. But in some shows, he mentioned that in his new house, they have a poolside area that their kids are enjoying a lot. He also had a house in Ohio as well and one in Los Angeles also. Sources say that he had a massive house in Beverly Hills which is very beautiful.

Tom Segura Net Worth
Tom Segura Net Worth

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Tom Segura is also known as a car lover as well. He has so many different kinds of car collections that are outstanding. Here are some cars that he has owned.

  • Porsche 911 Carrera S: he purchased multiple Porsche 911 cars in 2012.
  • Mercedes: Tom Segura also has a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG which was bought in 2012 as well.
  • Range Rover Sport: He also loves sports cars as well. So he has a luxurious sports car also.
  • Ford Mustang: this is a classic American car and he has this car as well.
  • Lamborghini Countach: Still he does not have this car but he has a dream to have this in his life.

Social media accounts of Tom Segura

Tom Segura is a famous social personality and he has some social media accounts to connect with his fans.  So, you can find him on Instagram where he has more than 2.2 Million followers.  You can also find him on Twitter and Youtube as well. There he has nearly 908.2k followers on Twitter and 547k followers on YouTube. If you already follow him then you can be able to see his regular updates on his social media platforms very well. And if you still not following him then just visit his social media platforms now and check out his profile. You will surely get to know about his life and future performance very clearly.

Charitable work of Tom Segura

He is a very beautiful person by heart. He has supported many charitable organizations throughout his career. Though he never discloses any amount that he donates, he was vocal about his support for this organization very positively. He also encourages his fans to support this kind of organization at the same time. In the year 2020, he stood up to a cancer event where he collected some funds for cancer research. He is also very open about mental health awareness as well. In the year 2020, we all suffered from COVID-19 19, and at this time, Tom Segura and his wife donated to feed America. During the pandemic situation, he helped so many people very effectively. Besides this, if you already know about Tom Segura then you may know that he is a dog lover. So, he is also connected with animal welfare associations at the same time and encourages his fans to support animal societies as well.

Final thought

Tom Segura is a famous and talented American who is increasing his net worth very positively. He just left his difficult past and became an exceptional Person.