Top 5 Learn and Earn Companies


Learn and Earn provides students with an engaging platform that enables them to explore financial and career topics while earning reward capital, with their earnings invested into a safe, diversified investment portfolio.

This program links young people to jobs at worksites across both counties and cities. To qualify, applicants must fulfill certain income and residency criteria in order to be considered for participation.


Acorns is a micro-investing and robo-advisor company that makes saving and investing more accessible, particularly for those without access to large sums of savings. You can link your bank account and credit cards, automatically investing any excess change from purchases into an investment portfolio, or you can manually trigger it, selecting which transactions to invest in. Acorns makes saving accessible even to those without much money to spare!

To get started with Acorns, download its app and link your bank account and credit/debit card. After this step is complete, Acorns will ask for information about your financial history and investing goals and provide an ETF portfolio that is best aligned with them. It will also make necessary adjustments if market fluctuations shift the composition away from its original intent.

Acorns not only makes investing more accessible for its members but also offers them the chance to earn extra money through shopping partner brands such as Apple, Nike, Sam’s Club, and Sephora. Each purchase from one of these partners contributes an additional 0.25 cents that get invested back into Acorns accounts, so members can use this extra cash towards purchasing shares of companies through Acorns.

Acorns provides its users with access to an abundance of educational content, including investing basics, FAQs, glossary terms, and interviews with investors, as well as updates on market conditions – available both for iOS and Android devices.

Joining is free, though there may be restrictions. First, you’ll need to create either a Personal or Family account before providing proof of ID and verifying your phone number. Furthermore, security questions will need to be set up should you forget your password.

Though Acorns does have some limitations, it’s still an effective way to start saving and investing. Young adults starting their careers can significantly benefit from it; Acorns provides tax-advantaged investments, which may make life easier down the road. However, remember that Acorns doesn’t offer these tax breaks, so perhaps a traditional IRA or 401(k) may be a better option in your case.


BitDegree is the world’s first blockchain-powered educational platform, rewarding its students’ efforts and achievements with cryptocurrency rewards that they can use to purchase courses on the forum. Furthermore, this allows students to connect with employers more easily – those with a portfolio of completed courses have increased odds of being hired!

The platform boasts a modern, clean design that is intuitively navigated. The homepage highlights all of the latest news and allows you to search courses by category; each class is displayed with price, offered rewards (XP or certificate), requirements, and reviews, as well as descriptions for subjects or an About section that describes instructor experience.

BitDegree also provides its students with several free certifications that may help them secure employment. These certifications can be particularly beneficial to those looking to learn a new skill on a tight budget; courses often provide quick yet valuable credentials.

Referring friends is another easy and profitable way of making money on BitDegree; this can be done from any location around the world! In addition, BitDegree provides helpful tools, like a referral analytics dashboard, which lets you monitor how your affiliate links are doing over time.

This tool gives you access to detailed metrics of your clicks and earnings, including their source, timeframe, origin country, and device information. This enables you to optimize your marketing strategy and maximize profits.

BitDegree stands out from its competition thanks to its emphasis on gamification, making learning enjoyable and stimulating. Furthermore, the platform emphasizes digital skills essential for many careers, such as web development or game programming courses, and even coaching on resume writing and interview preparation.

Cake DeFi

Cake DeFi is an online platform offering users various ways to earn money, from investing their cryptocurrency and digital assets in staking, liquidity mining, and lending to borrowing DFI coins used for purchasing other products on the platform. Users in over 190 countries have access to Cake DeFi; however, all investments carry risks that must be considered carefully.

Cake DeFi has seen tremendous success since its launch in 2021 despite all of the risks it involves. Last year alone, its customers earned over $230 million in cryptocurrency rewards, and plans are underway for further growth this year. In order to help its customers make the most of their investments and remain transparent and safe. To help meet customer demands for transparency and safety services.

The platform employs a decentralized model for managing user accounts, meaning users do not have immediate access to their funds but remain safe and transparent with regard to transaction recording using a blockchain called Defichain and publishing regular transparency reports. Furthermore, its management team is readily available via social media outlets like Twitter to answer queries regarding any concerns that arise on this platform.

Learn and Earn Company requires identity verification prior to earning rewards on their platform, which you can do by uploading documents such as bank statements, tax returns, and certificates of residency (no screenshots or copies will be accepted). Once verified, rewards will begin pouring in!

Cake DeFi offers an affiliate program that pays out 5% of transaction fees from every new user who joins its platform, with additional rewards for referrals made. As your earnings grow, so too will your bonuses.

For those new to cryptocurrency, this platform offers an ideal entryway into investing. With its wide array of yield-generating products such as staking, freezing, and liquidity mining – which provide passive income opportunities – this could be an ideal place for anyone starting on their cryptocurrency journey.


Merryfield is a consumer app, rewards network, and trusted authority for better-for-you brands. It aims to make purchasing healthier products simpler while helping mission-driven ones stand out. Membership requirements must meet stringent standards to qualify, offering retailers a unique chance to leverage their platform for sales growth.

Consumers submit receipts – both paper and digital – to earn rewards of at least 5% back on all brands featured in the Merryfield app, such as Stonyfield Organic, Applegate, Health-Ade, Primal Kitchen, Vital Farms, Bob’s Red Mill, among thousands more items carried at any retailer. In addition, customers can even unlock extra rewards when scanning a Smart Shelf Tag with their smartphone camera to unlock a special offer within Merryfield that encourages them to buy the item on future trips.

Merryfield stands apart from other cashback apps by not placing restrictions on how much can be earned each month, being completely free to use and without registration or credit card requirements. Users can earn points that they can redeem for gift cards to popular stores like Target, Amazon, and Starbucks, available both for iOS and Android devices.

Merryfield recently collaborated with Tampa-based Cornerstone for Natural to launch Learn & Earn, an in-store consumer education, incentives, and rewards program designed to accelerate conversion at the shelf by combining in-aisle digital content with exclusive, mobile unlockable incentives and rewards. Earth Fare will launch Learn & Earn first.

Earth Fare will be the inaugural retail partner to implement an in-store program beginning this summer. Shoppers at participating stores will notice new signage and branded QR codes displayed near shelves; scanning these with smartphones reveals product details, educational material, as well as digital offers to unlock for future shopping trips.

Merryfield PBC was established in 2022 as a publicly held Public Benefit Corporation to connect and reward consumers with better-for-you, purpose-led label brands while creating significant social impact and driving tangible business value for its member brands and retail partners. Merryfield adheres to stringent ethical standards when accepting member brands as members – making Merryfield one of the world’s premier consumer app and rewards networks.