What is Google?


Google is an American software firm founded in California that produces computer software. As its CEO is Sundar Pichai (an Indian native), this massive organization plays an essential role in California’s economy as well as providing employees with an ideal work environment.

1. Google kaa heddkvaarttr khaaN

Google is an American technology company headquartered in Mountain View, California, and best known for its search engine; however, other services, including email, maps, and mobile phones, are also provided. Their flagship product, the Android operating system – which powers many smartphones worldwide – has over 70,000 employees globally and was awarded Fortune 100 status by Fortune Magazine. Sundar Pichai serves as CEO.

Google offers more than its core search engine: YouTube, Gmail, Android phones, and Maps are among the many products it provides. Furthermore, there are Google AdSense and AdWords advertising programs, while more recently, its business has expanded into areas such as social media and video games.

Google may be one of the world’s largest companies, yet it is relatively young. Established by Stanford University graduates Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998, Sundar Pichai currently leads as CEO – taking over in 2011. Google continues to innovate technologically while being one of the world’s most profitable firms – making significant strides forward within Internet industries as it grows its revenue to over $28 billion per year, second only behind Apple.

2. Google kaa onr kaun

Google founded in California’s Mountain View and known for its products, such as the search engine, Android operating system, G-mail service, and mobile phone platform are some of its many offerings. Google also provides various advertising and social networking services as well as an impressive user base.

Google was established by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 and has become one of the world’s most impactful companies ever since, changing our lives for the better in many ways. Thanks to its innovations, life-changing products such as Gmail have revolutionized everyday living, earning them numerous accolades, such as the National Science Foundation’s Breakthrough Technology Award.

The company is involved in various social projects, such as helping poor children in India. Furthermore, they promote peace and human rights while striving to mitigate climate change.

Google offers many other innovative tools to assist businesses online. Their free analytics, search engine optimization, and social media marketing tools give businesses access to more customers while expanding their brand and increasing sales. By taking advantage of these tools, companies can stay ahead of competitors while staying competitive within the online environment – and these resources are available no matter their size or industry.

3. Google kaa aaiddiyaa

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4. Google kaa maalik kaun

Google was established as a search engine company by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in California, United States, in 1998. Since then, it has provided various services ranging from searches, advertising, maps, videos, mobile applications, cloud storage solutions, and online office applications – not to mention an expansive library of books and resources! Google currently boasts its headquarters in California.

Google was established in 1998 and quickly rose to become one of the world’s most renowned internet companies, revolutionizing our lives through products and services like search, ads, YouTube video streaming services, and its Google Shopping service. Millions use its search engine daily to locate information online; its advertisements enable businesses to promote their goods and services, while millions use YouTube’s video platform to watch videos or share favorite content with friends and family.

Google employees are dedicated to improving its products and providing excellent customer service, with each individual striving to produce innovative technology to remain at the forefront of competition. Its employees’ dedication has contributed significantly to Google becoming one of the world’s premier search engines; its popularity makes it a household name in both America and abroad, with over 30,000 employees at Mountain View headquarters.