What is the Best Wet Cat Food For Weight Loss?


If your cat is overweight, your vet may suggest a diet to help them shed those extra pounds. A high-protein diet could be beneficial since it protects muscle mass while losing pounds. Find the best cat dry food for weight loss.

Wet food generally has lower caloric density than dry ones due to being richer in moisture content.

Castor and Pollux Grain Free Chicken Recipe

Castor and Pollux’s recipe utilizes organic free-range chicken, organic sweet potatoes, flaxseed, and blueberries as its basis, free from grain fillers, wheat, soy, corn products, and artificial preservatives.

This company is run by pet parents passionate about animal nutrition, natural and organic ingredients, and ethical sourcing. All their products are free from growth hormones, antibiotics, or chemical pesticides and are manufactured at their production facility located in Texas.

This formula offers above-average protein and fat levels while featuring below-average carbohydrates, making for an exceptional score on our Dog Food Advisor dashboard. With its impressive inclusion of named meats and nutrient-rich plant proteins such as potato and peas – two potentially harmful ingredients linked to Dilated Cardiomyopathy in dogs – this food scores highly overall.

Nulo Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Nulo is a pet food brand that combines high-grade animal proteins with whole-food ingredients to provide your cat or kitten with nutritious energy-packed meals, whether that means dry or wet foods designed to meet specific protein, fat, and carb requirements for their species or treats and meal enhancers that improve meal times or bone broths for bone broths.

Nulo recipes are designed without corn, wheat, soy, or tapioca ingredients – ingredients that may not be ideal for carnivore diets and may cause allergies – as well as only using natural preservatives like rosemary extract as preservatives and do not include artificial flavors or colors. Discover what is the best wet cat food for weight loss?

Indoor cats requiring balanced nutrition to remain lean and fit may benefit from feeding this grain-free kibble recipe, explicitly designed to provide complete amino acid profiles and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid ratios that support skin hydration and promote shiny coats. Its ingredients include pumpkin, kelp, dried chicory root powder, Vitamin C, taurine, and other beneficial elements.

Smalls Pulled Other Bird Recipe

Smalls is a human-grade cat food subscription service featuring high-protein, low-carb meals crafted in the US. Their recipes feature multiple animal proteins to not bore their feline customers!

Your cat might prefer their chicken recipe, while for cats that can’t tolerate poultry, they offer beefy options with added taurine for optimal nutrition. Both meals are gently prepared and frozen quickly in BPA-free Tetra Pak packages that must be stored in the fridge.

They also offer non-refrigerated freeze-dried raw food, perfect for picky cats with plenty of moisture. As part of their commitment to cats before profits, the company provides free trial weeks of food so you can ensure it meets their standards and yours!

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Real Rabbit

Guidance by raw nutrition principles, this wet food features one animal protein and one vegetable as its core ingredients. Rabbit meal, an animal byproduct from rabbits high in protein and vitamin B12 content, makes an excellent alternative source of novel proteins for cats with sensitivities to chicken or beef products. Yellow peas and lentils add additional energy boosts.

Though not specifically formulated to support weight loss, this wet cat food contains low calories and lots of moisture – key factors when feeding overweight cats. Furthermore, its controlled magnesium and sodium levels help maintain balanced urinary pH levels for maximum effectiveness. Choose the best cat food for weight loss.

As cats are predatory animals, most of their calories should come from protein sources. This wet food offers high-protein content with reduced calories and fat, helping promote weight loss in cats. Plus, it features veggies and fruit for additional fiber intake!

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