What It Is Hoe by Doechii and Kodak Black


Some songs can become internet phenomenons: they become hugely popular on social networks, gain widespread adoration from listeners, and remain relevant long after anyone expected. One such track by Doechii & Kodak Black called What It Is can be found as evidence. Let’s analyze its lyrics and meaning.

Girls often gravitate toward bad boys, yet even criminals require some compassion and support.

Can a nigga get in those guts?

Some songs truly take hold of the Internet: they become trendy across social networks and go viral; their lifespan surpasses all expectations. One such hit song of 2023 was What It Is by Doechii and Kodak Black; released in March, its message of asking what “it is a hoe?” resonated widely on the web – reflecting both how girls love bad boys but also their need for affection from these guys – for instance gangsters need support and every thug needs some love!

Every good girl needs a little thug.

Block Boy’s song, “Every good girl needs a little thug every bad boy needs a little love,” quickly became a TikTok dance trend due to an exploitable CapCut template featuring two hands with long nails dancing; this template was commonly placed over images featuring cats and dogs while also including lyrics from Doechii’s song, “What It Is.”

Kodak Black stars in the original version of “What It Is,” plays out his signature terrible boy role – but even he knows a thug needs someone to support them – thus underscoring its actual meaning as it celebrates all those girls who adore undesirable individuals while emphasizing how these individuals require affectionate support and affection from women.

Some songs can take over the Internet like no other: they quickly gain momentum across social networks, become beloved hits among listeners, and outlive expectations. What It Is by Doechii and Kodak Black became one of 2023’s biggest viral hits when it went viral in March, mainly because of its signature chorus line, “What It Is Hoe?” Find full lyrics at the end of this article.

Every block boy needs a little love.

Doechii’s song emphasizes the need for love and affection. Everyone needs someone they can turn to when living a demanding lifestyle like that of a thug – particularly girls supporting their partners in these circumstances.

This song has quickly become one of the most beloved tracks from 2023, taking over social networks like Facebook. People have many questions regarding its lyrics; therefore, we analyzed them more extensively here.

Trillville produced and featured Kodak Black in this track. Unfortunately, Kodak doesn’t fit as seamlessly as expected, as his presence takes away some energy from the song, yet there is also an option without him available if desired. Furthermore, TikTok users will appreciate that Trillville included speed-up and slow-down versions. Overall this tune will get people dancing.