Wonder Pets Myvi.xyz Season 3


Linny, the Guinea Pig, Tuck the Turtle, and Mingming the Duckling are classmates at their schoolhouse, and each has an individual pet caretaker to assist when an emergency calls them for assistance. When faced with danger, they band together as Wonder Pets to save the day, journeying as far as Egypt, Hawaii, and even into a storybook book!

Pets fly into a clay diorama to assist a mermaid, head West with Pony to support her first delivery, and try to reunite a pair of lovebirds on Valentine’s Day.

Travel to the Magical Land

When the classroom pets hear a phone ringing, they all leap into action: Linny Guinea Pig jumps into her fabric scrap box of hats; Tuck Turtle donns shoes and aviator goggles while Ming-Ming Duckling dons his. Once dressed in outfits hinting where they will travel next, the Wonder Pets set off in their Flyboat to rescue an animal in distress.

They travel to a dirty city lot, clean it up, and plant a beautiful city garden; travel to Yellowstone National Park and assist a fox whose egg is perilously perched at the edge of a cliff in a pop-up book; journey into a clay diorama and help a mermaid who wishes she were a pirate to accept herself; finally, they equip their Flyboat for space travel to rescue a baby chimp adrift in a balloon!

Travel to Puppetland

Little Bo Peep from Puppetland calls The Wonder Pets, asking them for assistance finding her three singing sheep that have gone missing, which they oblige by helping find them all.

Linny recounts Tuck and Ming-Ming’s first meeting and discovery of teamwork. We witness their first rescue – saving a beached baby whale.

They travel to an idyllic Arabian desert and rub the Genie’s lamp, setting him free and granting each of them one wish. After this experience, they travel back home via tundra, where baby birds cannot perch anywhere other than the antlers of an unsuspecting moose.

Junk Puppet Land, an imaginary world entire of multicultural puppets made out of household trash most people throw away, provides them with an opportunity to help a mermaid learn to love herself while traveling back in time to help a pony make its first delivery as part of the Pony Express service.

Travel to Las Vegas

Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming work as a team to rescue animals in trouble. Their solutions can be seen all across Egypt and Hawaii – as well as in real cities like Paris and New York City or in imaginary tales – depending on where the situation arises.

In this episode, the Wonder Pets recount their beginnings. After receiving a phone call from a young cow having difficulty jumping over the moon, they visit Transylvania to help a baby bat fearful of darkness, take in an Andrews Sisters-style show, and rescue a Dalmatian stuck on a fire pole.

Additionally, the pets must become knights to rescue a griffin at a medieval castle; Little Bee and Slug take their Flyboat out for an ill-advised ride, which quickly spirals out of control; and Wonder Pets travel to Las Vegas to assist a trio of performing rats work on their song-and-dance routine.

Travel to Old Russia

Linny, the Guinea Pig, Tuck the Turtle, and Ming-Ming the Duckling are class pets who reside at a schoolhouse. Every day, they wait for an alert phone to go off, indicating an animal in need is being persecuted; then, using teamwork, they travel all around real-life and imaginary storybook worlds in search of its rescuer.

The Wonder Pets travel to Alaska to mediate a tug-of-war between two sea lions. Once there, they travel across to save a group of baby birds stuck on a rock in the tundra while Ming-Ming creates an enthralling tale about a moose trapped inside an unsteady caboose headed for a cliff. Finally, Bee and Slug accidentally take the Flyboat for a spin, and it quickly spirals out of control!

Travel to Coney Island

Linny, the Guinea Pig, Tuck the Turtle, and Ming-Ming the Duckling are class pets at a schoolhouse who await their particular phone to ring so they can assist animals in trouble from all around the globe, even fictional storybook universes! They answer calls 24/7/365 in response to calls made to them!

The Wonder Pets are sent to Oklahoma to rescue a baby cow trapped in a tree before going to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, where they help an insecure young swan learn to dance.

Aspiring space travelers assemble a Flyboat explicitly designed for space travel and head toward the moon in search of a baby cow that has leaped across an uncharted planet to save her.

The Wonder Pets shrink down to bee size and head to Coney Island to assist a squirrel trapped on a Ferris wheel, as well as visit an overgrown city lot to clean it for an emerging tree sapling.

Travel to Venice

In Venice, the Wonder Pets use a gondola to rescue a kitten who’s been caught in a canal, while back in prehistoric times, they journey back through time to save a baby triceratops from certain death from its predator.

At a jazz club in New York City, Linny and the Wonder Pets demonstrate to a stylish cat and hip hippo how to take turns performing. On Valentine’s Day, they help reunite a pair of quarreling lovebugs before reconnecting them for Valentine’s Day festivities. Linny even gets an unexpected call from Nessie, the Loch Ness monster in Scotland!

Ming-Ming tells a colorful tale about a moose stuck in a caboose headed for an impending cliff. Her wonder pets travel to Mount Everest where, with help from Goat sherpas, they save an endangered Baby Snow Leopard from certain death. Slug and Bee decide to explore underground life, eventually getting stuck in sticky mud while exploring.

Travel to New York City

Linny, the Guinea Pig, Tuck the Turtle, and Ming-Ming the Duckling are schoolhouse pets who work together to solve animal emergencies. Every day after class, they await for their phone to ring so they can rescue animals in trouble around the world – whether in real locations like Egypt and Hawaii or imaginary ones like pop-up books and clay dioramas.

Ollie the bunny holds a party in Wonderland and needs the Wonder Pets’ assistance tracking down Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, and Queen of Hearts. Bee and Slug learn what life underground is like while visiting Aunt Eleanora at Kalamazoo Zoo; then Ollie sends Bee and Slug into a clay diorama to save a young mermaid who wants to become a pirate; finally, they help the cool cat and hip hippo take turns during a jazz performance in Greenwich Village!

Travel to Paris

The Wonder Pets are called to a county fair to save a yak, pig, and dancing bear who have fallen into trouble while performing their talents. In addition, they assist a kid-art kangaroo in overcoming separation anxiety on her first day at Fish Preschool.

Ming-Ming spins an imaginative tale about a moose trapped in a caboose headed for a cliff! The Wonder Pets travel to Mount Everest, where, with help from an animal sherpa goat sherpa, they save an endangered baby snow leopard from imminent peril.

Cool Cat and Hip Hippo want to perform together but can’t decide on an act, so the Wonder Pets teach them how to work as a team. Ollie vanishes into a magician’s hat; it’s up to them to find him again before helping a baby skunk use its doggy door for the first time!

Travel to Switzerland

The Wonder Pets (Linny the Guinea Pig, Tuck the Turtle, and Ming-Ming the Duckling) work together to save animals in need from Egypt to Hawaii and even imaginary storybook worlds. Their teamwork and imagination allow them to come up with solutions, such as helping thirsty camels find water or stopping an ant fight by creating a flyboat for both colonies of ants. Furthermore, Louisiana Bay provides them the perfect setting to rescue a bullfrog who has lost his wheels!

Travel to Louisiana Bay

The Wonder Pets receive a call from Nessie, known in Scotland, and requires their help with her flipper being stuck on a rock. As part of their solution, they travel to New York City for a jazz performance where they teach a cool cat and hip hippo how to take turns while dancing together.

Linny tells Tuck, Ming-Ming, and Ollie how they started working together to rescue animals. Later, they travel to a dirty city lot to perform much-needed clean-up duties.

Tuck and the others work to help Ming-Ming return to his previous size, saving a Dalmatian from a fire station who couldn’t climb down from a pole!