Autoshield Solar Film


Autoshield Solar Film was established in Singapore in 2020 and offers tinting of car windows with USA-made solar films to reduce temperature, glare, and harmful UV rays. Their movies also help lower vehicle costs! Select the best solar film singapore.

They offer their services competitively and provide clients with various package deals to meet their needs.

Window Cool

Window Cool is an expert in solar film installation, offering excellent service at highly competitive rates. They have earned a stellar reputation from customers thrilled with the results, offering sample services so prospective buyers can try them before committing.

Solar control film reduces heat and glare, improves indoor comfort, saves energy costs, and protects furnishings from sun damage. There are various films available to meet your specific needs, from reflective to ceramic solar films; most solar films can reduce sunlight entering your home by up to 70% while also cutting glare down and blocking at least 99% of UV radiation – determine your objectives before selecting an optimal solar film solution.

One of the best solutions for privacy concerns is dual-reflective window tint. This type of film has a silvery appearance but less reflective properties than mirror-like products; this tint tends to be more affordable. However, it may not provide as much thermal or UV rejection.

Ceramic window tint is another viable solution for those seeking to keep their cars cool: this durable product provides high levels of UV rejection and heat reduction while being available in various shades and colors for installation on almost any glass surface – from windshields, rear windows, and side windows.

Since 1981, this company has been in operation. Their employees possess extensive experience working on residential and commercial projects using top-quality materials for professional installation with warranties.

Tintsy Cool International utilizes advanced nano-ceramic technology to block out up to 99% of harmful infrared and UV rays, keeping your car cool on hot days while saving on air conditioning costs. Their team of trained specialists ensures that your film installation goes flawlessly without any bubbles (I wish my mobile phone could get this sound installation!). Open Monday-Fri and Sat, they accept cash or credit cards for payment.

Solar Gard

Solar Gard is an industry leader in high-tech window films and protective coatings, providing innovative window films designed to lower energy costs while blocking fade-causing UV rays, reducing glare, and giving privacy – Plus, they have a variety of shades to choose from! Furthermore, their anti-graffiti and vandalism protection is unparalleled! Based in San Diego, CA.

Window tints from Thistle Tinting Solutions are made of high-performance, scratch-resistant, and durable materials – popular choices among homeowners and businesses looking to reduce energy costs, increase comfort levels, or enhance the aesthetic appeal of their home or office. Available in an array of colors for quick installation.

Solar Gard X Series films are ideal for homeowners seeking an aesthetic upgrade while protecting themselves and their families from UV rays. Designed to block out 99% of harmful rays from the sun’s UV spectrum and be easy to maintain, these films also reduce glare, which makes driving safer while saving on heating/cooling bills.

Solar Gard’s Stainless Steel Bronze and Charcoal Film Series offers an attractive copper finish on windows while significantly reducing solar heat gain, energy costs, and costs associated with solar heat gain. Perfect for homes and offices seeking to reduce energy consumption while existing glass surfaces remain intact for installation – their patented metalizing process offers superior heat rejection and color stability.

Solar Gard’s VortexIR Ceramic Film Series features nanoparticles that give your vehicle a luxurious black appearance while absorbing energy from the sun, effectively reducing UV radiation and protecting electronics from its damaging rays. They come backed with a lifetime warranty to make this choice more enticing to those wanting to avoid the fading, cracking, and bubbling associated with traditional dyed film and help shield the interior from damage.

Tintsy Cool International

Tintsy Cool International provides a diverse range of domestic, commercial, automotive, architectural safety, and security window films worldwide to its trained, commercial, and automotive clients. Their product lines offer comprehensive protection from the sun’s harmful rays while boasting exceptional customer service and producing quality results.

This company offers high-quality solar film services in Singapore. They use USA-made tinting materials that have been scientifically tested to be effective against Singapore’s hot and humid climate, offering maximum heat reduction while blocking 99% of UV rays and infrared rays – their installation services take place in an air-conditioned workshop for added peace of mind.

V-Kool and Huper Optik high-performance solar window films are distributed exclusively in Singapore by this company, making them well-known for providing services such as window tint, paintless dent repair, car detailing, and warranty registration via a simple form and photo of receipts.

Hyper21 is a company that manufactures its line of high-performance window films. Their films have earned high praise from users and rival significant brands regarding durability, quality, and functionality. Available tint options include the night vision series for improved night visibility despite darker tinting; additionally, they employ an experienced team that assists with consultation, design, cost estimation, installation procedures, and cost estimation procedures – they have served large corporations like Samsung, Changi Airport Singapore, and Raffles Medical over decades.

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