The Best Time and Billing Software For Accountants


Accounting firms rely on time and billing software as an essential element of their operations, helping reduce operational costs while automating workflow and tracking employee productivity. Time billing solutions also assist firms in creating invoices quickly while monitoring client profitability. Discover the best info about accounting software for small business.

BigTime is a professional service automation software that organizes all company information in a central repository. It makes it possible to track time and expenses against projects, calculate budgets, analyze team capacity and performance, and track them over time.


TimeCamp is an intuitive software solution that tracks and manages working hours quickly and effortlessly. With features like keyword tracking, manual time entry, project and non-project tracking, and setting billing rates for projects, clients, or team members, TimeCamp makes time management effortless.

Integrating seamlessly with accounting tools such as Xero and QuickBooks makes exporting invoices effortless. Furthermore, its powerful productivity insights can assist with more informed business decisions.

Whether you are an independent freelancer or a large corporation, TimeCamp can help improve productivity and profitability. Offering free tiers for individual users makes TimeCamp an attractive option for freelancers and contractors, as it measures progress while increasing collaboration across teams. Furthermore, Asana integration makes TimeCamp even more helpful.


Scoro offers a comprehensive software suite designed to address the needs of professional and creative services businesses of any size, saving time and resources through workflow and financial management automation on one integrated platform.

This program offers a visual project timeline and board view with customizable columns that enable you to track time and expenses, assign priority, set meetings, and use Gantt charts to manage team workloads efficiently.

Users can quickly create and issue sales prepayment and credit invoices, track purchases, compare budget scenarios, set multi-currency custom rates, and manage quotes for specific projects and bills associated with that project; mobile accessibility support is included, as is a knowledge base with articles and videos; customer support teams can be reached both via phone and email.


Clockify is a cloud-based time-tracking and productivity software tool that simplifies project analysis and invoicing by enabling teams to track working hours without filling out, scanning, and storing paper forms. Clockify offers integrations for Jire, GitHub, Trello, and Basecamp Asana to enhance collaboration productivity costing.

Clockify excels with its dashboard calendar, which helps users visualize daily and weekly tasks. Plus, Clockify can connect to Google Calendar and Outlook calendars so users can visually track their activities and time spent.

Noteworthy features of this tool include its ability to generate client-facing invoices – something only sometimes available with other time and billing solutions. In addition, supervisors can set different hourly rates for workspaces, users, and projects, making payroll calculations more straightforward while supporting fixed fees such as retainers and day rates.


Harvest provides accounting firm time tracking, invoicing, and expense management tools that enable users to focus on their work without distraction. With its free version available for desktops, mobile devices, and browsers alike, Harvest provides accounting firm time tracking, invoicing, and expense management features while offering automatic resource leveling to ensure team members perform at maximum capacity.

Users of Timesheet can quickly convert tracked time and expenses into invoices for clients to send quickly. Payment tracking features allow users to track payments and see when clients have opened or viewed invoices. Timesheet integrates seamlessly with top accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero; third-party apps like Slack and Trello support are also readily available, allowing for seamless management of time and billing processes at accounting firms of any size – offering new users a 30-day free trial period!

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an all-encompassing solution, encompassing time tracking, project management, and payroll in one easy package. Additionally, clients can utilize its white-label login option, and hourly or project billing is supported.

Real-time dashboard and detailed productivity analysis are also provided, enabling companies to identify issues related to work/life balance and potential burnout of employees while saving time by identifying websites or apps that are wasting precious minutes of productivity.

Jira, Trello, Asana, GitHub, Slack Basecamp, and Salesforce can be easily integrated with leading project management, CRM, and communication tools such as Jira, Trello, Asana, Slack Basecamp, and Salesforce. Its easy-time report review/edit process and support of multiple currencies/pay periods/currencies/pay periods provide employers with an efficient method to pay their teams quickly. Furthermore, an API API enables developers to customize the platform. In contrast, several payment methods like Payoneer and Payoneer Gusto can customize platforms and integrate seamlessly with leading project management, CRM, and communication platforms.

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is an automatic time-tracking tool that offers weekly client-ready visual reports of time spent. In addition, Toggl Track supports team management, project time estimation/alerts/alerts, billing options, and billing capabilities – making it suitable for freelancers, agencies, and enterprises of all sizes.

Toggl Track’s free version offers essential time-tracking features such as timer tracking, timeline viewing, idle detection, and Pomodoro timing. A starter plan ($10 per user per month) adds billable rates and project templates.

Toggl’s reporting dashboards enable users to filter by date, project, client, tag, and description for more informed resource allocation and productivity decisions. Insights provided include trends in project profitability as well as comparative analyses. Its mobile apps let users work offline before synching when there’s a reliable connection – Plus, Toggl is compatible with over 100 apps and tools!

Toggle Track

Toggle Track is an intuitive time-tracking solution designed for freelancers and businesses that need an integrated invoicing solution, perfect for keeping track of billable hours and creating accurate invoices for clients. The system integrates well with other programs like QuickBooks.


Replicon simplifies time data collection through mobile and desktop user interfaces designed to be optimized, built-in compliance engines to adhere to key business policies and error-free data entry. Replicon offers automated processing workflows to eliminate manual delays or mistakes, helping reduce delays and errors while saving valuable time and effort.

Replicon provides various products, such as its signature Expense Plus, for $5 per month with extra features like configurable reports, SSO with SAML authentication, and email notifications. Furthermore, Replicon integrates with accounting systems, project management software, and more for seamless service delivery.

Replicon offers solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each organization, including advanced tracking for enterprise projects, billing, and resource allocation functions, professional services automation capabilities, and professional services automation. In addition, its unified client management feature helps organizations monitor project metrics and forecasts.


Chrometa was designed to simplify employee time tracking for payroll and billing, operating with a per-user-per-month pricing model. The application supports various operating systems. It features a robust mobile app to track time on the go – while its unique ‘Gentle Nudge’ feature keeps people from becoming distracted from work by sending emails, watching videos, or engaging in social media activities.

Accounting firms will find TimeTracking an economical choice with its various features that help track time. These include an advanced project management feature that automatically categorizes projects by name, offline tracking with time tagging capability, phone and email customer service support, and third-party integration support for ease of use.


Tick Time Tracking Software features built-in running timers that enable users to effortlessly log their hours throughout the day, with its mobile apps and desktop Chrome extensions making timekeeping effortless across devices. Tick also provides comprehensive reports and project budgeting features; users can select one of five monthly plans according to their business needs.

Tick is distinguished by its ability to schedule recurring projects regularly, saving time and helping employees stay on task. Employers can view employee time cards against project budget parameters; additionally, it can even be integrated with external financial software for billing/invoicing purposes.

Tick boasts an excellent privacy policy and guarantees to delete data within seven days after account cancellation. Still, its user interface may need to be more sophisticated than competing software packages.

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