Best Abundance Light Cone


As an ATK-based Light Cone, this is a fantastic option for Damage characters. It increases their ATK by 9% while increasing attack damage when depleting an enemy’s Toughness Meter.

Support characters that assist teammates can benefit significantly from using an Ultimate Ability that enhances the Energy Regeneration Rate or increases outgoing healing after activating Skill. It may increase the Energy Regeneration Rate and outgoing healing amount after using the Skill.

1. Time Waits for No One

Time Waits for No One is an ideal Light Cone choice for Abundance characters, increasing HP and Healing and providing an Ability that dispels enemy buffs. This piece can significantly support focused characters, allowing for much-needed increases in HP and Healing frequency.

Time Waits for No One provides allies with an impressive 12%-24% CRIT Rate depending on superimposition, providing considerable damage. Unfortunately, its Ability is less exceptional, only pricing once each turn and only removing one enemy buff; at best, this could give Abundance characters 60-120 HP, depending on the enemy. With such great options available, this Light Cone cannot compete.

Nihility characters typically prefer Light Cones that increase their DMG buffs (Good Night and Sleep Well, Fermata, or Eyes of the Prey), add extra utility through debuff consistency (In The Name Of The World or Resolution Shines As Pearls Of Sweat), or provide additional damage through Skills such as Autumn Dawn Welt or Seele’s Talent. However, this Light Cone does all three! It boosts the Effect Hit Rate by 20 percent while adding 12 percent DMG Damage when worn on enemies with debuffs applied. It buffs your Effect Hit Rate while adding 12 percent DMG damage when debuffs occur – combined abilities!

Though this Light Cone provides adequate damage, its superior choice would be the tier three Light Cone Meshing Cogs, which offers even more DMG while simultaneously increasing Energy generation among allies.

2. Echoes of the Coffin

Most players won’t need an abundance of light cones in their party. However, those looking to increase damage output might need additional support; one option available to those players would be this Light Cone, which provides numerous effects such as an increase in ATK, CRIT DMG, or Energy Regeneration Rate across all team members.

This 5-star Light Cone is only available to players who have reached Tier 6 of the Forgotten Hall and can be acquired through enhancement materials and credits while upgrading through Superimposition brings additional advantages such as increasing damage dealt when using Ultimate abilities by 12%.

Light Cone also increases base stats while offering allies a 6% Energy Regeneration Rate when players use their Ultimate. While this may seem minor, it can make a noticeable difference for those constantly replenishing Energy between battles.

Light Cone’s crowning glory lies in its 12% damage-reducing buff for when the player attacks enemies; this passive effect does not permanently activate.

The only downside of this Light Cone is its specificity for Luocha; other players, such as Bailu and Natasha, may still use it, though their results would be enhanced if they switched out for another Light Cone, such as Time Waits for No One, which offers more vital ATK boost, or Cruising Stellar Sea with more significant DMG% reduction potential.

3. Quid Pro Quo

This Light Cone is ideal for any character reliant on HP scaling and buffs to maintain health, such as Natasha, who needs to keep her team alive while using her Ultimate.

This Light Cone increases outgoing healing by 10%. While not providing as much regenerative assistance, this piece will significantly enhance Bailu’s abilities to support her team with long-term revivification efforts and healing assistance.

Quid Pro Quo is free and can be purchased in Forgotten Hall’s Light Cone Manifest Store with Lucent Afterglow. This resource is ideal for players wanting to develop 4-star Abundance Path characters without spending large sums on 5-star items; it is beneficial when upgrading Eidolons, as it will get them up and running without depleting resources quickly.

Although this Light Cone doesn’t provide as much healing as Shared Feeling or Echoes of the Coffin, it remains an excellent choice for any player or improver intending to create or enhance a 4-star Abundance character. Its primary use lies in upgrading Eidolons as it helps get them up to higher power levels without spending too much Stellar Jade; moreover, it increases maximum HP by 10% and regenerates energy for any ally whose Energy drops below 50% at the beginning of their turn.

4. Warmth Shortens Cold Nights

Many Abundance Path characters possess powerful healing capabilities that target an enemy or heal multiple allies within an AoE area. These abilities are often enhanced by skills, ultimates, and talents of their character – in addition to having Light Cones, which provide significant health bonuses or party buffs.

Some Light Cones can be acquired for free from Herta’s Shop, while others must be claimed from the Nameless Honor Battle Pass or purchased through Event Warp. No matter their rarity, all these items provide significant HP boost when attacking, using a skill or ultimate, or using their ultimate.

Warmth Shortens Cold Nights are among the highest-rated F2P Light Cones, increasing Baidu’s Max HP while healing her team based on a percentage of her own Max HP every time she attacks or uses skills. It provides more efficient healing while increasing Bailu’s capacity for delivering it – this item makes an invaluable contribution towards maintaining team healing.

Bailu can benefit from this item as it provides her with an HP boost and reduces Team Damage when she defeats an enemy, with an average reduction rate of 5% when defeated. While not as drastic as other F2P Light Cones, this item still adds value to Bailu’s kit.

This 4-Star Light Cone can be found in the Forgotten Hall Shop as a reward from the Nameless Honor Battle Pass or random Echoes of War boss drops. It grants its wearer a 12% Crit Rate boost while dispelling one enemy buff upon CRIT hit – ideal if running single target builds! While its stats don’t compare favorably to some higher-rarity Light Cones, it still makes an excellent option.

5. Shared Feeling

Honkai Star Rail Light Cones offers players a range of stat and effect bonuses to help them quickly meet their game goals. Purchased at Forgotten Hall’s Light Cone Manifest Store with credits or rare five-star Honkai Star Rail Warp Banner rewards, these upgrades can be upgraded through Superimposition using enhancement materials and credits.

Cornucopia is the ideal Abundance Light Cone, providing outgoing healing buffs and personal Energy generation for its wearer. Unfortunately, its only drawback is requiring the defeat of enemies for its effects to trigger, making it less applicable in scenarios that demand constant AoE healing, such as horde battles where allies may constantly fall.

Warmth Shortens Cold Nights can provide an effective alternative: its 4-star light cone grants one random ally the same healing-enhancing benefit every time its wearer performs a Basic attack, making this item especially helpful in situations where Natasha relies heavily on AoE Ultimate damage to break through enemies’ defenses.

Dance! Dance! Dance! is an excellent option for Harmony characters due to its powerful team buff of 12% additional CRIT DMG. At the same time, Destruction units may benefit from one or both of two 5-star light cones offering significant DMG% boosts, which are particularly useful against enemies with high HP. Landau’s Choice stands out as an overall best light cone due to providing DEF-scaling Preservation units an unconditional reduction of their DMG% as part of an Erudition light cone; unfortunately, this option is gacha-locked.