The Best ADCs in League of Legends


League of Legends can be an immensely mechanically challenging game, particularly for ADCs – an ADC has the highest damage output yet requires much technical skill to become masterful.

Caitlyn is one of the best ADCs for new players because she excels at laning phase play and late-game positioning due to her range and dealing a great deal of damage – plus, she has an easy build!


Caitlyn is a mighty marksman champion who excels at playing the bottom lane. As one of the best ADCs for newcomers with an extremely high skill ceiling, she makes for an easy onboarding process and fits well with other champions.

Caitlyn uses long-range attacks and crowd control abilities such as slowing or stung to effectively zone and poke enemies from a distance, making it easier for her team to catch and kill them.

She boasts one of the highest base attack ranges in the game, enabling her to deal significant early-game damage through auto attacks and Headshots. Furthermore, her damage scales into the late game as a critical strike marksman.

Her abilities allow her to quickly clear enemy minion waves and secure last hits against them, using Q and W attacks to disable enemies as soon as possible. In addition, she can teleport nearby brush areas as an escape route against any potential swindles from enemies.

Though she does have weaknesses against champions with high mobility, she remains an effective ADC in the current meta. While experienced players might find her difficult to play against, she’s an ideal choice for newcomers looking to learn the fundamentals of ADC play.

Here are a few tips for playing Caitlyn: First, understand how the laning phase works before practicing abilities and aiming skills to maximize damage output. Afterward, watch for the enemy jungle to prevent being ganked!

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League of Legends ADCs can make excellent choices if you know how to play them, but mastering this role is no simple feat. These marksmen live and breathe farming; even the best players sometimes struggle carrying games due to meta demands requiring lining, team fighting, and objective control. It is wise to try various ADC champions before finding one that suits your playstyle perfectly.

Aphelion remains an exceptionally powerful AD carry for players who can play her effectively, capable of dominating lanes while offering formidable long-range sniping abilities. However, she may lack some polish here and there, which could prevent her from being the ideal ADC.

If you are new to League of Legends (LPL) and would like to understand your role better, you should first study which champions are currently top tier in LPL. By doing this, you can select appropriate winners to begin learning your position quickly and improve. Two metrics should help narrow your search: the most significant win rate increase when one-tricking and the overall win rate when one-tricking are two effective metrics that will give an idea of which champs are the most effective within this metagame.


As a skill-capped AD Carrier who uses sharp feathers to attack enemies, Xayah offers decent damage, mobility, and crowd control capabilities, making her especially effective when used alongside Rakan in duo lanes.

Xayah should prioritize early AD during the laning phase. She can use her passive to capture items dropped by enemies, while Bladecaller provides some early bursts. Essence Reaver gives a muscular base build to take her into the late game, while Bloodthirster or Guardian Angel can offer adequate life – perfect choices as 6th item picks for her!

Xayah should try to stay out of the front line during team fights and focus on hitting her target with her kiting ability and recall, which can root enemies into place. She should always make sure she takes peel when possible to survive an enemy carry target, as well as reduce some damage from other champions.

Xayah works well when used alongside champions like Nami during team fights. Her ult can catch enemy champions airborne before recalling feathers to root them back to the ground; this combination is incredibly potent against tanks.


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Jackeylove is often overlooked when it comes to League of Legends players. At 15, the teenager joined Invictus Gaming as a trainee. However, some speculated he could become one of League’s following big things and even compared him with China’s iconic player Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao of Royal Never Give Up.

JackeyLove had an excellent start on Instagram Gaming (IG). He won several regional NEST cup tournaments and earned himself a place on the leading team. Yet, he struggled on bigger stages like LPL and the World Championship (where he made it to the group stage but was eliminated early due to the Top Esports team’s poor play).

This year, he’s part of a TES squad dominating LPL regular season play and may obliterate domestic competition before succumbing to significant tournaments and falling short once more.

Jackeylove has been one of the driving forces behind iG’s success, alongside Song “Rookie” Eui-jin and Kang Seung-lok, widely considered their Korean solo laners. However, Jackeylove is an integral component of their team as an ADC mechanics-wise.

Jackeylove showed how devastating his Zeri can be during Game 2 of the IES vs. JDG series, amassing over 22K damage while scoring one quadra kill and two lethal despite an extremely back-and-forth game. Thanks to Jackeylove, ITE held onto their lead 2-0 for now; JDG will have to respond swiftly or risk Jackeylove and TES taking down their entire lineup!