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Herndon is an ideal place for raising children, with outstanding schools and welcoming residents. As they age, however, children experience many physical and emotional changes that require guidance from a pediatrician.

Polly Panitz finds seeing a five-month-old giggle or high-fiving an older teenager among her most rewarding experiences. She lives with her husband and their playful pup in Herndon, VA.

Specialty & Chronic Care

Parents often turn to pediatricians when their child becomes sick; most will call their pediatrician for advice first and foremost. While most only require care when sick, some children have ongoing chronic illnesses or conditions that need monitoring throughout life. This specialty care often necessitates visits from specialized personnel who can assist with managing such situations.

Chronic diseases, like those related to the flu or colds, are typically more challenging to identify and treat than acute illnesses like colds or flu. Therefore, when children require long-term management for complex illness it can often be more cost-effective and convenient for them to visit their primary care physician rather than an urgent care clinic or emergency room.

Visits with their PCP are also beneficial in maintaining an up-to-date medical history of themselves. They can provide their chronic disease management team, composed of dietitians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, with all the details necessary to provide tailored care.

Chronic diseases tend to be linked with higher healthcare service utilization and poorer outcomes, such as an increased likelihood of hospital admissions and emergency room visits, mainly due to patient unawareness. A chronic disease management provider can be invaluable in improving these patients’ outcomes through behavioral modification strategies that address regular disease management services.

When children suffer from chronic illness, doctors and family will collaborate to develop an action plan to manage it. This may involve diet, exercise, medication, or lifestyle modifications. In addition, behavioral therapy is sometimes an option as a means of helping patients learn to cope with their condition while developing healthy habits that will benefit both themselves and society.

Dr. Nair Maya is a pediatrics specialist in Herndon with over two decades of experience, is board-certified in pediatrics, and has completed a fellowship in ambulatory pediatrics. Additionally, she speaks Hindi and Malayalam fluently, is active at her local church, enjoys spending time with her husband and son, practices yoga, and encourages patients to limit screen time to improve mental and physical well-being.

Adolescent Care

As children transition into adolescence, they experience many physical and emotional changes that may be difficult for them. A good pediatrician will help guide your teen through this transition period; their trusty doctor can also be instrumental in getting sports physicals or medical treatments as needed – so they can continue enjoying activities they love while staying healthy!

Pediatricians treat children for various illnesses and ailments, including colds, flu, allergies, and other common diseases. Furthermore, most school systems require them to participate in sports or other extracurricular activities.

Capital Area Pediatrics’ doctors can be counted on if you live near Herndon and seek a pediatrician with experience caring for young people. All their experts specialize in working with kids and are ready to assist your family.

Amy Pierce, MD, is a board-certified pediatrician with Capital Area Pediatrics’ Herndon office since 2003 and completed her pediatric residency at INOVA Fairfax Hospital for Children. Amy takes excellent pleasure in advocating for patients and helping parents navigate the often complex world of parenting.

Dr. Pierce hails from Upstate New York and enjoys spending her free time outdoors playing sports, reading books, or listening to live music with her family, husband, and three young children.

Della Eng Tow, MD, joined Capital Area Pediatrics in 1997 at Watson Salsbury offices as a board-certified pediatrician interested in infants and adolescents. Her patients received rave reviews, praising her kind yet thoughtful nature. A graduate of Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN.

Dr. Eng Tow hails from Upstate New York and enjoys spending her free time outdoors playing sports, reading/yoga/listening to live music with her husband and three sons. Additionally, she strongly advocates for patient rights by listening carefully and informing patients on healthier lifestyle choices.

Newborn Care

Parents of newborns have many responsibilities; one of the most essential is ensuring their infant has a healthy start in life. At Capital Area Pediatrics, our expert care ensures that your infant grows strong and develops commonly; additionally, we also offer specialty & chronic care to address any ongoing issues they may face.

Our pediatric specialists are expertly trained in multiple medical disciplines, such as pulmonology and gastroenterology, to deliver your child the highest standard of care. We recognize the value of building trust between doctor and patient and strive to build it as effectively as possible; additionally, we offer an online portal that allows real-time communication with physicians.

Chronic conditions can impact all areas of life, from work and caregiving to managing symptoms effectively. Capital Area Pediatrics specializes in controlling various chronic diseases – asthma, constipation, and eczema – so your child can feel their best and maximize life experiences. We can assist in the management of symptoms for optimal well-being.

At our pediatric surgical practice, our board-certified pediatric surgeons are leaders in their field. With extensive training, experience, and the right expertise in mind for every need, from routine procedures to more complex ones such as gallbladder issues, GERD treatment plans, and circumcision, they’re prepared to meet all your children’s surgical needs – be they routine or more complex procedures.

At our family-oriented practice, we understand the value of living a healthy lifestyle, which is why our experienced physicians and nurses are here to support your family throughout each stage of its journey from pregnancy through adolescence. Herndon offers a high quality of life with its safe, small-town atmosphere, making us proud to serve as your neighborhood pediatrician!

Pediatric Surgery

Herndon is an ideal place for parents preparing to start or already raising children, as it offers proximity to Washington, DC, and a friendly small-town atmosphere. Capital Area Pediatrics Herndon can also provide access to surgical expertise if your child requires surgery.

Pediatric surgeons specialize in operating on infants, children, and adolescents to correct birth defects, repair injuries, or treat diseases. The training process for pediatric surgeons is considered one of the most prolonged and rigorous within medicine.

Pediatricians must understand the unique needs and concerns of children and teenagers, explaining medical issues to them in ways they will comprehend – an incredibly challenging feat, considering children can’t always describe what’s going on. Furthermore, having different bodies than adults means some procedures might not work effectively with them.

Pediatric surgery has come a long way over time. Beginning in the middle of the 19th century, doctors utilized new techniques for treating birth defects and other injuries in children, leading to specialty hospitals dedicated solely to pediatric surgery treatment.

Today’s field of pediatric surgery has become more specialized than ever, divided into subfields such as neonatal surgery, fetal surgery, and general pediatric surgery. Neonatal surgery focuses on correcting congenital defects found in newborns, while fetal surgery works closely with radiologists to spot potential issues during gestation and then plan surgery after delivery.

General pediatric surgery addresses conditions affecting every body part, from skin to internal organs and stomach conditions. Common surgeries for children include gallbladder removal, appendectomies, and gynecological surgeries. Other forms of surgery may involve the removal of tumors, cysts, or polyps, as well as repairing hernias.

Capital Area Pediatrics of Herndon’s surgical team works closely with your child to ensure they experience a positive outcome, such as physical or speech-language therapy services. They may also assist in finding other resources like physical and speech-language therapy as needed. Upon determining your child’s procedure needs, their surgical team may help plan when your child will be ready to leave for home – typically overnight. Still, some surgeries can also be conducted outpatient.