Choosing Standing Seam Metal Roofing Colors


Standing seam metal roofing is the ideal roof system for modern homes, featuring panels designed to let water, hail, snow, and sleet run right off. The Interesting Info about standing seam metal roof.

Homeowners have many choices when it comes to selecting colors for their houses, but the hues must complement other elements in their designs.


The color of metal roofs plays an integral part in their integration with your home and other exterior features, especially asphalt shingles that typically only come in limited colors. Sheet metal roofing comes in an array of hues to match various architectural styles. Selecting an ideal shade for a standing seam metal roof may prove challenging but is essential to creating an eye-catching aesthetic.

Gray metal roofing is one of the most popular choices for standing seam roofs as it complements homes of any design style. Light and dark shades of gray add subtle contrast with brightly-hued siding, doors, trim, or accent pieces, helping accents stand out. Or it can blend in seamlessly with other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingle or tile, for an integrated appearance.

Alternatively, for a classic aesthetic in your home, consider selecting a steel roof in medium-toned neutral shades such as tan or brown. These colors blend easily with many types of siding, including wood and stone blends, as well as brick houses, which often boast neutral tones.

Copper and bronze roofs add earthy tones that exude sophistication to the exterior of any home, adding depth of character and sophistication. Copper and bronze are also excellent choices for homes with historic or Spanish Colonial architectural details; the metal roofing will stand out beautifully against stucco, wrought iron, and natural wood details. While copper/bronze roofs may cost more than other options, their durability makes this investment well worth your while.

As another way of adding luxury and character to the exterior of your home, consider installing a standing seam metal roof in a deep red shade. Its vivid hue can transform any house, while contemporary-style homes benefit the most. While it can work with various siding colors – stucco or stone exteriors work exceptionally well – a deep red roof offers maximum impact!

Standing seam metal roofing adds beauty and value to any home, providing many advantages that traditional shingle roofs cannot match. Metal requires fewer fasteners, has superior wind resistance ratings and class A fire ratings, can be recycled more easily (traditional shingles cannot), is lightweight, recyclable, recyclable (whereas traditional shingle roofs cannot), recyclable ( unlike other roof types), is recyclable itself ( not to mention cheaper installation than other options), plus can often cost less to install overall than alternative forms of roofing).

Charcoal Black

Home and business owners who invest in standing seam metal roofs are investing for the long run, as these top-quality systems typically boast lower energy costs, reduced maintenance needs, and enhanced curb appeal over time.

To set their properties apart in their communities, many choose to paint their standing seam metal roofs and walls in striking hues that complement the surrounding architecture or landscape. Trending shades can help add vibrancy, while classic hues offer timeless beauty.

Gray tones offer a modern and stylish touch to their property, offering both warm and cool tones for added versatility. Gray hues can easily match nearly every shade of siding, trim, or accents imaginable – for instance, homeowners seeking an ultra-modern aesthetic could pair their stone-gray metal roof with white, cream, or tan siding for an eye-catching contemporary aesthetic.

Darker tones, such as charcoal gray and slate gray, blend well with many architectural styles. For example, these colors make modern farmhouse designs popular on home renovation television more accommodating and less susceptible to clashing with other building types.

Darker shades tend to be preferred over lighter hues due to their ability to conceal visual imperfections on a roof, such as oil canning. Oil canning occurs naturally as the metal heats up and contracts when heated, but when coupled with low-gloss paint panels that don’t reflect as much light, this issue can be reduced considerably.

As the trend toward unprocessed yet durable materials advances, more homes and businesses are opting to add raw and natural metal tones into their exterior designs. By coating galvalume or aluminum systems in colors that resemble natural metals like copper, gold, or zinc instead of using actual raw materials themselves, property owners can achieve a more authentic appearance without incurring higher costs for primary raw materials.

Natural metal tones make an excellent choice for standing seam metal roofs and walls, as they can be installed over any siding or roofing material. Furthermore, their maintenance requirements are significantly lower as they won’t scratch or dent as easily; plus, they are resistant to rust and corrosion protection, making them safe to use even in harsh climates.

Steel Blue

Metal roofs have become an increasingly popular choice among both homeowners and builders due to their durability, energy efficiency, and contemporary aesthetic. Available in various colors for any building style imaginable, steel blue standing seam metal roofing will add a sense of calm tranquility that works particularly well when combined with neutral or earthy tones like beige, taupe, or gray.

Standing seam metal roofs have the longevity to last decades without needing extensive maintenance while simultaneously cutting energy costs and potentially qualifying you for an Energy Star rebate. Furthermore, standing seam metal roofs can be fully customized in color to complement the overall design of any building or home.

At first glance, when selecting a metal roof color, it’s crucial to match its hue to your current architectural style. Lighter hues such as grey, cream, and white may best reflect modern or minimalist styles, while darker colors like dark green or navy can create more traditional or historical settings in your home.

When selecting a color for your metal roof, please take into account the climate conditions in your region as well as how long-term exposure to sunlight and precipitation might cause it. Some colors may fade or discolor over time due to environmental influences; however, Kynar 500 resin paint systems offer long-lasting beauty for homes and buildings alike.

If you are interested in installing a standing seam metal roof for your home or building, contact us immediately. Our expert team is on hand to answer any of your queries and assist in selecting an eye-catching new color option from our wide range of standing seam metal roofing colors – making your property stand out!


Metal roofs are well-known for their superior protection, sustainability, and durability while offering sleek aesthetics and being suitable for modern designs. But not all metal roofing is created equal; each type offers its own set of benefits – the standing seam roof being one of them that has quickly grown in popularity in recent years.

Standing seam metal roof panels feature raised seams that interlock together to form a watertight seal, making them an excellent choice for both commercial and residential roofing applications. In addition, standing seam metal roof panels offer energy savings – when installed alongside solar panels, they can even help go green while saving on your electric bills!

Standing seam metal roofs can be installed on homes of various styles, including ranch homes, colonial-style homes, and craftsman-style homes. Color plays an integral part in matching the home’s exterior design perfectly – multiple colors are available to meet every homeowner’s specific requirements.

The best-standing seam metal roof color depends on a home’s exterior design. A dark metal roof may work best with contemporary styles, while light shades of metal work with any architectural style of home. Furthermore, landscape features like trees or plants around your house should also play a factor; consider selecting one that complements their colors and textures for best results.

Standing seam metal roof colors should complement both the environment and the home’s trim for an integrated, cohesive appearance. Trim can add decorative accents that unify all aspects of home ownership.

To help give you a clearer idea of what colors will look best on your home exterior, visit our Metal Roof Visualizer tool online. It allows you to select and compare several of your desired hues on an image of its exterior. Alternatively, contact an ABC sales representative and request samples of the metal roof color you would like for your roof.

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