Skin Tags, Milia and Cherry Angiomas Can Be Removed With the CryoPen Treatment


Skin tags, milia, and cherry angiomas are common conditions that can be easily treated using CryoPen treatment. By keeping this device on hand in-house for your clients’ use quickly and effectively – saving both time and money by not needing to refer them out elsewhere – CryoPen allows for fast removal without referral costs or waiting lists for other practices. Discover the best info about CryoPen.

Liquid nitrous oxide quickly freezes blemishes to destroy them instantly – this technique is safe for all skin types.

No anesthetic required

CryoPen is an advanced cryotherapy solution that allows skin lesions such as Skin Tags, Milia, Cherry Angiomas, Age Spots, and Verrucas to be quickly, painlessly, and efficiently addressed using its pin-point precision to destroy lesions without harming surrounding tissue.

Nitric oxide can be evenly applied to lesion areas to freeze cells instantly, thus dissolving lesions in just one session compared to traditional treatments that may take several sessions for complete relief.

A practical and straightforward treatment, Botox injections can often be completed on the same day of consultation. No numbing cream is typically necessary; discomfort usually feels similar to having your pen lightly press down on your skin. Treatment times are quick, with results that will leave you satisfied and fulfilled.

Sun/Age Spots – these flat brown or black marks that develop on the face, hands, shoulders, upper back, and forearms due to overproduction of melanin due to sun exposure are known as Sun/Age Spots, and using CryoPen treatment can remove these darkened areas of skin.

Skin Scabs – Scabs on the Skin are small, hard, and dry scabs that appear over an imperfection and eventually fall off, leaving no remaining symptoms behind. CryoPen treatment for these imperfections has proven highly successful at clearing them up entirely within just one session of use.

Dermatofibromas – these knots of fibrous tissue resemble rubbery balls under the skin, often as a result of hormone imbalance or injury from splinters or puncture wounds. While dermatofibromas may grow larger over time, they can also become painfully irritating if they rub against clothing or jewelry and cause friction between body parts. CryoPen can quickly remove dermatofibromas, milia, and warts without leaving scarring behind.

CryoPen treatments typically cost around PS50 per session and will vary based on the size and time needed to treat lesions. Aloe vera should also be applied directly after treatment to help soothe skin irritation, providing additional cooling relief and speedy healing timeframes; for individuals with compromised immune systems or autoimmune conditions, it could take much longer.

No downtime

CryoPen treatment involves no downtime and is a quick and painless procedure that is also very cost-effective compared to alternative options for similar conditions. It can treat warts, verrucae, milia, fibromas, age spots, sun spots, and liver spots for an affordable one-time fee; you purchase replacement cartridges that last up to 15 treatments at one time!

As part of a CryoPen treatment, your practitioner will first carefully clean the area to ensure there are no complications before targeting a skin imperfection with the CryoPen pen and spraying its stream of nitrous oxide onto it for 10 seconds for skin tags and 90 seconds for warts – depending on what treatment type is appropriate.

As soon as the nitrous oxide hits your skin, you may experience a brief but normal stinging sensation; this should quickly dissipate. Before beginning treatment with CryoPen, however, we strongly advise obtaining an accurate diagnosis from either a physician or dermatologist – this step may prevent some lesions from being cancerous, which would not respond well to CryoPen treatment.

After receiving treatment, there may be small blisters or patches of redness, which can usually be covered with aloe vera gel. Furthermore, skin pigmentation changes may result in either hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation that lasts several months; rarely, however, superficial nerve damage may also occur – though this is unlikely if touching too closely to the surface.

CryoPen offers unparalleled flexibility when applied, as its applicator can be moved in all directions to reach hard-to-reach areas, like underarms. As this treatment does not require a dedicated room, scheduling it into your clinic’s appointment schedule becomes seamless.

Safe for all skin types

CryoPen is an advanced treatment that utilizes extreme cold therapy (cryotherapy) to painlessly and efficiently destroy benign skin lesions such as warts, verrucae, milia, and cherry angiomas. The device emits liquid nitrous oxide gas under high pressure directly onto targeted areas of skin where lesions exist, causing a rapid drop in temperature, causing crystallization of fluid within lesions to turn them into ice shards that break apart their membrane and rupture and are then destroyed.

CryoPen stands apart from similar treatments like electrocautery in that it can be safely applied to all skin types and colors without risk of pigmentation; even on tanned skin, there is minimal chance of pigmentation; however, it is recommended to use sunscreen 48 hours post treatment as extra protection may be required.

CryoPen stands out from other methods by taking only a fraction of the time for removal, meaning you can treat multiple clients quickly without needing to refer them elsewhere for these services. This saves both you and your client both money by eliminating various visits for these services at separate practices.

CryoPen treatment is generally painless for most clients, although you may experience a brief stinging sensation due to nitrous oxide hitting the targeted area of the skin; this usually lasts only seconds. Once treated, any scab that forms will gradually peel away over several days, leaving normal, healthy skin underneath.

Warts and milia can typically be treated using one CryoPen session, and you should see results within ten days. However, healing times may take longer in cases involving immune system disorders or diabetes; therefore, prior to starting any therapy session, it’s wise to consult your physician first.

Suppose you want to incorporate CryoPen therapy into your beauty practice. In that case, Ivanmed offers an in-depth course that begins online with learning modules before culminating with hands-on training at their HQ facility. Once qualified, cryotherapy will become part of your menu of treatments and benefit both yourself and clients alike.


CryoPen is a hand-held device that uses extreme cold to rapidly alter skin temperature and quickly eradicate unwanted lesions, including warts, skin tags, verrucae, verrucae milia cherry angiomas scars, resistant hyperpigmentation, etc. CryoPen treatment is fast and straightforward, with no preparation necessary prior to treatment.

At our RN, Tammy will begin by using the CryoPen to target any skin lesions you have. Nitrous oxide will then be streamed directly onto this area and maintained for an appropriate period, depending on size and type of lesion, until freezing temperature causes cells within the lesion to die and rupture, effectively killing it; then, over one to four weeks, the lesion will slough off over time.

CryoPen treatments may cause you to experience a mild, stinging nettle-type sensation; this should only last a few seconds, and picking or scratching can lead to scarring, infection, and prolonged healing times. For best results, it is wise to leave any potential scars alone – picking or scratching at them may result in scarring, infection, and a protracted healing timeframe.

Your scab could take anywhere from six months to disappear entirely, and you may notice that it looks darker or lighter than its surrounding skin for some time after it has completely gone. To reduce its appearance and prevent uneven pigmentation after your scab has disappeared, wear sunscreen regularly and limit sun exposure as soon as it has.

Our Registered Nurse, Tammy, will advise you about the aftercare and recovery for your specific condition. Most treatments are quick and simple; most people can return to normal activities after their session has concluded; however, some individuals will require follow-up sessions in order to achieve optimal results.

Moyal Therapies is pleased to offer our clients a painless, stress-free, and cost-effective method for treating small benign lesions. With an array of interchangeable applicators that fit any size lesion perfectly, our process enables us to treat large areas quickly without damaging healthy tissue – this makes Moyal Therapies much faster than NHS doctors’ traditional scalpels in terms of treatment speed, allowing patients to schedule these procedures more conveniently for themselves such as removal of skin tags, milia, and cherry angiomas removal.

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