Garden Tower Juice Plus Review


Garden Tower Juice Plus is a hydroponics growing system designed to produce a wide range of leafy vegetables, herbs, and flowers using much less water and fertilizer than traditional gardens.

The Juice Plus Tower Garden comes in two variants – Flex and Home. Of these models, only the Home is suitable for indoor use as it includes LED grow lights.

It’s easy to set up.

The Garden Tower by Juice Plus is an aeroponic vertical growing system capable of cultivating 20+ vegetables, fruits, and herbs in less than three square feet. Easy to set up and maintain, it produces 30% more food than soil gardening while using 98% less water and taking up 90% less space compared to traditional soil gardening techniques – providing the ideal solution for anyone wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.

The system features an easy lock-in-place modular design that connects without needing tools and can be assembled within 30 minutes or less. Should any questions arise during setup, customer support from the company is an invaluable resource for getting you going and troubleshooting any initial hiccups; they will guide you step-by-step as they provide tips to ensure its success!

Once your garden is put together, the first step should be filling your reservoir and adding nutrients according to the directions on your Nutrient Blend label. Also, ensure enough nutrient solution in the pool so that its pump remains submerged; this will prevent overdosing, which could cause mineral lock.

Your garden has a timer that allows you to manage nutrient spray schedules. There are two settings, I (for Indoor) and O (for Outdoor), that let you customize when to spray, with 3 minutes and 12 minutes off schedules being ideal as they allow roots to soak in oxygen more frequently. Be careful not to overwater your plants as this could lead to root rot and the buildup of harmful minerals on their roots – which could harm them significantly!

After each watering session, allowing your Tower to soak for at least an hour is wise to avoid nutrient lock and enable your crops to grow at their fullest potential. This will also prevent stagnant areas and allow more efficient root growth.

Every two months, it is advisable to empty your reservoir to prevent unbalanced mineral levels that can interfere with fruiting or cause other issues with crops. Reusing this nutrient-rich water in lawn or garden applications will allow your produce to flourish.

It’s easy to maintain

Juice Plus Tower Garden is an aeroponic growing system designed to help you maximize space efficiency while using less water and pesticides than conventional gardens. Easy operation makes this an invaluable aid for living a healthier lifestyle.

Even though hydroponic gardening may not require as much work as traditional gardening, you will still need regular maintenance tasks. The most critical mission should be keeping the reservoir topped off with sufficient nutrients; additionally, make sure that plants are checked for pests, fungi, and disease to identify any issues immediately and take the necessary actions to minimize further damage.

Misting your plants with nutrient-rich water is also crucial, encouraging rapid crop growth while avoiding overcrowding. Furthermore, pruning should occur periodically to promote ongoing development and discourage bolting; additionally, harvesting regularly provides access to fresh, nutritious produce.

You can also find various gardening products online, like the Grow Up Hydrogarden System. This product is similar to Juice Plus Tower but comes at $200 less – making it a fantastic savings opportunity!

As is often the case when reviewing products online, those writing reviews for these items typically receive a commission upon each sale, making their reviews biased toward the product being reviewed. Therefore, it is wise to research before buying and read other reviews about that specific item before deciding.

It’s easy to grow.

When cultivating vegetables on your own, you need the appropriate tools. The Tower Garden has everything necessary to grow your first crop, from seeds and rock wool to third-party vendors for additional sources or growing medium. Rockwool can even be used as an effective germinating medium before transplanting seedlings into the system.

Tower Gardens provides another critical advantage by using up to 80% less water and nutrients than traditional gardens while growing seedlings faster with less electricity than typical gardens. As such, they make great options for people with limited space or looking to cut costs on electric bills.

The Juice Plus Tower Garden has two distinct versions – Flex and Home. While Flex can be grown indoors or outdoors, Home is tailored explicitly to indoor cultivation with LED grow lights included. Both systems are sold through independent sales representatives.

Before purchasing a Tower Garden system, you must understand its workings. The company website contains extensive information on this technology, such as FAQs and video demonstrations. There’s also an online community where users can connect and exchange tips.

Growing crops involves making some adjustments, including altering the amount of water, adding nutrients, and monitoring temperature and light conditions. Rotate your system a quarter turn daily so all sides get equal sunlight exposure.

Additionally to adjusting water and nutrients, it’s also important to regularly clean your system to avoid mold, bacteria, and other contaminants building up in it. Cleanliness is especially crucial for aeroponic nutrient reservoirs: ensure the reservoir and access ports are rinsed with warm water and drain plugs are removed and washed.

The Tower Garden’s innovative growing technology is easy to use and maintain, enabling you to produce fruits, vegetables, and herbs with minimal effort and without resorting to costly weeding or pesticides that reduce harvest yields while saving time and resources.

It’s easy to store

Producing fresh produce through gardening is an invaluable way of life, yet growing vegetables in limited space can be daunting. One innovative solution is the Tower Garden, an ingenious soil-free system enabling users to cultivate up to 20 plants at any one time indoors or outdoors all year long using less water than traditional gardens, therefore making this option the ideal way to live a healthier lifestyle.

Before purchasing a Tower Garden, you must read honest, impartial reviews online. Reviews should provide pros and cons about the product as written by people who own and use it regularly; additionally, it would be wise to search online for videos or pictures showing examples of similar models; these will prove especially helpful when making your decision.

If you’re searching for an efficient vegetable growing system, Juice Plus’ Tower Garden might be just what you’ve been searching for. This vertical aeroponic growing system makes growing food easy, with 30% more food produced three times faster than traditional gardens while using up to 80% less water compared with soil gardens – not to mention being easily portable from place to place!

This system is ideal for growing leafy greens, herbs, and flowers in urban settings; however, root crops such as carrots may require deeper soil. Although expensive initially, its cost savings can make this investment worthwhile.

Tower Garden was developed by its founders to encourage healthy living worldwide, selling it to Juice Plus company for operational use as part of their corporate mission. Not only have they sold it, but they have also created partnerships with schools to teach children about healthy eating and gardening their vegetables, community gardens, food pantries serving low-income residents, and supplying local restaurants with fresh, locally-grown produce and herbs.