Golden Garden Menu


Golden Garden is a simple Chinese eatery offering noodles, fried rice, and other take-out favorites in Massapequa, New York.

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Late winter brings out golden hues in full force, as ‘Sparkler’ willow-leaf stachyurus and ‘Apricot Blush’ hellebore bloom, while katsura tree, Eddie’s White Wonder dogwood, and various witch hazels fade to yellow and red shades.

Authentic Huaiyang & Shanghai Cuisines

The Bay Area boasts an ever-increasing selection of restaurants specializing in Chinese regional cuisines. Beijing is famous for its hearty stews and steamed dumplings; braises in the cold north make for satisfying meals; Shanghai benefits from its central position on both Yangtze and Huangpu rivers, where freshwater fish, crabs, and crustaceans can be found on menus; however, Xi’an stands out with its distinctively sour, salty, peppery food with solid flavors that makes for delicious hamburgers (roujiamo).

Huaiyang region was historically one of the wealthiest parts of China due to silk, salt, rice, and cotton production. These riches allowed its residents to buy luxury cane sugar that made their dishes sweeter than others in China – such as Dongpo pork made with tender pieces of pork belly marinated with soy sauce and sugar for an irresistibly succulent yet sweet-and-sticky experience!

Huaiyang region boasts some of the finest produce in China, such as freshwater fish and herbs like shepherd’s purse. Furthermore, this region has long been associated with using vinegar and sourdough bread in cooking to produce unique cuisine that balances sourness with spicy heat.

Lion’s Head soup is an unforgettable classic, offering succulent pork meatballs in an intoxicatingly flavorful broth. Also essential: Shanghai Noodle Soup with hand-pulled noodles featuring pork, lamb, shrimp, chicken, and vegetables as toppings.

The Bund Restaurant at 100-30 Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst pays homage to Shanghai’s historic waterfront district by serving authentic Shanghai cuisine, from soup dumplings and smoked eel to Chinese Hamburgers (roujiamo). Don’t miss their peanut butter cookies (tang kou bing). Additionally, Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine, with multiple New York City branches offering authentic regional fare is another great way to sample some authentic regional food; authentic cuisine meets excellent service here!

Fresh & Delicious Dishes

Golden Garden offers delicious Chinese cuisine that’s sure to please, with comforting dishes available for vegetarian diners. Additionally, lunch and dinner services make Golden Garden an easy dining option, no matter the event or day of the week.

They also offer convenient delivery and takeout options so you can enjoy a meal, whether at home or the office. Furthermore, their dishes use only fresh ingredients sourced directly from farms across Europe – guaranteeing high-quality fare with every order placed through their website – meaning no need to leave the comfort of your home!

This restaurant’s menu boasts delicious offerings, from classic Chinese fare like General Tso’s chicken and aromatic Thai curries to noodles, fried rice, and other takeout staples. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their pad thai or crispy spring rolls – sure to satisfy all cravings!

This restaurant’s friendly atmosphere and affordable prices create an inviting dining experience. Enjoy your favorite dish without breaking the bank!

Chef Man’s Specialty Dishes

Chef Man offers diners looking for an indulgent dining experience an assortment of dishes featuring top-of-the-line ingredients combined with his unparalleled skill, from traditional Dim Sum to delectable seafood delicacies and premium dried abalone – winning awards from Orange County Business Journal and Golden Foodies, respectively. At his latest venture, Pangilinan, he has received glowing reviews from even the region’s most discriminating critics.

Chef Derrell Smith adds an elegant touch to family meals with braised lamb shanks served with lemon couscous seasonal watermelons and feta salad, and simple and flavorful lamb curry as well as deliciously fresh lamb gyros – inspired by rows of fresh produce at farmers markets. Chef Derrell elevates family recipes.

At this restaurant, the star attraction is its chef himself. His impeccable service and mouthwatering dishes will make guests feel like royalty; his culinary creativity always pleases his customers, earning him numerous accolades throughout his career. His cooking style combines cuisine classique (traditional French fare featuring meaty and fat-rich sauces) with nouvelle cuisine (a rejection of these classics that emphasize lighter vegetable-forward dishes) and influences from other countries.

Catering Services

Golden Garden Chinese Eatery in Massapequa, NY, offers basic Chinese fare such as noodles and fried rice as takeout staples; catering services are also provided for office parties or any special events requiring food service – and vegan and vegetarian dishes are available!

Our menu boasts traditional favorites like Kung Pao Chicken and Sweet & Sour Pork as well as Chef Man’s specialty dishes, like lobster meat, roast pork, shrimp & beef sauteed with snow peas, baby corn straw mushroom scallions in his special sauce.