Indian River County Jail Inmate Search


Indian River County Jail’s website allows friends and family members to visit inmates through video visitation; however, all visitors must abide by its rules and regulations during video visits.

The jail offers its inmates access to a law library. When seeking legal materials, these must first be approved by staff before being sent directly to them.


Arrests at Indian River County Jail adhere to a stringent process in order to safeguard a suspect’s rights. Arrests typically begin when law enforcement officers observe suspicious activity or respond to reported crimes. Once arrested, law enforcement read their rights (commonly known as Miranda rights), took custody, and transported them back to Indian River County Jail for booking procedures that included taking personal information records as well as conducting searches for contraband items.

If an inmate is waiting for trial, they may be permitted to call family and friends during designated hours. Phone calls cannot be used for illegal or harassing activities and must only be used during these designated times. Inmates must also inform visitors whom they can visit prior to visiting and show valid photo identification in order to see.

Indian River County Sheriff’s Office provides an online warrant search tool, enabling users to check quickly if someone has an active arrest warrant. Simply enter their name and date of birth into the tool; if an active arrest warrant exists for that individual, you’ll get their complete profile, including status information as well as type.


After being arrested, individuals go through a process known as Booking. This includes having their picture and fingerprints taken as well as being asked numerous questions that form their Indian River County Booking Record, which becomes publicly accessible.

An Indian River County jail offender lookup tool enables you to find their location online quickly. Simply enter their name and date of arrest into the tool’s search tool; results will provide their mugshot, booking number, housing section details, and charges or bond amounts (if applicable).

On the Indian River County sheriff’s office website, you can search for jail inmates by name or booking number. This allows you to stay in contact with an inmate while also aiding legal professionals in finding clients. But be mindful of respecting any process or laws surrounding this information – otherwise, your search could prove fruitless! For more details regarding their rules and regulations, please visit their site directly.


Indian River County Jail works closely with the Vero Beach Police Department and the Florida Department of Corrections to ensure safe transportation between detention centers and courtrooms for prisoners. Florida Department of Corrections may assist the jail with this preparation process for release; this could take up to one year. Should inmates adhere to rules and regulations, they could even be granted parole and released back into society.

Indian River County Jail inmates may receive mail, but all correspondence must first be inspected for inappropriate content or images of nudity or perfume and should only be on one sheet of paper. Inmates may send money as long as it comes in a check or money order form.

Indian River County Jail provides a search tool to allow family members to locate inmates by name, booking or release date, and birthdate. This can be particularly helpful to family members looking to stay in contact with loved ones who are behind bars; however, the family should keep in mind that mugshots displayed online represent what the inmate looked like at the time of arrest and may not be entirely accurate; furthermore, they are public records and therefore anyone can view them – for further inquiries about inmates please reach out directly to their county sheriff’s office as they should provide more details about them than what this website can provide;


If you are searching for someone incarcerated at Indian River County jail, using a free online tool may help. Simply enter their name and booking date for more detailed information about them; this can help quickly locate who you need.

Mugshots are photographs taken of individuals during jail intake processing. Typically, they consist of one frontal photo and one profile photo, with their name and intake number written across both. Once made public as a public record, these mugshots remain there forever unless an inmate files a petition with the court to have them removed.

Visit the Indian River County jail’s official website to view mugshots of inmates throughout the day; in addition to this feature, this site also provides arrest records and details regarding visiting hours.

Identifying an Ohio prison can be challenging, so understanding their rules for visiting and sending money/packages can make all the difference between getting approved or not for visits. Pigeonly’s free inmate search service can provide all of this vital information quickly.