Jacobs Funeral Home Inc


Jacobs Funeral Home Inc. of Iron River offers meaningful funeral services tailored to each family’s individual needs. Jacobs can assist families during life’s most trying moments with making arrangements and providing guidance regarding funeral etiquette, memorialization options, and costs.

Under Funeral Rule regulations, this establishment must provide visitors with a general price list upon request.


Jacobs Funeral Home Of Iron River offers a tranquil environment in which to remember and celebrate the life of your loved ones, providing meaningful services that honor their legacy. Their staff understands the significance of preserving family heritage. Jacobs can assist in selecting which service type best meets your needs as well as pre-planning.

Funeral homes provide a variety of services, from funeral arrangements and preplanning to memorial tributes and more. Their team of caring professionals is always available to guide you through the grieving process; they can even create personalized tributes in memory of a lost loved one while helping select an appropriate cemetery site for burial.

Funeral Homes of Iron River are conveniently situated 2.5 miles outside of downtown Iron River and service the communities of Kingsford, Popple River, Alvin, Tipler, Nelma Newald, and Hiles. Established in 1999 and licensed as a funeral home, its website contains information regarding funeral costs, preplanning options, and obituaries, as well as flower orders online and a guestbook where users can leave condolences and leave thoughts for the family – free for use!


Pre-planning funeral services have brought many families great relief and peace of mind. Pre-planning allows you to make decisions that reflect your standards and preferences in an emotionally free setting, relieving loved ones from making difficult choices when the time comes.

No matter the ceremony of choice – traditional funeral services or memorial tributes – our staff can assist in planning services to best honor and serve the family of a deceased loved one and meet their needs. From etiquette and costs to burial options and guestbook creation and telling your story online obituary creation and storytelling; our staff can guide you every step of the way.

Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule mandates that funeral homes such as Jacobs Funeral Home provide consumers with a General Price List (GPL), outlining all items and services available, including transportation fees or cemetery charges that might not directly relate to death such as transportation fees or burial plot fees. This law is designed to safeguard consumers from being deceived or taken advantage of at an emotionally vulnerable time of their lives.


Jacobs Funeral Home of Iron River offers a peaceful environment in which to remember and honor loved ones who have passed. Their funeral directors specialize in pre-planning, burial, and cremation arrangements, as well as memorial services; pre-planning sessions can also be booked with them to ease any difficult emotions during such difficult times; they offer numerous personalized options as well.

History of This Location began in 1938 when Francis Xavier Buchanan purchased the former Swifts-Diedericks residence on Cayuga Street at Fourth Avenue for use as his funeral home, opening it in October of that year. When Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Duvall of Iron Mountain retired and purchased it as their funeral home – eventually known as Duvall-Jacobs Funeral Home.

Jacobs Funeral Home of Iron River provides more than just services; they also offer funeral merchandise, caskets, and memorial flowers, as well as online obituaries and guestbooks for their customers to use. In addition, Jacobs can assist their customers in finding a cemetery nearby in Iron River.

This business can be found 2.5 miles outside of Iron River in Iron County and serves surrounding neighborhoods, including Beechwood, Popple River, Alvin, Tipler, and Nelma Newald Hiles. They offer funeral services that will cater to every need in these communities and are always happy to answer any inquiries that may arise regarding the funeral services they provide.


Gary J Frighetto passed away peacefully in Iron River, Michigan, at 85 years old on February 23, 2020. To express your sorrow and celebrate Gary J’s life, send flowers in his memory.

This establishment employs a staff of professionals who are available to guide you through funeral service etiquette, personalized memorials, funeral costs, directions to cemeteries, and much more. Furthermore, preplanning services allow families to avoid the added stress associated with planning funeral services during a trying time.

Jacobs Funeral Home Of Iron River offers a serene setting to help loved ones honor and remember loved ones who have passed. Their staff strives to craft meaningful services tailored specifically to each family’s individual needs and wishes to make the process as painless and comforting as possible for everyone involved.

This business is situated 2.5 miles outside of Iron River in Iron County and services surrounding neighborhoods, including Beechwood, Popple River, Alvin, Tipler, and Nelma Newald Cavour Hiles. They pride themselves on offering excellent care to the local community – they’ve been open for many years, licensed and insured, and offering options for preplanning funeral arrangements as well as compassionate quality service during difficult times.