Kleptz Early Learning Center


Kleptz Early Learning Center is a school designed with young children in mind – down to creating tiny counters they will sit on! Everything at this school has been thought of with care.

This school is part of Northmont City School District and currently enrolls 828 Prekindergarten-1 students; its student-teacher ratio is 19:1.


Kleptz Early Learning Center is the inaugural preschool school in the Northmont City School District and features all the amenities necessary for successful educational experiences for young children. Principal Beth Wyandt from Englewood Hills Elementary has described Kleptz Early Learning Center as both child and community-centric; each detail, from counter sizes to small tables, was thoughtfully considered when planning the new facility for use by early learners.

Northmont City School District operates this public school for 828 PK-1 students from different backgrounds and classes, featuring 43 teachers in grades PK-1 with an impressive teacher ratio of 19:1, higher than Ohio’s average of 17:1. Students come from many diverse backgrounds with 32% coming from minorities. All essential amenities for academic education, such as music and art classes, physical education classes, library services and media centers, extended learning areas, and greenhouse learning spaces, are offered here to give children a rich learning experience. This school serves approximately 828 students from grades PK-1 from various backgrounds and backgrounds enrolled. Publicly run by Northmont City School District.


Our school strives to foster children’s early learning abilities, which can be the basis of later childhood and lifelong education. Research shows that students who experience positive learning experiences in kindergarten tend to continue those positive associations throughout elementary school and life.

The Kleptz kindergarten program emphasizes exploration, investigation, and hands-on activities that promote exploration. There is also an emphasis on socialization and independence development; teachers work closely with parents to design an individual learning plan that includes goals and strategies to ensure student success inside and outside class. Furthermore, Kleptz provides weekly music, art, and physical education lessons as part of this experience.

Kleptz Early Learning Center of Clayton, Ohio, is part of the Northmont City Schools district and serves 828 Prekindergarten-1 students. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 19:1 and minority enrollment at 32%, the school offers weekly music, art, and physical education lessons along with 32 hours of reading/writing instruction utilizing an integrated literary approach for reading instruction; science/social studies curriculum emphasize discovery/investigation as critical features.


Located within a brand-new, state-of-the-art building, our school features two large classrooms and an extended learning area that connects them. There is also a comprehensive learning area, media center, small group rooms, and intervention rooms available to students who require extra help. Regarding curriculum delivery, this school specializes in reading instruction and science and social studies lessons centered around investigation and exploration; outdoors, there’s even a bird prairie and playground complete with miniature basketball hoops for younger children!

Northmont City School District is an excellent option for parents seeking kindergarten through first-grade education for their child(ren). Our CENTURY 21 agent can offer more information about this area and assist in finding your family the ideal home in the Northmont City School District.

Summer Camp

Students enjoy forty minutes each of music, art, physical education, and library a week. Their curriculum features an integrated literary approach to reading, while science and social studies focus on investigation and exploration. Outside, there is a bird prairie as well as a playground designed especially for pre-schoolers.

Kleptz Elementary School in Kleptz is organized into North and South Neighborhoods for preschool through first graders, where children are encouraged to explore and build confidence with help from teachers, assistant principals, and Camp Invention Leadership Interns.

Kids discover their inner event planner as they engineer light-up party hats, create bubble art banners to commemorate their hard work, and invent a Party Assistant to assist. Additionally, kids discover the power of innovation as they use their imaginations to protect their one-of-a-kind animatronic stuffie from idea-stealing Copy Cat while drawing inspiration from nature. Pricing for weeklong STEM summer camp programs, including take-home materials, starts at $260; please consult with your center for exact costs.