Learn a Playful Dandyism


1. Be Different

Thomas Carlyle defined a dandy as someone who “has nothing else but wear clothes.” Fashion plays an essential part in dandyism (for instance, Beau Brummell was responsible for inventing tailored suits; Aubrey Beardsley would spend hours tying cravats). But fashion alone isn’t enough – a true dandy also seeks to reinvent his identity through relationships with others.

Be ambiguous; play masculine and feminine roles, impudent yet charming behavior, subtle yet outrageous actions to excite people’s unmet longings. Be a Dandy without boundaries that cannot be defined, and they will flock toward you; learn to become playful dandies to draw in as many ladies as you possibly can!

2. Be Impudent

The Dandy is known to generate interest by defying society’s prescribed roles for men and women. His presence provokes curiosity by being both feminine and masculine simultaneously, delicate yet audacious simultaneously – drawing out people’s hidden desires to meet him face to face.

Modern society associates the term “dandy” with someone obsessed with clothes and appearance. But in truth, dandyism encompasses much more than an attitude or interest in fine fashion; it is also an approach to life and a way of being.

Enjoy this short video as curator Stephen Calloway and Holly James Johnston, an academic and drag performer, discuss Aubrey Beardsley, his drawings, gender issues, and the joys of being a Dandy. Additionally, they share their own experiences of being Dandies.

4. Be Seductive

To seduce, it’s necessary to create an illusion. Make them think about you, how they perceive you, and their deepest desires. A slip of the tongue, an alluring reference, or remarks quickly apologized for can have tremendous insinuating power.

Create the impression of an alluring but forbidden atmosphere. Men often succeed at doing this through dressing aggressively or engaging in traditionally masculine disciplines such as philosophy. Women can do the same thing by pairing their sexual appearance with intellectual pursuits, such as Nietzsche. Such men will view her as someone who transcends the social norms of their peer group.

To draw out your targets into the final stage of seduction, you must create a sense of urgency and desperation in their minds. Once their minds have focused on you, make your glances and voice appear filled with desire before inviting them into a moment where morality and judgment disappear, and their bodies surrender to pleasure.

5. Be Unconformable

Since George Brummell to Kanye West, the word ‘dandy’ has been met with praise and derision, often due to a misunderstanding of what defines dandyism. To better comprehend it, one needs to look past surface details of clothing and appearance to gain a more accurate picture.

A dandy represents stability in an otherwise turbulent world. Stiffening up oneself through social rules and etiquette acts as a form of corsetry to hold on to one’s identity during times when others may dissipate; this is the essence of dandyism as described by Barbey d’Aurevilly and Baudelaire: this is its foundational principle.

Contrary to what many ignorant people may assume, dandyism does not consist solely of excessive clothing and material elegance, representing his aristocratic superiority of mind. Dandyism is a way of life that transcends necessity by seeking independence for its originality – it includes perfumery, snuff-taking, and carrying canes as part of one’s originality and unfolding its individuality.