Mr Mushies Review


Mr. Mushies offers a unique blend of immune-enhancing mushrooms and premium cocoa for an irresistibly tasty yet nutritious and potency snack, providing you with something delicious as well as good for you. Read the Best info about Mr Mushies.

Each Mr. Mushies Chocolate Bar contains 4 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and has been conveniently divided into smaller pieces to allow you to microdose easily.

Psychedelic Effects

Psychedelic mushrooms are well-known for their mind-altering effects. Many who have tried them describe a sense of euphoria and happiness after using them; others also report spiritual experiences or awakenings. When using psychedelic mushrooms responsibly in a safe environment, high doses should not be consumed as this may lead to hallucinations and other adverse side effects.

Psilocybin found in magic mushrooms can alter how your brain processes information subtly or drastically, depending on your experience. Furthermore, they may lead to feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and depression, which could last several hours; should this happen, medical assistance must be sought immediately.

Magic mushrooms can be consumed directly or made into tea. They may also be smoked, crushed, and made into capsules. When mixed with other substances, they may increase the effects of drugs, cause side effects, or even cause death.

Mr Mushies are delicious chocolate bars containing psilocybin-infused mushrooms that make for easy portability. Available in Oreo, Jedi Mint, and S’mores flavors – Mr Mushies makes an excellent way to microdose or avoid the taste of dried magic mushrooms!

Psilocybin, the main active ingredient in magic mushrooms, has effectively treated numerous mental health conditions. Studies conducted thus far indicate that this drug helps open up parts of the brain blocked by depression; its long-term effects could even help heal it, yet more research needs to be completed to show its efficacy.

Media reports often feature accounts of depressed people finding relief after taking an LSD trip or similar psychedelic drug, like Steve Jobs, who credits LSD trips as instrumental to his success. While these stories can be inspiring, it is essential to keep in mind that these substances can also be dangerous and cause severe side effects; anyone charged with an offense relating to these substances should immediately speak with an experienced New York criminal attorney, as penalties can range from misdemeanor to class A-II felonies for this type of drug offense.


Mr. Mushies chocolate bars provide an enjoyable way to experience the mind-altering effects of magic mushrooms without experiencing stomach upset, thanks to an accurate dosage of 4 grams of Psilocybin per bar – providing a moderate to psychedelic solid experience without contamination and more precise dosing than traditional mushrooms supplements.

These psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars are handcrafted using premium Swiss chocolate and magic mushrooms, offering an array of flavors and potencies suitable for mindful micro-dosing or an all-out elevated experience. Conveniently divided into smaller pieces to find your dosage needs quickly.

Mr Mushies chocolate bars make an excellent treat, easy to digest, and available in multiple flavors, so you can select one that best meets your needs.

Taste-wise, mushroom chocolate bars are delightful and offer a more accessible and convenient way to experience the effects of magic mushrooms than traditional supplements. Plus, they are more cost-effective than purchasing individual mushroom packets and are easier to transport! Additionally, each bar comes equipped with its built-in microdose so that you’re always getting exactly the amount of Psilocybin required for optimal effects.

Magic mushroom chocolate bars have long been known to cause various side effects when consumed, such as hallucinations, an altered perception of time, and increased energy levels. This can result in elevated emotions and feelings of connectedness with nature as well as spiritual experiences or deep self-reflection – much like other drugs, yet with less of an immediate and long-lasting impact. When taken, their effects resemble regular trips, only more subtle.


Chocolate is a delightful treat, and Mr Mushie mushroom chocolate bars provide an extraordinary indulgence that marries its delectable flavors with the mind-altering effects of magic mushrooms. Crafted with high-grade ingredients such as ethically sourced cocoa and psilocybin mushrooms sourced responsibly – each bar includes a carefully measured dose so guests can experience psychoactive effects according to their tolerance levels.

Mr Mushies chocolate bars provide an easy, discreet, and discreet way to consume mushrooms on the go. No preparation or harsh aftertaste is required! Plus, their sweet chocolate taste makes these bars the ideal way to boost mood for hours!

These psilocybin chocolate bars can be found online and at select retail locations. Each bar contains about 4 grams of magic mushrooms, making these an ideal way for anyone looking to try psychedelic mushrooms without taking the time or energy necessary to prepare their edibles.

Psilocybin chocolate bars come with instructions for use. Following these guidelines is extremely important as too much consumption could have adverse side effects; as a result, always consult a medical practitioner before taking these psilocybin bars.

Psilocybin chocolate bars provide several health advantages. Their dark chocolate contains ample antioxidants, helping reduce the risk of heart disease and weight loss while increasing energy. Furthermore, Psilocybin can alter the perception of time while increasing energy.

Whether you’re visiting Washington, DC, for business, pleasure, or political protest, these mushroom chocolate bars are excellent accompaniment. Not only will you experience Washington in a new light and feel more at ease during your travels, but these treats also make great presents!


Mindfully consuming Mr Mushies Psilocybin Chocolate Bars will give them an incredible psychedelic experience. Each chocolate is packed with hallucinogenic mushroom psilocybin, making for convenient microdosing purposes and microdoses. Mr Mushies is known for providing superior products that meet all regulatory standards – and these chocolates from Mr Mushies are no different!

Mr Mushies chocolate contains more than just Psilocybin – its mushrooms contain many essential nutrients for good health, including an abundance of antioxidants that help combat free radical damage, plus immunity-enhancing fungi with immune-enhancing properties that may help you ward off common illnesses.

Paul Stamets and his colleagues at his mail-order business located in the forests southwest of Seattle are collecting rare mushrooms believed to have potential medicinal qualities, sending samples for analysis to a top-secret US Army lab at Fort Detrick in Maryland. Drug discovery supervisor John Secrist has observed consistent activity against viruses related to smallpox infection–an infectious disease listed by the government among its most pressing bioterrorism threats.

Magic mushrooms have long been used for spiritual experiences; however, their psilocybin content can produce other side effects, including euphoria and altered time perception. This effect results from interactions between compounds found within magic mushrooms and your body’s endocannabinoid system, helping people relax, find connections, and increase creativity – thus making magic mushrooms popular across various cultures for centuries as natural drugs with potential risks if taken improperly.

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