Pikake Flower – A Symbol of Love and Romance


Pikake flowers are beloved Hawaiian leis, known for their lovely fragrance and believed to evoke feelings of romance and love.

Pikake (Jasminum sambac or Moss Rose Jasmine) is an evergreen tropical plant that typically reaches 2 to 3 feet wide and grows up to six feet tall, flourishing best in warm and low environments with moderate rainfall.


The pikake flower is a symbol of love and romance. Introduced to Hawaii in the 1800s, it quickly became a favorite amongst members of Hawaii’s royal family; Princess Kaiulani particularly appreciated its sweet scent and peacock feathers; this led to it being known as pikake (which means peacock in Hawaiian). Furthermore, its extraordinary fragrance makes this an incredible choice as perfume.

This fragrant flower has long been used in traditional Hawaiian medicine to treat illnesses, while its sweet fragrance may have aphrodisiac properties and help seduce the senses. Furthermore, this fragrant bloom has also been featured in beauty products to soothe skin and ease stress levels.

Leis made of pikake flowers are an elegant way to show someone you care. A lei represents love and affection and can be worn by both men and women. Leis of pikake is popular at weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and traditional Hawaiian dancing and singing events.

The Hawaiian legend of Ohia and Lehua tells of two lovers unable to be together. To prevent their hearts from breaking apart, goddess Pele transformed Ohia into an evil-looking tree and Lehua into its blossom. If anyone picks one from this tree, it will bring rain.

With the kui (piercing) style of lei making, you can craft beautiful leis of white pikake flowers using the piercing method. These leis are frequently worn by brides and guests at hula ceremonies as a mark of appreciation or added as fragrant touches to other gifts for added aromatic impact.

A lei of pikake flowers is an elegant and stunning way to mark any special event, be it birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just because. Their vibrant colors and sweet fragrances will delight anyone who receives them and help you relax and enjoy your day more fully! Perfect as gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations or given as bridal wear gifts to young women as a graduation present or just because!


Pikake flower (scientifically known as Jasminum sambac) is an exotic tropical perennial vine with small white flowers that emit an intoxicating and seductive fragrance. While this flower grows worldwide, Hawaii stands out as being particularly abundant and beautiful; indeed, it serves as one of the state’s official symbols and one of its official emblems. The aroma is said to combine traditional jasmine and tuberose fragrances with subtle notes of musk for an aphrodisiacal effect that’s both seductive and seductive; truly an aphrodisiac.

Pikake flowers have a rich tradition in Hawaii and Polynesia. Princess Kaiulani named the flower after peacocks, her favorite bird. In Hawaiian culture, pikake signifies love and romance – it’s often selected for lei.

On the islands, leis made from this fragrant flower are often worn during special events like weddings and anniversaries. Additionally, leis can serve as gifts for visiting dignitaries or graduates, loved ones departing the Islands, or given as tokens of affection from loved ones leaving home.

Pikake thrives in Hawaii’s tropical climate and is widely recognized as a symbolic flower of Hawaiian beauty. Frequently used to create leis, Pikake is also used in perfumes and other scented products as an additional fragrance source.

Outside tropical regions, it is possible to cultivate naupaka plants indoors in containers. Ideal growing conditions include bright sunlight, good drainage, and consistent watering – while its roots need to stay slightly damp; just be wary not to overwater!

This fragrant flower makes an elegant addition to gardens and landscapes, adaptable enough for full sun or partial shade conditions, withstanding various climate conditions with ease. Proliferating from two-foot heights up to six-foot widths. With fragrant blooms matching those of roses, hibiscus, lilies, and tropical flowering plants like bromeliads and heliconias. You can read more to book your own choice of bloom.


Pikake is an exquisite Hawaiian flower with an alluring soft fragrance, beloved in lei-making and often used to commemorate weddings and anniversaries. These small, round blooms boast white petals complemented with green accents for maximum bouquets without needing to open them before enjoying them; their sublime aroma makes pikake ideal for women’s cosmetic products and perfumes.

Jasminum sambac, commonly known by its Hawaiian name, pikake, is a tropical everbloomer that thrives in Hawaii’s hot and humid conditions. They produce fragrant blossoms year-round but have their most aromatic flowers during warmer weather. Pikake prefers full sunlight but tolerates shade, making an ideal houseplant. Reaching up to three feet wide by six feet tall in its natural state or being pruned into a compact, bushy shape when appropriately pruned.

There are four varieties of Pikake flowers: single-flowered Pikake Lahilahi, semidouble variety with elongated petals, and double-flowered Rose Pikake with rounded petals; multi-whorled Pikake popup is so compact it resembles a tiny, white carnation in appearance; all four varieties offer sweet flowers with slightly tropical and woody scents.

Pikake fragrances are complex and soothing, featuring citrusy notes mixed with greens, jasmine, and tuberose for a romantic scent that brings back memories of island sweet fragrances. Additionally, pikake’s sweet aroma has been shown to promote self-confidence while soothing fears.

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Pikake is a delicate flower known to Hawaiian culture for centuries, dating back to ancient Polynesia. This fragrant bloom can be used in lei arrangements or worn as crowns; additionally, this powerful natural aphrodisiac helps spark passion between individuals. Additionally, Pikake is a stress reliever that improves sleep quality and overall well-being.

Pikake flower, also known as Pikake vine, is a tropical perennial vine native to India that blooms during summer with heavily fragrant small white flowers. Since being introduced by Princess Kaiulani into Hawaii’s islands, this species has flourished tremendously, thus making this symbolic of love and happiness used at weddings or special events such as funerals.

This tropical plant thrives best in warm and humid conditions. It needs total sun exposure with regular watering to stay vibrant and healthy. When planting this specimen, choose soil rich in organic materials for maximum root development; water thoroughly between waterings while leaving some time between each watering session to dry out the ground.

Fertilizer should be applied every four months during active growing seasons to promote strong stems and flower production. Prune when necessary to avoid overcrowding and promote growth. Pikake plants are susceptible to pests and insects, such as spider mites, that require regular pruning.

Fragrant pakalana and pikake flowers are strung lengthwise into this fragrant twist lei, making it popular with brides, hula dancers, and guests of honor at special events. As it’s delicate and should only be handled minimally until worn, store it dry and refrigerate it until worn!

The sublime aroma of the pikake flower recalls simpler times when humans were still connected with nature. It’s also a symbol of beauty and romance; worn as a crown to celebrate love or marriage, its sensual fragrance is an effective aphrodisiac that promotes confidence while dispelling fears.

Pikake flower fragrance is a highly coveted ingredient in perfumes and beauty products, popularly used by people with sensitive skin while providing soothing body lotions and creams. This floral aroma resembles that of jasmine while adding notes of citrus and tuberose for an incredible sedative scent that aids insomnia and other sleep disorders.