Sheet Cake Prices


Sheet cakes are an easy and cost-effective solution for entertaining large groups of people, offering flexible customization through frosting styles and edible images or drawings. Prices typically range between $25 and $150 depending on size, frosting type, and decorations used.

Grocery stores typically provide more cost-effective options than bakeries; Market Basket’s bakery, for instance, offers half-sheet cakes capable of feeding 25-40 people for just $30.

Half-sheet cakes

Sheet cakes are an affordable solution for significant events, offering more serving space at less cost than fancier fondant options. How much a cake cost depends on its size, frosting, fillings, decorations, etc. – whole sheet cakes typically start from $25 but may go as high as $150+ depending on size, stuffing, and decorations needed – although local bakeries might charge less due to the convenience factor of being closer than large grocery stores or Costco bakeries.

Many places offer an assortment of toppings that can significantly raise the cost of their cakes, such as sugar flowers and balloons, which will add a premium. You could also opt for personalized messages on top of the cake to increase its price point further.

Half-sheet cakes serve approximately 48 people and are perfect for smaller birthday celebrations. To order online from Costco bakery cakes, visit the bakery section of their website and locate their order form for cakes. Fill out your details, choose your cake size, flavor of frosting design, and design preference, and finally, add in custom text and delivery address before finalizing your order! These special occasion cakes can also be found for weddings or celebrations of any sort, such as anniversaries. You’ll even find both round and sheet options here at Costco!

Full-sheet cakes

Full-sheet cakes are an excellent choice for significant events like weddings, anniversaries, and corporate celebrations. Constructed of two thin layers layered together and separated by frosting or ganache, full-sheet cakes can be customized with flavors and decorations to make them uniquely your own – including personal messages and photographs! Alternatively, specialty bakery stores sell full-sheet cakes made with high-quality ingredients that may even be frozen until needed later on.

When choosing the cake for an event, it is essential to consider how many people will attend and their demographics. For instance, an adult party of 50 people who adore dessert requires an entire sheet cake; on the other hand, children only occasionally touching frosting corners may prefer half-sheet cakes instead. A helpful rule of thumb for selecting this type of dessert would be dividing the pan area by serving size area; this will determine how many slices a sheet cake can make.

Sam’s Club offers budget-conscious consumers an economical full-sheet cake option at unbeatably competitive prices while maintaining superior quality. Their prices are far lower than other grocery store options, while the selection includes licensed characters and princess themes as well as pre-made nondairy options, making Sam’s Club an excellent option for parties with mixed dietary restrictions.

Whole Foods’ bakery provides an attractive choice for sheet cakes. Customers can select from vanilla, chocolate, marble, and carrot cake flavors in various sizes, as well as premade 1/8″, 1/4″, and half-sheet cakes for quick ordering and consumption.

Stop & Shop is another grocery store that provides an expansive selection of full-sheet cakes at reasonable prices, featuring various icing and filling flavors and decorations, custom printed messages, ready-made non-dairy cakes, as well as unique options such as cookies & cream and strawberry shortcake. Furthermore, their bakery provides sizes from complete to quarter sheets, along with various options for icing and decoration.

Quarter-sheet cakes

Sheet cakes are a delicious treat that is ideal for significant events, as they can easily be transported and served in ample portions. Plus, sheet cakes lend themselves perfectly to delicate piping work or edible decorations that add flair. Simple to prepare and serve – all it takes to decide on the size is knowing the number of guests that need catering! The three most commonly sought-after sheet cake sizes include whole, half, and quarter sheet cakes.

Sheet cakes come in several varieties, and each provides different serving capacities. A full-sheet cake, typically baked in a rectangular pan, typically yields around 70 to 80 portions, while half-sheet cakes deliver 36-48 servings, and quarter-sheet cakes offer 20-24 pieces, respectively.

To determine how many servings of sheet cake to produce, you must consider both the number of people who will be receiving it as well as their desired serving sizes. Your guest count can also impact how much batter needs to be made. Ultimately, using a ratio formula combines pan area and serving size area together in order to calculate how many cake servings will result from one cake recipe.

Select a pan that can hold your desired cake size, multiply that result by baking time, and use this information to estimate how much the cake will rise and shrink during its bake-out process. In addition, ensure your oven can accommodate this kind of pan.

There are various sizes of sheet cakes, each offering its own set of advantages. A full-sheet cake can serve multiple guests efficiently, while half-sheets work better for small events – by selecting the appropriate sheet size, you’re sure to create a delicious dessert for any upcoming celebration!

Custom cakes

Custom cakes can add a special touch to any special event. From their customizable shapes and sizes to customizable toppings like edible photos and candy flowers, custom cakes make an event extra memorable. Before placing an order for one, it is essential to consider several factors, including how many guests the cake will serve and which decorations you desire. You should also decide upon a style for the cake that best matches its purpose – narrowing down options until you find something fitting!

When searching for a bakery that specializes in custom cake designs, look for one with expertise in this area to ensure the best value and price. Also, be sure to inquire about special discounts and offers available; many bakeries do this to attract new customers or retain existing ones.

If you’re on a tight budget, if possible, try ordering a smaller cake size or more straightforward design and using any savings to add candles or unique toppers that will create an event your guests won’t forget! This way, your guests are sure to remember it as part of an enjoyable celebration!

One way to cut costs with custom cakes is to bring your design ideas. Get a photo or sketch of what you would like your cake to look like to your baker, and they can replicate it on a larger scale, saving money while ensuring it still looks fantastic.

When ordering a custom cake, your baker must have ample time to complete their task before your big event. Otherwise, you could end up disappointed when you receive the final product. Also important: communicate any food allergies or sensitivities you or family members may have with them to ensure the cake will be safe for all and won’t cause unwanted reactions.